The Role of Nitrogen Generators in Oil Well Pressurization

Oil Mining

Only 12% to 15% of the original oil well can be obtained during the oil extraction process. This is due to the drive pressure produced by the oil well, which makes extraction difficult. Oil companies have adopted a number of practices, including fracturing, gas lift, and stimulation, to try and obtain the rest of this available oil. However, these methods are met with varying levels of success and face criticism regarding their environmental impacts. In addition, 60% to 70% of oil usually remains in the well even after these processes.
Nitrogen generators can assist in oil well pressurization and other extraction processes to obtain the maximum amount of oil possible. This tertiary recovery technique can aid in increasing oil reservoir pressure, thus promoting the additional recovery of hard-to-extract oil.

Nitrogen Generators and Oil Extraction

Nitrogen is a common gas that is ideal for re-pressurizing oil wells due to its inert, oxygen-free properties. Nitrogen, unlike other gases, does not have a corrosive effect on borehole piping and can be used in fresh and saltwater injection environments. Nitrogen application can also be used on underbalanced drilling rigs to displace oxygen and combat the oxidation process.
Nitrogen generators are typically used in older reservoirs. The rate of production is usually no longer economically viable in these reservoirs, and the generator can help displace what is left of recoverable oil for extraction.
Nitrogen is inserted into multiple wells on the oil site during the extraction process. The remaining oil left in these wells is then forced into a larger production well for workers to remove the product. Nitrogen generators can improve oil extraction in these older wells by 200% to 300%!

Recommended On Site Gas Generators for the Oil Industry

On Site Gas offers multiple types of nitrogen generators to benefit different stages in the oil extraction process.

  • Our Portable Nitrogen Container Systems are ideal for enhanced oil recovery, extraction, and underbalanced drilling. These systems are designed to fit inside a steel ISO or similar container for security and convenience.
  • Our Nitrogen Membrane Generators can be used in underbalanced drilling and extraction. These products can be complete turnkey systems that feed pressurized air to hollow fiber membranes. These membranes then separate nitrogen from oxygen and other elements in the air. The result is high purity nitrogen.
  • Our PSA Nitrogen Generators are used in enhanced oil recovery, extraction, and underbalanced drilling. These systems use the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) process to extract nitrogen from the atmosphere.
  • Our Nitrogen Generator Trailer Membrane Systems are also used in underbalanced drilling, extraction, and enhanced recovery. These products use a built-in membrane filtration system to extract nitrogen from the atmosphere. In addition, they are mobile and can be easily transported from worksite to worksite.

Contact On Site Gas today to learn more about our nitrogen generator options for the oil extraction industry. On Site Gas is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for your emergency nitrogen generation needs.