6 Key Benefits of Oxygen Generators for Water Treatment

Oxygen Generators for Water Treatment

Despite water covering 70% of the earth, actual usable, fresh water is a scarce commodity. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the fresh water necessary for human life only comprises 3% of the world’s water supply, two-thirds of which is inaccessible. In our everyday lives, we use water not only for consumption but for cleaning and irrigation as well.
The water left over from these processes is wastewater and needs treatment before it is safe to use again. Normally, to recycle our water for reuse, wastewater (used water containing pollutants) gets recycled at water treatment plants. Thankfully, now over-stressed water systems can get a break, thanks to the benefits of oxygen generators for water treatment facilities.

How Oxygen Generators Improve Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater takes an extremely long time to biodegrade. The biodegrading process occurs with the help of bacteria. Without oxygenation, the biodegrading process causes malodorous output and potentially harmful chemical reactions. With oxygen “feeding” the bacteria, the process significantly neutralizes the odors and negates the production of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas. Along with these two overall benefits to using oxygen generators to treat water, the following six additional benefits make the case in favor of water oxygenation self-evident:

  • Low Cost.The system of producing oxygen is self-contained, which means the unending bills for delivery of cryogenically produced oxygen are non-existent. These systems are cost-effective in terms of low-energy use, as well. The lower the energy requirement, the less you’ll be spending to run it.
  • Easy and Fast.This process is fast to implement and quick in practice, making the subsequent availability of freshwater more worth the effort in comparison to other methods.
  • Low Maintenance.One can accomplish maintenance on an oxygen generator system without technical expertise or complex training. Besides the basic upkeep and maintenance every machine needs, the requirement for repair is minimal.
  • No More High Wastewater Charges.Wastewater incurs its own charge, much like the use of clean water. The cost of treatment to sewage water drives up the bills of consumers. When the generator cost and the production of the generator are low, it drops the price of processing the wastewater.
  • Low Energy Output is Great for the Environment.Throughout the world, the quest to keep the use of traditional fossil fuels (gas, coal, etc.) to a minimum continues. The less energy needed to power the process, the less the negative effect on the environment.
  • The Purity Rating is Higher.Oxygen generators remove more pollution in water than traditional methods. Oxygen generators produce water at 95% purity while oxygen containment systems offer a 99% purity rate.

When one stacks the rewards of oxygenation of water against the drawbacks, the rewards far outweigh any potential cost. This clean, safe, easy, and low-cost method will contribute greatly toward solving current water scarcity problems, with lasting effects for the future.
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