Why Choose On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generators over Bottled Nitrogen Gas Cylinders?

A variety of industries, from food packaging to electronics manufacturing, use nitrogen in their daily operations. For many years, the traditional way to obtain this useful gas was to order nitrogen bottles or cylinders that were delivered to your location. Today, however, many companies are making the switch to a more cost-effective, reliable choice: nitrogen generators.

Wondering why nitrogen generators are better than bottled nitrogen gas? Let’s take a closer look.

Nitrogen Bottles vs. Nitrogen Generators: What’s the Difference?

In determining why N2 generators are better than bottled gas, you must first consider a few key facts about how the two systems work. When you buy nitrogen cylinders for your business, you must rely on timely deliveries and ensure you or your employees place orders consistently so that you don’t run out of gas. Plus, because nitrogen cylinders are pressurized, they can pose a variety of safety risks when not handled with care.

You may still be wondering, “why N2 generators vs. cylinders?” The best answer to this question is convenience and availability. When you have your own generator on-site, you eliminate your reliance on nitrogen orders and deliveries. Instead, you can produce the gas you need, whenever you need it. This is because generators draw nitrogen from the surrounding atmospheric air, meaning you’ll always have access to a consistent flow of gas. Nitrogen generators also reduce many of the risks associated with cylinder deliveries, as they don’t include pressurized canisters or liquid nitrogen.

Why Choose On Site Gas Generators for Your Nitrogen Needs

On Site Gas is an industry leader in nitrogen gas generators and supplies. We stand out from our competitors by designing and manufacturing high-output systems that can be customized to fit your unique specifications. Our catalog features a variety of turnkey equipment that provide low operating costs and a high return on investment, including:

We even offer refurbished nitrogen generators for a more budget-friendly alternative to a brand-new machine. The best part? All of our systems are designed to produce high-purity nitrogen, with some offering purity levels of up to 99.999 percent! That way, you can ensure your nitrogen gas is suitable for all of your applications.

Enhance Your Operations with a Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas

Are you tired of relying on nitrogen deliveries to ensure your business can remain operational? Have you run out of gas one too many times, only to wait hours or even days for new cylinders? Not only are these issues frustrating, but they can also result in lost money and wasted time. Luckily, on-site nitrogen generators provide a reliable, cost-effective solution.

If you’re looking to switch to a system that will guarantee you never run out of nitrogen for your industrial applications, contact On Site Gas today. Our knowledgeable team members are happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the right system for your nitrogen needs.

Nitrogen Generator Applications in the Electronics Industry

The electronics manufacturing industry is a varied field that includes everything from surface mount technology and lead-free soldering to semiconductor production. No matter what your company’s primary operations entail, a nitrogen generator system can provide a number of benefits.

Pure nitrogen comes into play in many ways in the electronics world. As an inert, non-conductive gas, it is used to cut down on oxidation during assembly and electronics packaging processes. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits this gas provides to the electronics industry, and how a nitrogen generator can help you maximize them.

Lower Risk of Oxidation

The inner workings of electronic devices need to have strong solder joints to ensure quality and durability. However, when these products are being soldered, oxygen particles often form, which can cause oxidation. This is a major obstacle for manufacturers, because it weakens the joints and leads to product defects and a poorer quality device, overall.

However, you can avoid this problem and ensure a better end-product by using nitrogen generators for electronics manufacturing that create pure gas. Nitrogen reduces the risk of oxidation by allowing for proper wetting between the solder and the devices it is being used on. This creates stronger solder joints and a longer-lasting, higher quality product.

Dross Reduction

Due to risks involved with tin-lead solder, many companies choose to use lead-free solder as an alternative. This choice, unfortunately, comes with a few disadvantages. First, the cost of the lead-free product is significantly higher. Additionally, the solder has a higher melting point, which creates dross, a waste product that forms on the surface of the molten solder. Dross needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure quality, which adds to the overall expense of using lead-free solder.

Nitrogen generators can reduce the production of soldering dross by more than 50 percent. This not only improves the quality of the product itself but also cuts down on the time that employees spend cleaning up the dross and waste from the solder.

Today, many manufacturing companies are shifting to lead-free solder to provide their customers with safer products. Therefore, nitrogen is quickly becoming an essential material for electronics production.

Less Surface Tension

Nitrogen use in the electronics industry can also improve manufacturer productivity and create an environment that is more conducive to the process. Specifically, the effect of nitrogen gas reduces the surface tension on the solder and allows it to break cleanly from the soldering site. This results in a more efficient manufacturing operation.

Atmospheric Consistency

There are very specific environmental conditions, such as the temperature and humidity, that are necessary for electronics manufacturing. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it provides more consistent atmosphere in the workplace. Nitrogen keeps the atmosphere steady throughout the day, reducing the chance of errors caused by oxidation and excess moisture.

Higher Quality Products & Greater Savings

By using nitrogen gas, manufacturers can create higher quality products, which helps to build a positive reputation among consumers. From stronger solder joints to more consistent atmospheric conditions and less waste cleanup, the value of using this gas is clear. However, if you want to maximize the benefits of nitrogen use, it’s best to invest in an on-site nitrogen generator for the electronics industry.

When businesses switch to nitrogen generation, they eliminate the costs of nitrogen delivery services. Additionally, they no longer have to wait for deliveries to arrive and can have access to the gas at all times. While nitrogen generators often come with a higher price tag, their return on investment is exceptional, with many systems paying for themselves in a matter of months. Plus, once a generator is purchased, there are very few maintenance costs, so you can reduce your overhead significantly.

Make the Switch to Nitrogen Generation Today

If you would like to lower your operational costs and increase the quality of your products, now is the time to invest in an n2 generator for electronics manufacturing. On Site Gas offers a variety of top-of-the-line PSA and membrane generators that can help your company increase your productivity and revenue. If you prefer to continue using nitrogen cylinders, we also offer turn-key nitrogen cylinder filling stations that allow you to create and bottle your own gas.

For more information about using nitrogen generation in electronics manufacturing, contact us today! Our team is happy to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect system for your business.

Getting the Highest ROI from Your Nitrogen Generator

As a business owner, you know that many manufacturing establishments rely heavily on nitrogen for daily operations. In fact, nitrogen plays a significant role in the success of today’s biggest industries, like electronics manufacturing and food packaging. Whether your organization falls into one of these categories or another, such as metal and heat treatment or medical device production, you likely understand the laundry list of costs, dangers, and complications that accompany nitrogen delivery. Luckily, these problems can be avoided if you generate your own nitrogen.

Companies in all industries can create nitrogen by investing in an on-site nitrogen generator. These systems require a higher up-front cost than traditional nitrogen deliveries and rentals but offer an exceptional return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a closer look at nitrogen generator benefits and the savings you’ll enjoy by purchasing your own system.

Getting the Highest ROI from Your Nitrogen Generator

What Is the Nitrogen Generator Return on Investment?

When determining the potential nitrogen generator payback for your business, there are many factors to take into consideration. Of course, the biggest places where you will see savings include your nitrogen delivery costs. How much are you currently paying for nitrogen cylinders? What are your expenses for rental and delivery? As you save on these overhead costs, you will quickly see your nitrogen generator pay for itself.

There is also a “hidden” cost of nitrogen delivery that many business owners tend to overlook when they are considering why they should use a nitrogen generator. This recurring expense is not a direct fee, but rather, money that is thrown away due to wasted gas. Typically, when you rent a cylinder, about 10 percent of the nitrogen in the tank is leftover when you return it to the supplier. Because you pay for 100 percent of the tank’s capacity, this can add up to hundreds of dollars of wasted money over time. This alone is enough reason for many businesses to choose a nitrogen generator over delivery.

Lastly, there are costs associated with employee productivity and safety. Scheduling nitrogen delivery and cylinder pick-up takes up valuable employee time, which could affect your efficiency and revenue. Many employers also suffer expenses due to accidents that occur as a result of employees working with liquid nitrogen. Generators, on the other hand, provide a safe and streamlined way to create nitrogen at your location. These systems utilize the atmospheric air around them to generate gas, meaning there are no dangerous materials involved in the process.

Breaking Down Nitrogen Generator Savings

The value of a nitrogen generator compared to delivery is quite clear, but how do you visualize the concrete figures you need to make a purchase decision? Take a look at this example of savings for a company that operates six days a week, with sixteen-hour days:

  • Yearly Bulk Nitrogen Costs – A business that uses 2,880 hundred cubic feet (CCF) of nitrogen in a month spends about $2,300 for the gas alone (at a rate of $0.80 per CCF). After adding in rental and delivery fees associated with nitrogen delivery, the annual cost is over $27,000. This figure is more than 10 times the price of running a generator to produce your nitrogen.
  • On-Site Generator Costs – The savings you see with nitrogen generation use become evident when you plug the same figures from the above scenario into the equation. If your nitrogen generator produces 683 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), and the average cost of generating power is $0.10 per kWh, it brings your nitrogen gas cost down to $0.0614 per CCF. In this scenario, your yearly cost of running the generator equates to $2,120. Keep in mind that there are annual maintenance costs of around $550, so your total cost would be about $2,700.

In the example noted above, the nitrogen generator will have paid for itself in a mere 17 months. The best part is that after the ROI has paid for the generator, your business will continue to save about $25,000 annually, compared to the cost of nitrogen delivery. Your specific needs may be a bit different from this scenario, but the upfront cost of purchasing a nitrogen generator will still be worth it, as you’ll see thousands of dollars in savings in the coming years.

On Site Gas: Your Number One Source for High-Quality Nitrogen Generators

On Site Gas is an industry leader in the field of nitrogen generation. Our company provides everything a manufacturer may need to make this system fit their operations, from PSA nitrogen generators and membrane systems to generator container systems and refurbished nitrogen generators. To speak with one of our experienced representatives and find out more about nitrogen generator ROI, contact us today.

How to Make Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen is one of the most important industrial gasses, playing a major role in various manufacturing applications across many different industries. While many businesses rely on nitrogen cylinder deliveries and rentals, there is a more reliable and cost-effective solution – generating nitrogen gas on-site.

It’s easier than you might expect to make nitrogen , especially when you have a nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems. We supply businesses with the hardware they need to streamline their operations and save money that would otherwise go toward purchasing nitrogen supplies from outside vendors. If you need nitrogen for your business to continue critical manufacturing processes, a generator can effectively cut out the middleman and provide you with pure, high-quality nitrogen.

How Do You Make Nitrogen Gas?

Nitrogen is one of the most plentiful natural gasses in the world. In fact, about 79 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen. However, the air around us is not suitable for industrial applications that use nitrogen, because it also contains oxygen, argon, and traces of many other elements. Industrial uses of nitrogen require pure gas, with some applications requiring purity levels up to 99.999% .

If you’re wondering how to generate nitrogen gas, the process is as simple as investing in a nitrogen generator that will collect the nitrogen from the surrounding air. This creates high quality nitrogen that’s suitable for a wide variety of applications. The generators available from On Site Gas Systems can provide incredibly pure nitrogen for many industrial uses, from chemical refinement to food product manufacturing and packaging applications.

Nitrogen generators from On Site Gas use a pressure swing adsorption or membrane technology that pulls in atmospheric air, separates the nitrogen molecules from the other elements. This process is easy to configure and scale to operations of all sizes.

What Are the Benefits of Generating Nitrogen Gas?

For industrial applications, manufacturing processes that require nitrogen demand consistent supplies of high purity nitrogen gas. In conventional systems, nitrogen is stored in cylinders that feed into the devices that need it to perform various functions. Without a generator, this process requires purchasing nitrogen cylinders from a supplier regularly. If you do not have a generator and your cylinders run dry, your operations must cease until you secure a replacement shipment.

Generating nitrogen gas offers an incredibly cost-effective alternative to purchasing cylinders from an outside supplier. Instead of relying on supply shipments to continue your operations, you can create nitrogen on demand and even install a storage system, so you can have additional nitrogen supplies readily available at all times.

Save Money with a Nitrogen Gas Generator

Modern business requires making smart investments that move your company forward. If you currently rely on a third-party distributor to provide nitrogen gas, you’re likely wasting money. By producing your own nitrogen gas on-site, you can save money and time and ensure your operations continue without interruption. An On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generator is an investment that could pay for itself very quickly while providing you with a consistent and reliable supply of nitrogen. Contact On Site Gas Systems today to learn more about our nitrogen generation systems.

Why Should You Buy a Nitrogen Gas Generator?

Nitrogen gas is an essential component for many manufacturing processes, from electronics manufacturing to food product packaging and more. Businesses across the country rely on this gas for their daily operations, and many of these organizations must purchase nitrogen to maintain their productivity.

Companies that use nitrogen for various manufacturing applications typically need high purity gas – sometimes as high as 99.999%. Additionally, many businesses require consistent nitrogen supplies, as a lack of gas could bring operations to a halt. If your company relies on nitrogen gas, it’s essential to know your options when it comes to obtaining your supply.

Buying Nitrogen is Expensive

Buying nitrogen can be expensive, and this arrangement may interfere with an organization’s productivity. For example, if a business relies on nitrogen from an outside source, but the supplier is late with a shipment, the company’s operations may halt until it receives the new order.

Why Buy a Nitrogen Generator?

Nitrogen costs can be quite high depending on how much a company needs, necessary purity levels, and the availability of reliable vendors. Because of this, many companies are opting to invest in on-site nitrogen generators instead of looking for vendors offering nitrogen for sale. These systems help businesses save money, reduce delays in their operations, and serve their customers with better, more consistent products and services.

A nitrogen generator extracts nitrogen from the surrounding atmospheric air. These devices use complex yet reliable pressure swing adsorption or membrane technology to separate nitrogen from the other molecules in the air, processing the nitrogen into a highly refined state. A nitrogen generator can provide incredibly pure gas on-demand, and it’s even possible to configure a storage system that a company can use to refill their own cylinders.

Nitrogen Generator Costs: Is It Worth It?

If your organization uses nitrogen regularly for operations, it’s easy to see that the long-term value of a generation system quickly makes up for the initial costs to purchase and install one. The device creates pure nitrogen by drawing it out of the surrounding air, allowing your organization to have access to high purity nitrogen gas on-demand – without any need to worry about coordinating with outside vendors or relying on supply shipments.

Companies that work in chemical processing, food product manufacturing, and many other industrial sectors rely on nitrogen gas to serve their customers and complete their daily objectives. These businesses could save tremendous amounts of money by investing in nitrogen generators from On Site Gas. We provide state-of-the-art, turn-key generator systems that provide incredibly pure nitrogen gas on demand.

Contact us today to learn more about nitrogen gas generators and what one could offer your business.

Nitrogen for Renewable Energy

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing types of renewable energy sources. In fact, approximately seven percent of the United States’ electricity was produced by wind in 2018. That’s 275 billion kWh, according to the Energy Information Administration. And as wind energy grows, reliance on fossil fuels will decrease, which could reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have a positive impact on the environment.
In order to ensure that the wind turbines operate efficiently, nitrogen must be provided to the turbine actuator. Because of this, nitrogen generators can be extremely beneficial to companies in the renewable energy industry.

Ensuring Efficient Wind Turbine Operation with Nitrogen

Wind turbines work by turning wind power into electricity. This is accomplished via large blades that are attached to a tall base. The blades are also connected to a hydraulics system with an accumulator. As the wind moves the blades, it activates the hydraulic system and the accumulator, which begins the process of creating energy so it can be stored or immediately used.
The accumulator is essential for this operation and consists of two compartments – one filled with gas and the other filled with fluid. Due to the design of the actuator, an inert gas is required to keep the two compartments separate. If the fluid absorbs any of the gas, it can affect the operation of the wind turbine. This is where nitrogen comes in. A constant supply of nitrogen gas can help prevent the contents of the two actuator compartments from mixing in the event of a leak. Nitrogen is an ideal solution because it is completely inert, doesn’t absorb moisture, and won’t combust or create an environmental hazard.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Renewable Energy Applications

For medium and large wind turbine energy applications, nitrogen generators are the ideal solution. This is because one or more nitrogen generators can be connected to the wind turbines to supply a constant flow of nitrogen. Through a system of sensors and pressure valves, the generator can supply the wind turbines with on-demand nitrogen, greatly reducing the chances that the gas and fluid sides of the actuator will mix.

High-Quality Nitrogen Generators for Your Renewable Energy Business

On Site Gas offers a variety of different nitrogen generators for renewable energy applications, including:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators – PSA generators are a reliable way to produce nitrogen for renewable energy applications. These generators create nitrogen by extracting it from the atmospheric air. They work by using pressure swing adsorption to separate the oxygen and nitrogen molecules. The nitrogen can be stored in a tank or used immediately, depending on the generator’s configuration. These systems are known for their stable year-round nitrogen prices.
  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators – This type of generator uses a membrane to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen molecules. The oxygen is released back into the atmosphere while the nitrogen is stored. Membrane generators can produce nitrogen gas with purity levels up to 99% and require little maintenance.
  • Custom Engineered Systems – In some instances, your renewable energy operation may require a custom-built nitrogen generation system. At On Site Gas, we can produce completely customized nitrogen generators to meet specific needs. And once your custom nitrogen generator is built, it can typically be installed in as little as one day.

For more information about renewable energy and nitrogen generators, contact On Site Gas today!

Nitrogen Generators for Adhesive Purge

Does your manufacturing process require you to bond two or more materials together with commercial or industrial adhesives? If so, you may notice that your adhesive bonds are not as secure as you’d like. This is often due to oxygen and moisture infiltration during the bonding process. Luckily, using high concentrations of nitrogen (N2) can help ensure strong bonds by displacing oxygen, moisture, and particles to ensure that you get a high-quality finished product.

How Oxygen Affects the Bonding Process

In order to securely bond two materials, there cannot be any contaminants between the items and the bonding agent. One of the ways contaminants can be introduced into the bond is through oxygen infiltration. Oxygen typically contains impurities in the form of moisture and particulate matter. When particles are present, the bonding agent loses some of its effectiveness. This can result in a weak or incomplete bond, which reduces the durability of the finished product.

Benefits of Nitrogen for Adhesive Purging

When it comes to creating consistently tight bonds, oxygen, moisture, and other particles must be removed from the area before and during the bonding process. This can be accomplished by using nitrogen. When this gas is incorporated into the bonding process, it displaces oxygen and moisture as well as other particles that can negatively impact the strength of the bond. Once all of the oxygen has been removed, a tighter bond can be formed between the two materials.

Nitrogen Generators for Adhesive Purge

N2 generators for adhesive purging are the most cost-effective way to ensure your business has reliable access to nitrogen. On-demand generators can remove oxygen from normal atmospheric air, leaving you with high purity levels of nitrogen gas. Plus, generators give you consistent access to nitrogen, meaning you won’t have to spend money on monthly cylinder orders or refills. On Site Gas offers several different types of N2 generators, including:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators – PSA nitrogen generators are known for their consistent production of nitrogen and stable gas generation prices.
  • Nitrogen Membrane Generators – Nitrogen membrane generators are known for their low maintenance costs, extreme reliability, and longstanding durability. They can produce purity levels of up to 99 percent.
  • Engineered Nitrogen Generators – When a standard nitrogen generation system isn’t enough for your business, we can custom-design one to fit your needs. Once your unique system has been constructed, it can typically be installed in one day.
  • Used and Refurbished Nitrogen Generators – If you’re looking for an affordable way to generate nitrogen at your location, a refurbished system may be what you need. All of our used nitrogen generators are inspected and fully restored, which means you can enjoy consistent access to nitrogen at an affordable price.

Create Stronger Bonds with a Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas

Why waste time dealing with monthly nitrogen orders and refills? With a generator from On Site Gas, you’ll have reliable access to nitrogen, so you can spend more time keeping your customers happy.
For more information about N2 generators for adhesive purge, or to place an order, contact us today!

The Benefits of Purchasing UL Certified Products from On Site Gas Systems an ISO certified company

When it comes to nitrogen and oxygen production, businesses in all industries want to know that their equipment is safe, efficient and meets the highest quality standards. That’s why On Site Gas is proud to be ISO certified and  offer high-quality products that are made in the USA and certified by United Laboratories (UL).
Let’s take a closer look at why these certifications matter.

ISO Certification

ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. It’s important to understand that the ISO does not issue certifications. Instead, they set the standards for processes, products, equipment and most importantly a Quality Management System. This means that a business or manufacturing facility can adhere to ISO standards but not be ISO certified. However, there are several third-party bodies –that do offer ISO certification. These accreditations apply to quality management and environmental processes.
When a company goes through the certification process, their quality management system and procedures are evaluated for adherence to strict ISO standards. This includes predefined metrics regarding safety, reliability, eco-friendliness, and more. Only businesses who meet all of the requirements are granted certification. Therefore, when you come across a product that is manufactured in a ISO certified company, you can trust that it is of the highest quality.
To ensure that we provide our customers with the best products possible, On Site Gas Systems has achieved ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2016 certification.

UL Certification

United Laboratories is the oldest and most well-known product testing and certification company in the world. They offer a variety of inspecting services for companies, products, manufacturing processes, repair and installation procedures, and more. When something is UL certified, it means that it has been thoroughly examined for quality, safety and reliability. If all the UL standards are met, the product is granted certification.
On Site Gas oxygen and nitrogen generators are UL certified. This means that we’ve had all of our products and manufacturing procedures examined to ensure they meet UL standards.

High-Quality Products Made in the USA

While On Site Gas offers products to over 100 countries worldwide, all of our systems are proudly made at our headquarters in Connecticut. This allows us to keep a close eye on production and helps us ensure that every product we sell is made to perfection. It’s just another reason why On Site Gas is one of the most trusted oxygen and nitrogen generator manufacturers in the industry.

The On Site Gas Difference

When you choose On Site Gas for your oxygen and nitrogen needs, you can rest assured that your product has been thoroughly inspected for quality, safety, reliability, and eco-friendliness. In fact, when you install one of our nitrogen or oxygen generators, you’ll be reducing your business’s carbon footprint while improving your efficiency. This is because, with an on-site generator system, you’ll no longer require nitrogen or oxygen delivery. Instead, you’ll be able to create your own gases right at your location. Not only does this limit the use of a fossil-fuel burning delivery truck, but it also saves you both time and money.
For more information about our American-made nitrogen and oxygen generators, or to place an order, contact us today!

Nitrogen Generators for Power Plants

Are you experiencing corrosion and leaks in your power plant’s boiler? If so, consider incorporating nitrogen into your processes. A nitrogen generator can help you maintain your boilers and prevent oxidization and rust when they are not in use. Here at On Site Gas Systems, we offer a variety of high-quality nitrogen generator systems for power plants.

Power Production, Boilers, and Corrosion

Whether you operate a coal, oil, or nuclear power plant, you probably have several boilers that are designed to produce steam for the generation of electricity. While this method is extremely efficient, it also comes with certain drawbacks.
When boilers aren’t in use, any leftover water and moisture can cause rusting, pitting, and corrosion within the pipes. This can lead to leaks and a loss of boiler efficiency. You may even notice that you have to make repairs and replace sections of pipes more frequently than you’d like. To eliminate moisture in your system, we recommend using nitrogen. With a low-pressure, slow flow nitrogen purge, you can displace oxygen in any wet parts of your equipment. In doing so, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of oxidation.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Utility Plants

Many utility and power plants that use nitrogen choose to rent cylinders. And while this approach may appear to be most convenient, it may end up costing you more money and reducing your efficiency. This is because nitrogen cylinders tend to leak, sending usable nitrogen back into the atmospheric air and wasting your money. Additionally, cylinders must be ordered and delivered each month, which can interrupt your business operations if your supply runs low unexpectedly.
Generators, on the other hand, are a reliable and cost-efficient way to produce nitrogen at your location. These systems work by taking in atmospheric air, removing the oxygen, and storing the nitrogen for later use. This gives you access to a constant supply of pure nitrogen, which can save you money and time. With a nitrogen generator, there’s no need for costly nitrogen deliveries, and you’ll never risk running out!

Types of Nitrogen Generator Systems for Power Plants

On Site Gas offers several types of nitrogen generators for energy plants, including:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators – PSA generators are extremely efficient and reliable when it comes to extracting nitrogen from the air and storing it. They can produce high purities of nitrogen, which means you can use them to blanket your boiler systems, remove moisture and oxygen, and prevent corrosion. They also offer stable yearly nitrogen gas costs.
  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators – Membrane nitrogen generators are completely turn-key and can produce up to 99.5 percent pure nitrogen. They do this by using a membrane to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen. Owners of membrane nitrogen systems enjoy low maintenance costs and reliable gas production.
  • Custom Nitrogen Generators – Some power plants require a specialized system for nitrogen generation. That’s why On Site Gas offers custom-designed nitrogen generators. These systems are built to your specifications so you can produce as much or as little nitrogen as you need. Once your new nitrogen generator is constructed, it can usually be installed in less than a day.

Order a New Nitrogen Generator for Your Energy Plant

Are you interested in purchasing a nitrogen generator to enhance the efficiency of your power, utility, or energy plant? If so, On Site Gas can help. For more information about our nitrogen generators, or to place an order, contact us today!

What Is the ROI of an On-Site Nitrogen Generator?

Whether you package food, manufacture electronics, or brew beer (along with a slew of other industries), you use nitrogen on a daily basis. And if you are like most companies who rely on nitrogen for their daily operations, you have probably contemplated what the ROI for a nitrogen generator is. You currently rely on nitrogen delivery and are done with the recurring costs and hassles they bring, but you aren’t sure if the nitrogen generator system ROI is worth it. To assure you that it is, here is a closer look at a realistic nitrogen generator ROI.

Factors to Include when Calculating an On Site Nitrogen Generator ROI

Before you can begin to do the actual calculations of what a nitrogen generator ROI really is, you have to make sure you understand all of the factors at play. Some of the things to consider include:

  • How much you currently pay for nitrogen delivery, including the cylinders themselves along with the rental and delivery fees. And remember, this is a recurring charge that will never go away if you keep using this method of obtaining nitrogen.
  • How much nitrogen gas is being wasted by using these nitrogen cylinders. Approximately 10% of the gas never gets used in a cylinder.
  • How much you are paying for employee accidents due to them working with the liquid nitrogen that is a harmful -320 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • How much time is wasted dealing with the logistics of the delivery and pick-up of nitrogen cylinders. This is time that your employees could be working on something else.

Example of a Nitrogen Generator System ROI

Now that you understand all of the factors that go into computing the true ROI for a nitrogen generator, let’s break down some actual figures, assuming 6 days per week at 16 hours per day usage.

Annual Cost for Bulk Nitrogen

  • Assume that each month, you use 2,880 hundred cubic feet (CCF) of nitrogen gas.
  • If purchased at the average rate of $0.80 per CCF, this amount of bulk nitrogen would cost you $2,300 per month.
  • This equates to an annual bulk nitrogen gas cost of $27,650, plus any delivery charges or rental tank fees.

Annual Cost for an On Site Nitrogen Generator

  • Assuming the same usage needs in the example above, you purchase a nitrogen generator that produces 683 SCFH.
  • You pay an average of $0.10 per kwh to power the generator.
  • This puts the cost of the nitrogen gas down to $0.0614 per CFF.
  • To meet the same needs mentioned above, you would pay an annual cost of $2,120 to run the equipment. Add in about $550 for maintenance and filter changes, and your annual cost of a nitrogen generator is $2,670.

Using this example, you can expect to have a full nitrogen generator ROI within 17 months. After that time, you will continue to save over $25,000 per year. Of course, your operation needs may vary from this example, but the point is clear: While a nitrogen generator has a higher upfront cost, it will pay for itself time and time again.
If you want to see an example of what your ROI for a nitrogen generator could be, contact On Site Gas today.