Oxygen Gas Generators and Healthcare: Revolutionizing Medical Oxygen Supply

Medical Response

Medical oxygen plays an essential role in the emergency and mobile healthcare industry. A steady stream of medical oxygen is used in anesthesia, respiratory therapy, neonatal care, wound healing, emergency medicine, and more.

Without medical oxygen, thousands or hundreds of thousands of healthcare patients would die each year for completely preventable reasons. Premature babies, COVID patients, late-stage heart failure patients, and patients with asthma attacks and cystic fibrosis are all examples of the types of patients who benefit from medical oxygen.

The Vital Role of Oxygen in Healthcare

It can take just thirty seconds for the body to lose consciousness due to a lack of oxygen, and only one minute for brain cells to begin to die. More extensive damage is likely after three minutes of oxygen deprivation, and death occurs after five minutes. Oxygen is one of the most essential needs that humans have to sustain life.

There are many reasons why patients may need oxygen during healthcare procedures and treatments. Some patients are unable to draw breath on their own, others are unable to draw enough oxygen to avoid suffocation.

Oxygen is required in a variety of instances when patients may not breathe deeply enough to avoid hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in the blood). Oxygen use in procedures including mobile medical treatments and emergency care, helps improve patient outcomes. Oxygen use helps with patient alertness, helps prevent organ damage, and can improve brain functionality as well.

Understanding Oxygen Gas Generators

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators use the surrounding air to create a steady, continuous supply of oxygen. By removing N2 and CO2 from the air, these generators can produce oxygen at different purity levels and different pressures to meet the needs of healthcare facilities.

PSA generators separate gas molecules with a sieve. These generators work by depressurizing and repressurizing two oxygen towers, producing a continuous supply of oxygen.

In mobile and emergency healthcare settings, using these generators can help provide a stable treatment environment for patients. Oxygen generators create a reliable, continuous supply of oxygen.

Benefits of On-Site Oxygen Generation

There are many benefits of using oxygen generators over traditional oxygen supply methods in medical settings. PSA oxygen generators are tried and true methods to deliver oxygen to patients in need. Benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional oxygen supply methods. Although oxygen generators represent a much larger upfront cost compared to oxygen cylinders, these costs are significantly lower than those of cylinders when spread out over time. The longer your mobile healthcare facility is in operation, the more money you’ll spend on oxygen from refillable cylinders.
  • Improved reliability and safety in oxygen supply. Healthcare facilities that are dependent on oxygen cylinders are dependent on those oxygen suppliers to maintain their oxygen reserves. Supply chain breakdowns and even problems relating to cylinder contract administration or procurement can lead to deficits in oxygen supply. An oxygen generator helps ensure a steady supply of oxygen for patients in need.
  • Sustainability aspects. Whereas oxygen cylinders are heavily dependent upon transportation from vehicles that rely upon fossil fuels to operate, oxygen generators require little power to run and are overall better for the environment.
  • Less risk of running out of oxygen. Oxygen can run out whenever you’re dependent upon oxygen cylinders. During times like a pandemic, supply chains can break down and patients can be left without essential oxygen. Oxygen generators create a continuous supply of oxygen for patients, with no concerns about breaking down.

Sustain Your Healthcare Practice with Oxygen Gas Generators

It’s important to ensure that your healthcare operation has the medical oxygen it needs to serve your patients. You can become less dependent on medical oxygen suppliers if you have the medical oxygen supplies necessary to service your patients.

Having oxygen gas generators for your mobile and emergency facilities is essential. Oxygen gas generators are revolutionizing the medical oxygen supply. With oxygen generator systems from On Site Gas Systems, your healthcare team can help patients more efficiently and at a lower cost than if you use oxygen cylinders.

Our oxygen gas generators use the oxygen in the surrounding air to deliver a continuous, medical-grade supply of oxygen. You won’t have to worry about your patients running out of oxygen when you’re using a reliable generator. Contact On Site Gas Systems today to discuss your oxygen generator needs and to get a quote for a new system designed to meet your needs.

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