How Nitrogen Generators Combat Bacteria

Nitrogen Gas

Bacteria can be found everywhere. They thrive in a variety of environments (including inside our own bodies), so avoiding them is nearly impossible. Most of these microorganisms are rather harmless – and some are even crucial for the survival of various ecosystems and creatures. However, certain bacteria can create dangerous infections and diseases, as well as promote the degradation of specific chemicals. This poses various risks for businesses in the food, medical, and chemical processing industries.
The most efficient way to eliminate the risk of bacteria growth is through the use of nitrogen gas provided by an On Site Nitrogen Generator. Let’s explore how nitrogen can eliminate bacteria and benefit multiple industries.

Food Packaging

The presence of bacteria can create harmful illnesses that affect other living beings. Because bacteria can replicate in any environment, it is important for the food packaging industry to find a way to eliminate these microorganisms from their products. The food industry uses a packaging method known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to eliminate bacteria through the application of nitrogen gas. The nitrogen displaces any oxygen inside packages, which causes the bacteria to die. Eliminating the oxygen inside food packaging is also beneficial because it allows the food inside to stay fresh longer.

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing plants operate in a very precise, careful manner that does not allow for outside interference. Oxygen can compromise the quality of the processed chemicals and even lead to dangerous situations, such as fires, the development of moisture, and exposure to dangerous pathogens. Applying nitrogen gas in any chemical processing procedure eliminates oxygen, reducing the risk of hazards.

Medical Sterilization

Medical tools and equipment must remain free of bacteria at all times to ensure patient safety. Similarly, medical equipment packaging must keep the products inside sterile and fresh for as long as possible. Careful implementation of nitrogen gas within the packaging system prevents bacteria from thriving and reproducing. This is essential in the medical industry, where supplies and tools must be sterilized to prevent infection and complications caused by microorganisms.

Why Choose a Nitrogen Generator?

In order to use nitrogen gas to prevent the growth and development of bacteria, you need access to a reliable source of nitrogen. An On Site Nitrogen Generator is the most cost-efficient and effective way to use nitrogen in your specific industry. The Nitrogen Generator creates its own supply of nitrogen gas by taking in air and removing the oxygen. This leaves only nitrogen behind. As a result, you will never have to refill your tank, which saves you money and time in the long-run.
On Site Gas provides high quality, reliable on-site nitrogen generators that can benefit your business by eliminating bacteria from your products. Whether you work in food packaging, chemical processing, medical sterilization, or another field, On Site’s Nitrogen Generators can provide you with the bacteria elimination services you need. Contact us today for more information or to order a nitrogen generator for your business.