Nitrogen Generators for Effective Fruit Storage

Nitrogen Generators for Fruit Storage

Fresh fruit is enjoyed all year round; however, it cannot be grown all year round. That’s where controlled atmosphere storage (CA) comes in. By strategically controlling the atmosphere the fruit is stored in with the help of a nitrogen generator, fresh produce can continue to be sold all year round.

Why Nitrogen for Fruit Storage?

Oxygen is fresh fruit’s enemy. When exposed to oxygen, produce begins to grow bacteria, including mold and mildew, making it spoiled and unsellable. By using nitrogen to inert the oxygen, just-picked fruit can be successfully stored without any spoilage in sight. Through this controlled atmosphere storage, fresh produce can be sold all year long, and the consumers will not be able to tell that the fruit was, in fact, picked months ago. And since the process doesn’t involve any chemicals, there is no impact on the quality of the fruit.

Best Nitrogen Generators for Fruit Storage

On Site Gas Systems has nitrogen generators that were specially designed for controlled atmosphere storage. They feature a proprietary flow control valve and nitrogen purity that allows precise control of the oxygen levels in the air. When it comes to nitrogen for fruit storage, there are two types of nitrogen generators that are recommended. These include:

  • Nitrogen Membrane Generator – This type of generator is ideal for high flow applications that require a lower purity. The generators are simple to operate and use a filter-like system to remove the oxygen from the air. They require minimal maintenance, have a quiet operation, and they can be custom built to meet the needs of the fruit storage facility. They arrive to the location ready to use.
  • PSA Nitrogen Generator – When a higher purity level is required, a PSA nitrogen generator is preferred. They work by running oxygen through a carbon sieve, which absorbs any oxygen or other gasses that are in the air, leaving only the nitrogen behind. PSA generators offer a quick ROI and provide reliable year-to-year costs.

The nitrogen generator you choose for your fruit storage facility depends on your specific needs. Regardless, you will reap the benefits of not having to worry about nitrogen cylinder delivery and storage, and you can dramatically decrease your recurring nitrogen gas costs. At On Site Gas Systems, we are experts in nitrogen generators. We can help you select the nitrogen generator that will produce nitrogen at the rate and purity you need for successful fruit storage. To learn more about how a nitrogen generator makes controlled atmosphere storage possible, contact us now.