Nitrogen Gas Is the Secret Behind Crisp, Effective Laser Cutting

Lasers are used in many diverse applications, and they aid in the production of everything from cut sheet metal to computer chips. Lasers are essentially extremely intense beams of radiation and they can be refined and guided to help companies perform sharp, precise cuts on a variety of materials. Lasers allow manufacturers to produce more products in less time with a high accuracy rate, and they are in high demand.

How Nitrogen Gas Assists with Laser Cutting

While lasers can transform the way a company does business, they also require extreme precision to be effective. That’s where nitrogen gas comes in. High-purity nitrogen gas (99.99% for most applications) is commonly used in these two ways:

  • It Clears Oxygen from the Cutting Zone– Oxygen is the enemy of most materials, especially metals and electronics. If it comes into contact with the item being cut, it can cause oxidation and discoloration, which results in an inferior product. Nitrogen gas is used to displace the oxygen and keep the work area free from the risks it brings.
  • It Ensures a Clean Beam Path and Optics Head – Nitrogen isn’t only good for displacing oxygen. At a high enough pressure, it can remove any type of particulate from the surface it touches. As such, it is used in laser cutting to clear the beam path from any substances that may cause laser distortion. It is also used to remove any moisture or particulate from the optics head.

Nitrogen Gas Benefits Laser Cutting in Many Ways

When incorporated into the laser cutting process as mentioned above, nitrogen gas provides manufacturers with the following benefits:

  • Allows for stronger paint adhesion
  • Protects the delicate parts of the laser
  • Makes sure the cutting zone is clean from any dross or molten metal
  • Minimizes laser distortion
  • Ensures a better-quality end product

On Site Gas Provides Nitrogen Generation for Laser Cutting

Manufacturers who use laser cutting rely on nitrogen gas for a smooth, efficient production process and a high-quality finished product, so they can’t afford to be without it. With on site nitrogen generation provided by On Site Gas, manufacturers no longer have to worry about running out of the nitrogen gas they rely on for production. Instead, they can create their own on-demand nitrogen gas and always have the supply they need. Not only that, but with on site nitrogen gas, they can eliminate all of the hassle and repeated expenses associated with nitrogen cylinders.
When it comes to laser cutting, precision is everything. With an on site nitrogen generator, manufacturers can be sure they always have the nitrogen necessary to maintain flawless end results. To learn more about how on site nitrogen generation can benefit your manufacturing company, contact us today.

Why All Marine Vessels with Medical Facilities Need an Oxygen Filling Station Onboard

From private yachts to cruise ships, if there is a medical facility onboard a marine vessel, then an oxygen filling station is a must. With the USP 93 oxygen generators from On Site Gas Systems, both commercial and personal facilities can be sure that when there is a medical emergency they will have the oxygen supply required to keep the patient healthy.

About Our Oxygen Filling Station

Our newest oxygen filling station is the O-7-FS-T, which is both an on-site oxygen generator and oxygen cylinder refill booster in one. Everything needed is contained in one inconspicuous cabinet, including the mufflers, air compressor, sieve beds, oxygen sensor, oxygen tank, human machine interface (HMI), and a programmable logic controller (PLC). This oxygen filling station can withstand a wide variety of indoor temperatures and does not produce condensation even in a 90% humidity level, making it an ideal option for marine applications.

Benefits of an Oxygen Cylinder Refill Machine for Marine Applications

If your ship is still relying on oxygen cylinder delivery, then you are wasting valuable time and money and putting your patients at risk. With an oxygen filling station, you never have to worry about running out of oxygen. You will also experience these benefits:

  • Fill Cylinders Quickly – With this advanced oxygen generator and oxygen tank refill station, you can effectively fill cylinders at a rate of 6 LPM up to 2200 PSI.
  • Eliminate the Need to Load/Unload Cylinders– Having to load and unload oxygen cylinders from a ship can be a complicated and time-consuming task. You not only have to arrange for the deliveries, you have to worry about storing the filled and empty cylinders within your limited square footage.
  • Get Oxygen No Matter Where You Are – With an oxygen filling station aboard your ship, it doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of the ocean or docked on an unknown shore, you can get USP 93 oxygen required for safe use.
  • Know You Have a Reliable Oxygen Supply – Whether you have five people onboard or 5,000, you don’t want to have to worry about running out of oxygen when it becomes a life or death situation. With an oxygen generator and filling station, you have unlimited oxygen tank refills so that every patient can be treated properly and swiftly.

If you have a medical facility onboard your marine vessel, you don’t want to take any chances with cylinder delivery. Trust On Site Gas Systems to provide you with the oxygen you need for peace of mind. To learn more, contact us now.