How To Generate Nitrogen Using Membrane Technology

How To Generate Nitrogen Using Membrane Technology

In industries where nitrogen is a vital component, businesses have various options for obtaining this essential gas. Whether through nitrogen generators or cylinder delivery, the choice of nitrogen delivery method greatly influences operational efficiency. While renting nitrogen cylinders may be suitable for some, companies with high nitrogen demands often turn to nitrogen generators for a consistent and dependable supply. Among the different types of nitrogen generators available, one popular option utilizes membrane technology.

Nitrogen membrane technology simplifies the process of obtaining nitrogen, making it highly accessible and efficient for numerous businesses. If you’re contemplating the adoption of a nitrogen membrane generator, understanding its functionality is key. This knowledge will enable you to evaluate whether this generator type aligns with your business requirements effectively.

In this article, we will explore the functionality of a nitrogen membrane generator, shedding light on its key features and benefits.

How N2 is Made from Nitrogen Technology

A membrane nitrogen generator works by pushing compressed air through the polymer fibers in a membrane module. The fibers have little holes that oxygen molecules fit through, but nitrogen molecules do not. When the process is finished, oxygen is expelled as waste gas, while nitrogen is captured and pumped out of the generator as a product.

Why Buy a Nitrogen Membrane Generator?

There are many reasons to buy membrane nitrogen generators. If you have been relying on nitrogen cylinders to be delivered to your business, then your business could benefit enormously from an onsite generator.

  • Eco-friendly. Your business nitrogen generator is more environmentally friendly than purchasing nitrogen cylinders, which must be delivered to your address via vehicles that consume fossil fuels.
  • Space efficient. Cylinders and other types of generators take up more space than membrane technology generators. For businesses that don’t have much room, this type of generator is very space efficient and easy to work around.
  • Reliable. Cylinders can be delayed in their delivery, depending on the logistics of the company you’re ordering from. When this happens, your entire production could be shut down while you’re waiting to find a new supplier, or waiting for your current vendor to deliver the promised cylinders. Sometimes starting contracts with a company can take time, and sometimes just finding a supplier who can make a delivery on time can be time-consuming. This stands in contrast to membrane technology generators, which are always on hand once they’re installed. If you need a regular supply of nitrogen that you can’t do without, then a membrane technology nitrogen generator can deliver that supply.
  • Easy to install. Compared to PSA nitrogen generators, membrane technology generators are relatively easy to install.
  • Low cost after the initial purchase. While a nitrogen generator does require an upfront investment, this investment is the only large cost. All other costs associated with nitrogen generation (maintenance and basic utility costs) are minimal.

What Industries Use Nitrogen Generators?

Many industries use nitrogen generators including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, beverages, chemicals, metal fabrication, automobile, aerospace, plastics, glass, and more. If you own a business in one of these industries, you may benefit from purchasing a nitrogen generator for your company.

How is a Generator Better than Nitrogen Cylinders?

Nitrogen generators cost less over time, and once installed, they’re always available for your purposes. Cylinders can be unreliable in their delivery and are subject to problems like traffic issues, supply chain problems, mechanical breakdowns, and other obstacles that can get in the way. Nitrogen cylinders also have an environmental impact, because they rely on delivery by vehicles that use fossil fuels. Ordering nitrogen cylinders requires ongoing administration of a contract with a cylinder company, while a nitrogen generator requires none of this work.

Why Buy a Nitrogen Membrane Generator from On Site Gas Systems

Want to know why you should buy a membrane technology nitrogen generator for your business? Talk to the professionals at On Site Gas Systems. If you require nitrogen generator installation, we design and build nitrogen-generating systems that service your plant for whatever your needs are.

If you’re not sure what type of nitrogen generator is best for your purposes, we can help you choose. Each type of generator has its own characteristics, and we can help you decide which type of generator is most likely to suit your needs. Call today to speak with one of our sales professionals and get started with your order.

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