Nitrogen for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing types of renewable energy sources. In fact, approximately seven percent of the United States’ electricity was produced by wind in 2018. That’s 275 billion kWh, according to the Energy Information Administration. And as wind energy grows, reliance on fossil fuels will decrease, which could reduce carbon dioxide emissions and have a positive impact on the environment.
In order to ensure that the wind turbines operate efficiently, nitrogen must be provided to the turbine actuator. Because of this, nitrogen generators can be extremely beneficial to companies in the renewable energy industry.

Ensuring Efficient Wind Turbine Operation with Nitrogen

Wind turbines work by turning wind power into electricity. This is accomplished via large blades that are attached to a tall base. The blades are also connected to a hydraulics system with an accumulator. As the wind moves the blades, it activates the hydraulic system and the accumulator, which begins the process of creating energy so it can be stored or immediately used.
The accumulator is essential for this operation and consists of two compartments – one filled with gas and the other filled with fluid. Due to the design of the actuator, an inert gas is required to keep the two compartments separate. If the fluid absorbs any of the gas, it can affect the operation of the wind turbine. This is where nitrogen comes in. A constant supply of nitrogen gas can help prevent the contents of the two actuator compartments from mixing in the event of a leak. Nitrogen is an ideal solution because it is completely inert, doesn’t absorb moisture, and won’t combust or create an environmental hazard.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Renewable Energy Applications

For medium and large wind turbine energy applications, nitrogen generators are the ideal solution. This is because one or more nitrogen generators can be connected to the wind turbines to supply a constant flow of nitrogen. Through a system of sensors and pressure valves, the generator can supply the wind turbines with on-demand nitrogen, greatly reducing the chances that the gas and fluid sides of the actuator will mix.

High-Quality Nitrogen Generators for Your Renewable Energy Business

On Site Gas offers a variety of different nitrogen generators for renewable energy applications, including:

  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators – PSA generators are a reliable way to produce nitrogen for renewable energy applications. These generators create nitrogen by extracting it from the atmospheric air. They work by using pressure swing adsorption to separate the oxygen and nitrogen molecules. The nitrogen can be stored in a tank or used immediately, depending on the generator’s configuration. These systems are known for their stable year-round nitrogen prices.
  • Membrane Nitrogen Generators – This type of generator uses a membrane to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen molecules. The oxygen is released back into the atmosphere while the nitrogen is stored. Membrane generators can produce nitrogen gas with purity levels up to 99% and require little maintenance.
  • Custom Engineered Systems – In some instances, your renewable energy operation may require a custom-built nitrogen generation system. At On Site Gas, we can produce completely customized nitrogen generators to meet specific needs. And once your custom nitrogen generator is built, it can typically be installed in as little as one day.

For more information about renewable energy and nitrogen generators, contact On Site Gas today!