On-Site Nitrogen Generators: 5 Reasons To Make The Switch From N2 Bottles This Year

On-Site Nitrogen Generators: 5 Reasons To Make The Switch From N2 Bottles This Year

If your business relies on nitrogen for its manufacturing process, there are many reasons to switch from nitrogen tanks to an on-site nitrogen generator. Switching to an on-site nitrogen generation system can save your business money and keep your business running smoothly day in and day out. Once you know all the benefits of having a nitrogen generator for your business, you may be ready to make the switch. When this happens, On Site Gas can help. Here’s what you need to know about switching from N2 bottles to an on-site nitrogen gas generator.

1. It’s Cost-Efficient

Delivery of nitrogen can be costly. Tank rentals, delivery charges, administrative costs, and other fees can add up quickly when you’re paying for nitrogen gas delivery. What’s worse is that nitrogen is always lost during the delivery process. Your business paid for the nitrogen, but it never made it on site.

On-site nitrogen gas generation may cost more in the beginning, but this one-time cost could turn out to be far less than the ongoing cost of nitrogen tank rental. How much do you spend on nitrogen every month? How much does this amount to per year? Compare this to the price of a nitrogen generator to find out how quickly you would begin to save money if you purchased a nitrogen generator. For a free quote on the cost of a nitrogen generator, contact On Site Gas.

2. Increases Safety

Nitrogen tanks are stored at low temperatures or incredibly high pressure. Either way, this can make handling nitrogen tanks dangerous, and accidents on site can lead to injuries or worse.

OSHA standards dictate how to handle nitrogen as a compressed gas and as a liquid, however, handling nitrogen from a nitrogen generator simplifies everything. Nitrogen produced on demand from a generator is safer to handle overall and can lead to fewer on site accidents.

3. Reduces Downtime and Supply Issues

Nitrogen gas that arrives from a regular delivery of tanks or cylinders is inherently subject to delays and supply chain problems. As long as your business is relying on another business to deliver nitrogen to your site, you are at risk of a variety of problems including shortages, closings, and any other delivery-related problems.

Everything from weather to strikes can impact your delivery of nitrogen, depending on the circumstances. If your business relies on nitrogen delivery as an essential part of its operations, then you could be at risk. With an on-site nitrogen generator, your business will have an on-demand product, available at any time, as needed. This can help ensure your business operations are kept running smoothly.

4. Environmentally Friendly

It takes a great deal of energy to turn nitrogen gas into a liquid, and even more to turn the liquid back into a gas. All this energy use is bad for the environment. But what’s better for the environment is to produce nitrogen on demand from a generator.

Nitrogen generators use comparatively less energy just to run, and of course, do not use natural resources for regular delivery in the way that nitrogen tanks do. In other words, nitrogen tank delivery requires a delivery vehicle to arrive at your facility. The delivery vehicle releases pollution into the air, and also requires the use of fossil fuels to power the delivery vehicle.

Using a nitrogen generator is an excellent way to use fewer natural resources to run your business. Nitrogen generators are a greener, more eco-friendly solution.

5. Fits Specific Needs

Nitrogen generators are able to switch their purity levels for the application at hand, while tanks are not able to provide this service. Having a nitrogen generator on hand to fit the specific needs of the user is much more practical than keeping nitrogen tanks on hand for each task.

Interested in Installing a Nitrogen Generator? Contact OnSite Gas

On Site Gas creates nitrogen generators for businesses around the world, including membrane nitrogen generators and PSA nitrogen generators. We also custom-build generators for customers who have specific, hard-to-meet needs. To learn more about how a nitrogen generator can benefit your business, or to get a quote for your nitrogen generator system, request one today from On Site Gas.

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