Portable Oxygen Generators: What Are POGS And The Benefits Of Portable Oxygen Generators?

Portable Oxygen Generators: What Are POGS And The Benefits Of Portable Oxygen Generators?

Portable oxygen generator systems (POGS) can be life-saving devices that help military medical professionals, disaster relief professionals, and more. On Site Gas Systems creates oxygen generators to your organization’s specifications to ensure that you’ve got the oxygen you need, when you need it. We have a reputation as one of the most respected and dependable POGS manufacturers in the country for a reason. With 30+ years in the business, we’ve had years of opportunity to perfect our craft. If your business is in need of a portable oxygen generator, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Portable Oxygen Generator?

On Site Gas Systems creates portable oxygen generators that can be used as a direct feed to a patient or to an application in need. POGS can also be used to fill cylinders up to 2200 PSIG, so your organization can take oxygen cylinders to the location where oxygen is needed most. Our oxygen generators have been used by military field hospitals, by FEMA and state governments following natural disasters, and by Homeland Security. POGS can be operated independently or in combination with other POGS to ensure an unlimited supply of oxygen 24/7.

POGS from On Site Gas Systems is designed to be flexible in their use to ensure that organizations using them have access to the type and amount of oxygen they need when they need it. Each portable oxygen generator system is portable, requiring only four people to carry them to the location where they’ll be used. This makes them easy to deploy in a time of need and ensures that medical and field professionals making use of POGS have access to a fast and continuous supply of oxygen. In the event that the oxygen generator is being used in a location where infrastructure has been damaged, POGS can still perform because they need little more than a power source and the people who can carry the system to the location where it will be used.

Benefits of Oxygen Generator Portable Devices

There are many benefits of portable oxygen generators. On Site Gas Systems creates oxygen generators that are used for a variety of applications. Below are some of the benefits of portable oxygen generators for use anywhere, at any time.


Portable oxygen generators are made for use in field hospitals and in temporary medical facilities. As a result, they are the preferred product for military hospital operations and disaster management operations. When there’s a need for oxygen to support patients and help ensure good medical outcomes, portable oxygen generators can quickly be lifted into difficult-to-reach locations to provide-life saving oxygen. POGS are designed to be used anywhere that supplemental oxygen is required. On Site Gas Systems POGS were used in field hospitals during COVID-19.

Help Patients Survive Deadly Injuries

Low oxygen levels can be a deadly problem, especially for a patient that has sustained a serious injury. When a patient has sustained an injury that prevents them from absorbing oxygen properly, supplemental oxygen from a portable oxygen generator can help increase their chances of survival.

Supplemental oxygen can help patients with injuries rest while waiting for transportation to a more permanent medical facility. On Site Gas Systems POGS provide unlimited oxygen flow during an emergency, to help support positive patient outcomes.


On Site Gas Systems oxygen cylinders are an affordable option for field hospitals and disaster relief organizations. Renting oxygen cylinders can become costly when the costs happen continuously over many months or years. Purchasing an oxygen generator is more affordable because the purchase happens one time, instead of time and again.

Available In When They’re Needed Most

POGS are designed to be used in disaster relief situations when victims of natural disasters are in need of supplemental oxygen. Even when far from the hospital, POGS can deliver oxygen to patients as needed. They’re durable and made to last.

Need More Information about Portable Oxygen Generator Systems? Contact On Site Gas Systems

On Site Gas Systems has been a trusted name in oxygen and nitrogen generation for 30 years. Our devices are made to meet your organization’s specific oxygen and nitrogen generation needs. Each of our devices is made in the United States. To learn more about how you can obtain POGS for sale for your organization, contact our team for a consultation about your specific needs.

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