Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Nitrogen generators are extremely beneficial for manufacturing operations and businesses that offer precision laser cutting services. Using nitrogen during the laser cutting process can help reduce oxidation of metal surfaces and provide for a faster cleaner cut.

Laser Cutting with Nitrogen Generators

Using nitrogen during your laser cutting process can help you achieve precise, optimal cuts on metal, glass, and ceramic as well as other types of materials. Nitrogen keeps oxygen away from the cut, which prevents discoloration, scorching, and burning. Additionally, materials that are laser-cut with nitrogen are more likely to pass the bend test after welding and have a lower risk of paint adhesion failure.

Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen isn’t flammable and doesn’t interact with the laser beam or the cut surface, which makes it ideal for use with laser cutters as well as welding machines.
These are just a few of the benefits of using a nitrogen generator during the laser cutting process:

  • Displaces oxygen around the cut to reduce the risk of burning, scorching, and oxidation
  • Removes molten metal from the path of the cut
  • Reduces laser cutting costs and improves ROI when compared to renting nitrogen cylinders
  • Allows for precise control of nitrogen purity levels
  • Reduces nitrogen waste
  • Provides access to a constant supply of nitrogen

Best Types of Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

There are several different nitrogen generators that can be used for laser cutting. The type of machine you choose will depend on your current needs. Some of the best types of nitrogen generators for laser cutting operations include:

  • Nitrogen Filling Stations – If you already rent nitrogen cylinders or frequently need to take nitrogen to off-site locations, a nitrogen filling station may be the best solution. With this type of generator, you will be able to fill your own cylinders and transport them to various locations.
  • Nitrogen Membrane Generators – Because they have no moving parts, nitrogen membrane generators offer easy installation and low maintenance costs. In order to produce nitrogen, oxygen and moisture are separated from the atmospheric air via the membrane. We can custom build these systems to fit your desired specifications.
  • PSA Nitrogen Generators – These machines offer nitrogen purities of up to 99.999 percent. They use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to separate nitrogen from the normal atmospheric air. The nitrogen is then collected in a receiver while the oxygen is released into the atmosphere. PSA nitrogen generators are extremely efficient and cost-effective.
  • Engineered Nitrogen Generators – This type of generator is custom designed for laser cutting businesses. We take into consideration the volume of nitrogen currently used, future demands, optimal purity levels, on-site laser cutting equipment, and the types of materials your company cuts in order to custom design the perfect generator for your business.

Enhance Your Laser Cutting Business with a High-Quality Nitrogen Generator

Interested in cutting down on nitrogen costs and improving the efficiency of your daily operations? A nitrogen generator from On Site Gas might be just what you need. For more information about our machines, contact us today!