How Oxygen Is Used in Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a unique art that combines the skill of melting glass with the subtle blowing of air to form masterful decorations. However, in order to work properly, the flame that the glassblower uses must be a specific temperature. That’s where oxygen gas comes in. With the high purity of oxygen gas provided by our 95% O2 PSA on site oxygen generators, glassblowers can make sure their torches remain the proper temperature for their masterpiece.

How They Use It

As mentioned, glassblowers rely on oxygen as their fuel for the burners and torches they use to melt the glass. Basic compressed air just doesn’t produce the necessary heat. Oxygen is the only fuel source that will ensure the flame is hot enough to effectively and strategically melt quartz and borosilicate glass. In most situations, the glassblower will use oxygen gas at a range of 10-15 psi, with a purity of 95%.

Why Glassblowers Rely on Oxygen Generators

Instead of having to manage and maintain oxygen cylinders, many artists are choosing to implement the use of an on site oxygen generator. This is for many reasons:

  • It Is Dependable – Not all glassblowers work in urban areas, and getting cylinders delivered is not reliable. With on site oxygen generation, there is no risk of running out of gas, so operations won’t have to come to a halt.
  • It Is Affordable – Oxygen cylinders can get expensive, and they are a recurring cost that doesn’t go away. On the contrary, with on site oxygen generation, glassblowers only have the upfront costs to worry about. Once those have been recouped, the artist can continue producing oxygen for essentially no additional costs.
  • Is It Safe – The art of glassblowing is dangerous enough, the last thing a glassblower needs to worry about is a high-pressure cylinder exploding and damaging something in the shop.
  • It Is Durable – Our on site oxygen generators are made to handle the most rugged environments, so wherever the glassblowing is being performed, the oxygen generator will stand the test of time.

Glassblowing is a meticulous art, and every detail matters. With the use of on site oxygen gas generator, a glassblower can be sure that the flame they are using stays at a high enough temperature to get them the results they need. The last thing they want to do is start all over because the flame isn’t hot enough. If you are in the glassblowing industry and you want to learn more about the true ROI of an on site oxygen generator, please contact us today. We would love to discuss the options available to you.

On Site Oxygen Use in Vet Clinics

With National Dog Day right around the corner (August 26th), there is no better time than now to discuss why veterinarians need an onsite oxygen generation system. A 95% pure oxygen gas is used on animals both during and after any type of surgical procedure. It helps to keep the animal stable until they can effectively breathe for themselves. In a typical situation, the on site oxygen generator is installed outside of the vet clinic or hospital, with feed lines going in to each of the operating rooms, so it does not take up the minimal space in most surgery rooms. On site oxygen generation can be used effectively for both large and small veterinary clinics.

Why On Site Oxygen for Vets

Just like other medical facilities, veterinarians need to be able to rely on their oxygen supply. It is impossible to predict how much oxygen will be required, and if the supply runs out, the pets’ lives are at risk. As such, it is evident why many vet clinics make the switch from oxygen cylinders to on site oxygen generation.

  • By producing their own oxygen, the veterinarian never has to worry about running out.
  • It is way more convenient to simply set up the oxygen generator and forget about it than it is to monitor oxygen tank levels and arrange for pick-ups and deliveries.
  • Over time, on site oxygen generation is also much more cost effective, as it only has to be paid for upfront, and has minimal maintenance fees over time. There are no recurring charges to deal with, other than minimal routine maintenance costs.

On Site Oxygen Options for Vets

At On Site Gas Systems, we carry all types oxygen generators for any application. This includes:

  • Customized oxygen generation designed for the specific needs of the vet.
  • Filling stations that can be used at either 93%, 95%, or 99% purity, allowing the vet to fill their own cylinders as needed for a fraction of the cost.

No matter how much oxygen gas a veterinarian requires, they can depend on our on site oxygen generation to provide it. For over 25 years, On Site Gas Systems has been engineering custom and off-the-shelf oxygen generation solutions for veterinarians in both rural and urban areas. To learn more about how on site oxygen for vets can benefit you, contact us today, and always have the oxygen you need no matter what animal emergency comes your way.