Laser Cutting With A Nitrogen Generator: Why N2 Is Best

Laser Cutting With A Nitrogen Generator: Why N2 Is Best

Laser cutting is a process that is often used in industries that use metal working to produce their goods. It can be used for cutting beams, pipes, tubing, sheet metal, and more. Industries like construction, automotive, and aerospace use laser cutting on a regular basis.

The process of laser cutting requires a steady supply of gas for functionality, and the most widely used gas for laser cutting is nitrogen gas. If your business needs a laser to operate, then nitrogen gas is one of your best options, and an N2 generator is likely an essential tool for your factory floor. Here’s what to know about nitrogen gas and its use with laser cutting.

Fundamentals of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a process that slices metals with a high-powered laser beam. Lasers can be used to cut stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Assist gas is the gas that’s used to ensure the quality and performance of the laser. The kind of gas you choose to use for your laser cutting depends on variables like what material is being cut and the thickness of the material.

Nitrogen Laser Cutting vs. Other Gases

Nitrogen is often identified as one of the leading gasses for laser cutting. Compared to gasses like air and CO2, nitrogen takes the lead. Air assisted laser cutting is not as precise, powerful or efficient. Air is sometimes used because it is abundant and easily made available, but air assisted laser cutting is not appropriate for every industry.

CO2 laser cutting has a similar problem. Like air assisted laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters cannot always slice through thick materials and are often very slow. CO2 is also very expensive. Many businesses opt for another option when using laser cutters for their industrial purposes.

Nitrogen Gas in Laser Cutting

Because of the disadvantages of the gases listed above, nitrogen gas laser cutters are common. There are many reasons that manufacturers turn to nitrogen gas when laser cutting, including:

  • Nitrogen gas makes an excellent cut that is efficient and accurate.
  • Nitrogen gas assists with the dissipation of heat, so the edge of the cut cools more quickly than other gases.
  • Cuts made with nitrogen gas have reduced discoloration along the cut edge.

Benefits of Using Nitrogen Gas

There are many reasons to use nitrogen gas over other gases in laser cutting processes. Nitrogen gas laser cutting is incredibly flexible, and this type of gas can be used for all laser cutting operations. It’s an excellent gas assist for cutting aluminum as well as stainless steel, and because the gas is inert, there are no other additional heat-producing reactions that occur while the laser cutter is functional. This allows operators to achieve cleaner cuts more quickly. Below are some of the many advantages of using nitrogen assist laser cutters.

Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator For Your Laser Cutter

If you have a laser cutter and are using nitrogen as your assist gas, you’ll be faced with the question of whether to use a nitrogen generator or rental cylinders. Using a nitrogen generator can make the process better and more efficient. There are many reasons to use a nitrogen generator over nitrogen cylinders. Some examples:

  • Nitrogen generators provide tremendous cost savings over traditional gas delivery methods
  • Nitrogen generators allow for variable purity options that maximize cut quality, efficiency and production costs
  • Generators produce a constant supply of nitrogen and can operate 24/7 without the chance of running out of nitrogen. Being dependent on nitrogen deliveries can create a downtime in production if nitrogen deliveries are delayed for any reason.

Does Your Business Need Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen generators for laser cutting are an essential tool for most businesses that regularly use laser cutting as a part of their industrial processes.

It’s important to choose the right assist gas for your business’ laser cutting needs. If your business needs a nitrogen laser cutter, then a laser cutting nitrogen generator is an essential part of your industrial operations. On Site Gas Systems makes laser nitrogen generators for industrial operations. If you’re seeking a nitrogen generator for laser cutting, contact On Site Gas Systems.

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