Using Oxygen Generators for Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment

Clean, pure water is a fundamental human necessity. Whether it be for cooking, or hygiene, every person needs safe water. Clean water is becoming harder to obtain as our worldwide consumption of water continues to grow. By injecting oxygen into your water system it can increase the effectivity of removing contaminants and impurities from your water supply.

How do Oxygen Generators Work?

Oxygen generators allow you to produce your own oxygen when and where you need it (versus relying on a liquid oxygen supply or depending on filled cylinders). By using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to generate oxygen, nitrogen is separated from the oxygen that is in the regular air.
At On Site Gas Systems, our oxygen generators have a vessel that absorbs the nitrogen molecules, and while the oxygen molecules drift past that vessel, they collect into an oxygen receiver tank. The oxygen receiver tank is attached to the oxygen generator, then releasing the pressure from the vessel and venting the nitrogen molecules back into the atmosphere. This cycle repeats in a second vessel, providing a consistent flow of gas from our oxygen generators.

What Applications are There for Oxygen Generators?

There are various applications for oxygen generators in water treatment systems including:
Oxygen Generators for Ozone: Using an oxygen generator for ozone is beneficial in many different situations. It works by acting as feed gas for your ozone system. It is environmentally safe, which makes it suitable for treating vast quantities of water efficiently (including ensuring clean drinking water from the tap). A couple of examples of using oxygen generators for ozone include making suitable drinking water for animals, water for cleaning equipment, and replacing chloride with ozone in swimming pools.
Oxygen Generators for Waste Water: Waste water can come from many different sources – whether it be from an industrial building, work office, or someone’s home, it can come from anywhere. By injecting oxygen into your waste water it can significantly increase bacteriological survival and regeneration. Oxygen generation systems can provide years of self-contained oxygen production – meaning you won’t have to deal with the ongoing expense of delivered cryogenically produced oxygen. Oxygen generators for waste water are also very cost effective and low in energy use. At On Site Gas Systems we offer custom engineered oxygen generators, oxygen container systems (up to 99% purity), and oxygen generators (up to 95% purity).
At On Site Gas Systems, we are experts in oxygen generators. Whether you’re looking for one to help with waste water, or ozone, we have what you need for your water treatment systems. Our systems are designed to meet your specific purity, pressure, and flow requirement needs (and at a lower cost than delivered gas). Contact us today to learn more about all our oxygen generator options.