Nitrogen in Lab Equipment

Nitrogen in Lab Equipment

When it comes to science, it all comes down to the details. Laboratories require very specific atmospheric conditions so that they can ensure accurate results and lasting cells, and they use nitrogen gas to maintain them. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used around lab equipment as well as why on-site nitrogen gas is the best option.

How Nitrogen Helps Lab Equipment

Working with cells is serious business, and even the slightest variance in temperature, humidity, or oxygen level can have a big impact on the results. By infusing the necessary space with nitrogen gas, scientists can effectively control every aspect of the environment to make sure the cell incubators, mass spectrometers, dry boxes, IVF incubators, and more, can all maintain the ideal environment for optimal results.

Why Use Laboratory Nitrogen Generators

Within these lab applications, a large amount of nitrogen gas is required. Since the nitrogen must be infused consistently, an on-site nitrogen generator is the clear option. At On Site Gas, our laboratory nitrogen generators are highly efficient, compact, and can produce high-purity nitrogen for both low and high flow applications. Here are the benefits of using an on-site nitrogen generator versus relying on cylinders.

  • Reduce Expenses – While purchasing a laboratory nitrogen generator upfront may cost more than cylinders, it is a one-time expense. There are no recurring rental fees, delivery surcharges, or anything else. Once the cost of the generator is recouped, the laboratory can essentially produce nitrogen for free (with minimal maintenance costs).
  • Improve Workflow – Using an on-site nitrogen generator saves a lot of time, too. There is no need to switch out cylinders or keep an eye on the gas levels, and there is no need to worry about the gas supply running out mid-analysis. With an on-site nitrogen generator, laboratory personnel can essentially set up the nitrogen flow and forget about it.
  • Ensure Safety – When changing out nitrogen gas cylinders, there is always a risk of somebody getting hurt or something getting broken. The cylinders are large and heavy, and trying to maneuver them around fragile lab equipment is just asking for trouble.
  • Save Energy – Using an on-site nitrogen generator requires much less energy to operate than it takes the nitrogen plants to produce the gas that is put into cylinders. So, when a laboratory chooses to make their own nitrogen, they are reducing their carbon footprint.

When exact atmospheres are required, laboratories can depend on the nitrogen generators from On Site Gas Systems. To learn more about our customization options and to discover the true ROI of a laboratory nitrogen generator, contact us today.