The Benefits of Nitrogen Generators in the Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

Whether you’re engaging in the lead-free soldering process or the creation of surface mount technology, in the field of electronics manufacturing nitrogen gas is the optimal choice. Pure nitrogen is an inert, non-conducting gas that can improve your electronic packaging and assembling needs by cutting down on oxidation in the process. Let’s take a look at additional benefits that the use of nitrogen generators can bring to the industry.

Reduced Oxidation

One of the major obstacles in soldering is the formation of oxygen particles, also known as oxidation. Circuit boards and other electronics parts depend on strong solder joints. When soldering occurs, oxygen particles form and embed themselves in the wetting between the materials about to join and the solder. Oxidation weakens the foundation of the solder and leads to defects. Inert nitrogen gas significantly reduces oxygen particles and encourages proper wetting between the solder and the materials, strengthening the solder joints.

Reduced Dross

Lead-free solder decreases the hazard risks associated with tin lead solder. However, lead-free solder has two major drawbacks: the increased cost compared to traditional solder and the higher melting point that leads to dross. The expenses associated with dross cleanup add to the overall costs of lead-free solder. Nitrogen soldering reduces the production of dross to less than half and cuts both the downtime and costs related to the cleanup of dross and other solder waste. The industry shift towards lead-free soldering makes nitrogen an increasingly valuable choice.

Decreased Surface Tension

The use of pure nitrogen soldering also allows for an improvement in preciseness and efficient results. Nitrogen gas creates the perfect environment that reduces the surface tension that solder sometimes exhibits. Reducing this tension allows the solder to make a clean break from the soldering site, making the process more efficient.

Consistent Atmosphere

Due to the inert nature of nitrogen, a more consistent workplace atmosphere is possible. Electronic manufacturing processes such as soldering necessitate specific temperature and environmental requirements. Nitrogen maintains the optimal atmosphere throughout the entire day, reducing the possibility of oxidation, moisture, or other errors, while keeping productivity rates high.

Increased Savings

The use of nitrogen not only improves the quality of your product, but also ultimately results in fewer expenses for your business. Nitrogen use leads to stronger solder joints thanks to the lack of oxidation, saves your business money by reducing the amount of waste cleanup, decreases surface tension to improve your material’s breaks, and keeps a consistent atmosphere that requires little change. In addition to all these benefits, using a nitrogen generator at your worksite has its own economic advantages. Because the generator creates its own nitrogen gas, there is no concern about constantly paying and obtaining new cylinders. Beyond an upfront price, you will not need to pay an excessive amount for your on-site nitrogen generator.
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