How Nitrogen Generators Are Used in Dog Food Packaging

How Nitrogen Generators Are Used in Dog Food Packaging

A key element in the success of any dog food is that it has a decent shelf life. Dog owners don’t want to have to throw away excess food because their dog couldn’t consume it before it expired. So when dog food companies, like NAPP Manufacturing, want to increase the shelf life of dog food, they turn to nitrogen gas.

Why Dog Food Companies Need Nitrogen

As mentioned, nitrogen in dog food packaging helps extends the food’s shelf life. It does this by removing the oxygen and filling the space with nitrogen. When there is no oxygen left in the packaging, there is no way for bacteria to survive. And when you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth, your product will last longer on the shelves. Additionally, nitrogen in dog food packaging will help preserve its quality, so when your consumer feeds it to their dog it will be the same product you put into the bag.

The Problem with Cylinders

Many dog food manufacturers will use cylinders to receive their nitrogen gas, which is exactly what NAPP Manufacturing had been doing. When nitrogen is only received through cylinders, the company has to rely on deliveries, and in the off chance they run out, production is halted until more can be delivered. Not only that, but nitrogen cylinders can be inconsistent. Most nitrogen cylinders do not have purity indicators or volume measurements.
NAPP Manufacturing experienced the trouble of this first hand. Some of their production cycles had an acceptable shelf life, while others couldn’t make it past inspection. And since the cylinders had no controls, they had no way of knowing if the problem was not enough nitrogen and/or an inconsistent purity.

Our Nitrogen Generator to the Rescue

When On Site Gas Systems heard about NAPP’s struggles with their nitrogen, we were there to help. We loaned them one of the nitrogen generators from our rental fleet for 30 days so they could hopefully pinpoint exactly what was causing their shelf life inconsistencies. Since our nitrogen generator had both selectable purity and flow ranges, NAPP Manufacturing was able to quickly pinpoint the ideal setting for their dog food. And, best of all, their results were consistent and cost effective.
At the end of the 30 days, NAPP Manufacturing was not ready to part with the nitrogen generator. Even though they rented one that was more than double the size necessary for their current production needs, they purchased it to ensure they could accommodate future growth. And even though they purchased the larger unit, it paid for itself within 10 months.
As NAPP Manufacturing reports, “Our On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generator was one of our best equipment purchases and with a great ROI.” If you want to experience the benefits of our nitrogen generator first hand, contact us today. Don’t settle for inconsistent nitrogen in dog food: Choose the reliable source of nitrogen gas that will keep your manufacturing facility running smoothly.