Nitrogen Gas: A Packaging Gas That Keeps Your Snacks Fresh & Last Longer

Nitrogen Gas: A Packaging Gas That Keeps Your Snacks Fresh & Last Longer

Most consumers don’t realize it, but food packaging companies rely on nitrogen to keep their food fresh. Nitrogen is a convenient, plentiful gas that’s all around us, and when it surrounds food, that food can stay fresh for longer periods.

N2 packaging allows food to be stored for a long time. With this type of packaging, food can be transported to locations all around the world for commercial purposes.

If you’re a consumer, you probably interact with nitrogen packaging all the time. If you represent a food packaging business, nitrogen gas for packaging is one of your best tools for keeping food fresh. Here’s what to know about nitrogen packaging processes.

What Is Nitrogen Packaging?

Nitrogen packaging involves filling a package with nitrogen and then sealing it to ensure the nitrogen remains trapped inside. This technique, prevalent in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, serves to maintain the freshness of the package’s contents. The nitrogen acts as a preservative, displacing oxygen which can cause spoilage. As a result, products last longer, retain their flavors, and stay free from undesirable contaminants.

Why Nitrogen Is Used in Food Packaging & How Does N2 Keep Snacks Fresh?

Nitrogen, a non-reactive gas that naturally exists in the air we breathe, plays a pivotal role in food packaging. Extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere is both straightforward and cost-effective. When introduced into food packaging, nitrogen remains inert, meaning it doesn’t interact with the food. This unique property helps prolong the freshness of the food, preventing the rapid deterioration often caused by oxygen-rich environments.

How to Make Nitrogen Packaging Happen In Your Business

There are many ways to get a steady supply of nitrogen in your food packaging process. By utilizing a reliable On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generator, your business can get the nitrogen it needs to keep operating.

However, not all methods of nitrogen acquisition are created equal. Nitrogen cylinders, for example, have more disadvantages than generators. These cons should be considered before making the decision to rent cylinders. Remember, choosing the right source of nitrogen is important for the long-term success of your business.

Cylinder Rental

Nitrogen cylinder rental is a common method that businesses use to get the steady supply of nitrogen they need. However, renting your nitrogen in cylinders or another type of container creates an ongoing cost. If your business is heavily dependent upon nitrogen, cylinder rentals can become inefficient and expensive.

On Site Generator

Nitrogen generator systems are an efficient and effective way to remove nitrogen from the air and use it in packaging. Nitrogen generators come in two types: membrane nitrogen generators and pressure swing adsorption generators (PSA). The differences between these two types of generators give businesses flexibility when choosing the generator for their needs.

Once the generator is purchased, there are few ongoing costs. Maintenance needs for both of these system types are relatively low, and the same goes for utility costs. These systems produce a steady, dependable supply of nitrogen without incurring the ongoing costs that nitrogen cylinders represent.

Does Your Business Need Nitrogen for Packaging? Contact On Site Gas Systems

At On Site Gas Systems, we create nitrogen generators – custom and off the shelf – for businesses in the food packaging industry. We also rehabilitate old generators for businesses that don’t need a custom machine and want to save money on their nitrogen generation.

As a trusted company in nitrogen generation, we offer excellence in customer service and product development. Want to know more about nitrogen generation and how it can benefit your business? Contact On Site Gas Systems today to learn more about our products. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get started with an order for your business needs.

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