4 Signs Your Facility Needs a PSA N2 Generator Manufacturer

4 Signs Your Facility Needs a PSA N2 Generator Manufacturer

Pressure swing adsorption and membrane nitrogen generators have many applications and benefits in various industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, breweries and beverage manufacturing, welding, electronics, and more. Many businesses that use nitrogen and do not have an on site nitrogen generator can benefit from a PSA or membrane nitrogen generation system. Here’s how you can tell if your business needs this type of generator.

Sign 1: High Dependency on External Nitrogen Tanks

If your business has a high dependency on nitrogen cylinders or a liquid nitrogen tank, you could benefit from a PSA nitrogen generator. Cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks have disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. For example, nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks must be stored onsite and can take up more room than a nitrogen generator. Cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks also require regular delivery that, if disrupted, can cause downtime and lost profits at your facility.

In all, this means that a heavy dependency on nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks can be very problematic, and the more your business needs those cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks, the more inconvenience you may experience. Using a nitrogen generator can eliminate this inconvenience.

Sign 2: Increasing Operational Costs Due to Nitrogen Usage

Nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks create ongoing rental charges that can be very expensive with time. Delivery charges, plus the cost of the nitrogen itself, can change with no warning, and it is not uncommon for additional surcharges on each delivery. If your business regularly deals with ongoing operational costs due to nitrogen rental, purchasing a PSA N2 nitrogen generator can all but eliminate these costs.

With your PSA or membrane nitrogen generator, you’ll never have to worry about where the next shipment of nitrogen is coming from or how much it will cost.

Sign 3: Need for Improved Maximum Nitrogen Usage and Consistency

Some amount of nitrogen is always wasted when the cylinders begin to run low, because many businesses will stop using nitrogen cylinders when the reserves in the cylinders reach a certain level or the pressure is lower than their application pressure. Liquid nitrogen tanks are constantly venting nitrogen to the atmosphere which wastes a lot of nitrogen.

PSA nitrogen generators, on the other hand, can produce consistent results each time the generator is used. PSA N2 generators can produce high purity nitrogen to the specifications of the owner, so that you can always have nitrogen of the proper purity level every time you use your generator.

Sign 4: Space and Environmental Constraints

Nitrogen cylinders contain pressurized gas, which means they pose safety risks for anyone using them, and anyone in the area when they’re being used. People who use nitrogen cylinders must be properly trained to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the area when the cylinders are in use. Liquid nitrogen tanks store nitrogen in a liquid state and then converts to a gas. These tanks can take up considerable space and must have safety precautions in place.

If you’re constantly fighting with these space and environmental constraints, you can benefit from nitrogen generation PSA or membrane. PSA and membrane N2 generators have a much smaller environmental impact because they take up less space in your facility and also have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to nitrogen cylinders.

Benefits of Partnering with a PSA N2 Generator Manufacturer

When you partner with PSA or membrane nitrogen generator manufacturers like On Site Gas Systems for PSA or membrane nitrogen generation, your business will enjoy many benefits. Whether your business is in the pharmaceutical industry or you’re creating modified atmosphere packaging, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators can be customized to meet specific facility needs. Your business will also have the advantage of ongoing support and maintenance from On Site Gas Systems.

Your business could benefit from a PSA or membrane N2 generator if your company regularly struggles with nitrogen cylinders or liquid tanks and the many inconveniences that come from nitrogen cylinder or liquid tank rental. If you struggle to find space or manage the contract for your cylinder or liquid tank rental, it’s time to assess your nitrogen supply needs. Consider the long-term benefits of a PSA or membrane N2 generator and contact On Site Gas Systems for help.

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