Nitrogen Tank Blanketing: What Is It And What Is The Purpose Of N2 Blanketing?

Nitrogen Tank Blanketing: What Is It And What Is The Purpose Of N2 Blanketing?

Nitrogen blanketing is a common manufacturing process that creates safe storage for certain liquids. Depending on what’s being stored in the container, nitrogen blanketing can prevent the stored item from degrading or deteriorating over time. Nitrogen blanketing is often used for storage tanks, and therefore, is sometimes called tank blanketing or tank padding.

What is Nitrogen Blanketing?

Nitrogen blanketing is the process of filling a storage tank with nitrogen to stop the storage material (usually a liquid) from coming into contact with oxygen. It can potentially mitigate the explosive condition created by having oxygen in the tank, and also extends the product life of the storage material.

Where is Nitrogen Blanketing Used?

Nitrogen blanketing is used in many industries, including:

Why Is Nitrogen Blanketing Important?

Nitrogen maintains stable conditions for the product being stored in the container. Whether it’s preventing discoloration, explosion, polymerization, or another unwanted change, nitrogen stops the stored product from interacting with nitrogen. Other benefits of nitrogen blanketing include:

  • Reduced potential for an explosion
  • Less chance of corrosion, which can lead to improved equipment life
  • Less chance of degradation of the stored item
  • Increased service life for the storage container itself, which could otherwise degrade due to the presence of liquid and oxygen
  • Increased safety due to the reduction of oxygen in the storage tank

What Size Storage Tanks Are Eligible?

Storage tanks of all sizes, from very large to very small, can be used for nitrogen blanketing.

What Is the Nitrogen Blanketing Procedure?

There are multiple ways of making nitrogen blanketing work. Most businesses that require this kind of work to be done have a nitrogen blanketing system. One way is through the use of a blanketing regulator, which helps control the pressure inside the tank.

With this system, the valve is mounted on top of the storage tank, and gas is pushed into the tank until the pressure inside the tank reaches a pre-determined point. When the pressure inside the tank is correct, the regulator stops the gas from entering the tank. Ultimately, the nitrogen blanket is created by decreasing the concentration of oxygen in the tank and increasing the amount of nitrogen.

What’s the Best Way to Get Nitrogen for Nitrogen Blanketing?

Nitrogen blanketing is an important storage practice in a variety of industries. If your business uses nitrogen blanketing as a method of storing chemicals, food products, or something else, your business will need a regular supply of nitrogen. There are multiple ways to acquire nitrogen for nitrogen blanketing.

Nitrogen Storage Tanks

Nitrogen storage tanks are a common source of nitrogen for businesses that use nitrogen periodically. While nitrogen storage tanks are serviceable for businesses that only need a small, infrequent nitrogen supply, there are many downsides to using nitrogen storage tanks for a constant and regular supply of nitrogen.

Namely, nitrogen storage tanks are subject to problems with supply and delivery. They require a lot of space to store, and shipments of tanks can sometimes be delayed due to weather, supply chain issues, and more. Maintaining a regular supply of nitrogen storage tanks can be administratively and logistically challenging. In addition, nitrogen storage tanks represent an ongoing cost that can add up over time.

Nitrogen Generator

A nitrogen generator is a good solution for a business that requires a regular supply of nitrogen for its operations. While a nitrogen generator does represent an upfront one-time cost, this cost is far less than the ongoing costs of nitrogen storage tanks. In addition, the nitrogen generator is always available to supply nitrogen, whereas nitrogen tanks are subject to availability.

Once the generator is purchased, the only ongoing costs associated with the generator are the maintenance and power to run the generator. This can save your business money over time. With a nitrogen generator on hand, your business will enjoy a steady supply of nitrogen for its business purposes year-round.

Need a Nitrogen Generator? Get Yours from a Reputable Manufacturer

A well-constructed, well-designed nitrogen generator can help your business save money and can also keep your business functioning. To purchase your nitrogen generator, contact On Site Gas. We design and build nitrogen generators that provide safe, continuous nitrogen gas for a variety of applications including nitrogen blanketing. Our reliable generators are designed to last.

To learn more about nitrogen generators for your business, see our FAQ page or contact us.

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