How to Separate Nitrogen From Air Using N2 Separation Technologies

How to Separate Nitrogen From Air Using N2 Separation Technologies

Nitrogen is a necessary part of many industrial processes. A variety of industries use nitrogen for their packaging and production, including the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, aerospace, metal production, and more.

Nitrogen is a major component of the air we breathe, accounting for a significant percentage. Specifically, 78% of the surrounding air consists of nitrogen, making it abundant and readily accessible. However, to utilize nitrogen effectively, we need to use methods to extract or separate it from the air.

Are you a business owner in search of the most effective process to remove nitrogen from the air? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the world of nitrogen separation from air. You’ll understand the ingenious methods employed by nitrogen generators and gain valuable insights to make an informed decision for your company. Here’s what to know about nitrogen separation from the air:

Methods for Separating Nitrogen from Air

There are many methods of separating nitrogen from air. Having this many options allows your company or organization to choose the method that best works for you.

Pressure Swing Adsorption

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators, also called PSA nitrogen generators, are generators that use changing pressure to manipulate air in a tank with an adsorber inside. Oxygen molecules diffuse into the pore structure while nitrogen travels through the adsorber, creating a high-purity nitrogen gas on the other side.

PSA nitrogen generators are known for creating a very high-purity gas. They can range in size depending on the application need, and reach purities up to 99.9995%.

Membrane Nitrogen Generation

A membrane nitrogen generator is a device that forces air into a set of polymer fibers. When this happens, the nitrogen molecules are separated from the other molecules and are caught on the other side, creating a nitrogen gas. Nitrogen separation membrane generators have no moving parts.

While nitrogen separation membrane technology generators do not produce nitrogen that is quite as pure as PSA generators, they are perfect for many processes.

Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generators have many benefits. If your business relies on a steady supply of nitrogen either for packaging or for another industrial process, then a nitrogen generator can help ensure that your business has a supply of nitrogen 24/7.

  • Low cost after the initial investment. Nitrogen generators cost very little to run after the initial cost of investment.
  • Reliable. As long as you have a nitrogen generator, you have a supply of nitrogen to be used whenever nitrogen is required.
  • Space efficient. Nitrogen generators take up little space while creating a great output of nitrogen.
  • Help ensure steady production for your business. Having the materials that you need means that you can count on a steady production of your product.

How Nitrogen Generators Compare to Nitrogen Cylinders

Some businesses rely on nitrogen cylinders for their industrial processes. Renting nitrogen has many downsides. These cylinders are subject to any transportation and logistics challenges that the rental company may encounter. From traffic delays to supply chain problems, if your nitrogen cylinder rental vendor is having a problem, you likely are too.

In addition, cylinders represent an ongoing cost that can eventually exceed the cost of a nitrogen generator, and then some. Nitrogen cylinders take up a lot of space, depending on how many you rent at a time, and may need to be shuffled from one location within your warehouses to another, depending on what is convenient. Finally, these cylinders must be delivered and exchanged by vehicles that use fossil fuels. This means that cylinders are not the most environmentally friendly products.

Install Your Nitrogen Generator with On Site Gas Systems

On Site Gas Systems creates custom designs of gas-generating systems for businesses. We’re a reputable and trusted source for businesses that rely on a supply of nitrogen or oxygen for their industrial production. Want to know more about how On Site Gas Systems can produce a custom configuration nitrogen generating system for your business? Call today to speak with our professionals.

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