How To Prepare Your Business For An Onsite N2 Generator (What To Consider)

How To Prepare Your Business For An Onsite N2 Generator (What To Consider)

If your business is nitrogen dependent, then a nitrogen gas generator may be the right piece of equipment for your industrial processes. Nitrogen gas generators are an essential tool for businesses in pharmaceuticals, food processing, metallurgy, aerospace, and more. If your business has a need for nitrogen and is currently dependent upon nitrogen cylinders or liquid nitrogen you could be losing money on monthly expenses relating to nitrogen deliveries.

Purchasing a nitrogen generator system can help your business save money while also ensuring that your business will have the continuous supply of nitrogen that it needs to keep functioning. Before installing a nitrogen generator, it’s important to understand the many ways your business must prepare for this type of installation.

Why Get An N2 Gas Generator Installed?

Does your business need a nitrogen generation system? Below are some of the benefits of nitrogen generator installation:

  • Generators offer a continuous supply of nitrogen provided at a minimal monthly expense
  • Nitrogen generators need little monthly maintenance to function
  • Nitrogen generators are far more efficient and eco-friendly than nitrogen cylinders
  • Your business can save money on regular nitrogen costs with a generator

What To Consider Before Installing a Nitrogen Generator System

Before installing a nitrogen generator in your business, there are many notable factors. Here’s what to know about when trying to decide if a nitrogen generator is right for your business:

Do You Have the Space?

Nitrogen generators don’t have to be very large. In fact, membrane nitrogen generators, with no moving parts, have a relatively small footprint and can easily be used for mobile applications. The size required for a generator depends on how much nitrogen gas is needed for your process. Still, even businesses that need a lot of nitrogen can get by with a relatively small nitrogen generator. If you’re not sure what size generator is right for your needs, speak with the experts at On Site Gas Systems.

Infrastructure Considerations

Because nitrogen generators extract nitrogen from the air in the environment, your nitrogen generator will need piping from your compressed air supply. Your business may already have this type of piping network in place for your industrial processes. If this is the case, you may not need to make changes to your facility. However, if your facility does not have this piping in place, you’ll need to get it in place before the generator can be run on site. Work with your generator manufacturer to ensure that the piping that you’ve installed is adequate for your nitrogen generator.

Power Source

Your nitrogen generator will need a power supply. Nitrogen generators only require a minimum of power. Usually, no more power than it takes to run a desktop computer.

Ventilation Requirements

Ventilation is required for the space around the nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator will expel waste (mainly in the form of low-concentrated oxygen) that should be ventilated from the space. Under normal conditions, the area where the nitrogen generator is located will have natural ventilation, and no changes are needed.

Ready to Install An N2 Generator System? Contact On Site Gas

At On Site Gas, we specialize in crafting custom nitrogen gas generation systems tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. Reach out to us today to explore more about installing and specifying an efficient N2 generation system, ensuring a seamless integration into your business operations.

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