Nitrogen Generator Maintenance: What To Know Before Owning An N2 Generator

Nitrogen Generator Maintenance: What To Know Before Owning An N2 Generator

If your business needs a steady supply of nitrogen, a nitrogen generator can make your work easier in a variety of ways. Nitrogen generators cut expenses and provide a steady and constant supply of nitrogen, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Owning a nitrogen generator means performing regular nitrogen generator maintenance. Fortunately, nitrogen generators require minimal maintenance to maintain peak functionality.

Knowing what to expect when your business owns a nitrogen generator, including the maintenance of a nitrogen generator and nitrogen generator maintenance costs can help you decide for yourself whether a nitrogen generator is the best option for your business.

Benefits of Owning a Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen cylinders are a common source of nitrogen for businesses. However, cylinders present an ongoing cost that can build up over time, eventually costing your business a great deal of money.

Nitrogen cylinders also take up space, need to be changed out as they run out of nitrogen, and do not always produce nitrogen at the desired purity levels for the task at hand. Compared to a nitrogen generator, nitrogen cylinders are expensive as well as an administrative headache.

On-demand nitrogen production has many advantages, including improved safety and environmental considerations. Some benefits of on-demand nitrogen production include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint. Nitrogen cylinders need to be delivered and picked up regularly, requiring fossil fuels to run vehicles. On-demand nitrogen generators only need to be delivered once, which makes them far more eco-friendly.
  • Reduced costs. While nitrogen generators have an upfront cost, when that cost is spread out over time, generators cost far less than both cylinders and bulk liquid deliveries.
  • Safer. Whereas any gas under pressure in a cylinder or in large volume liquid tanks can be dangerous, nitrogen generators are overall safer for a trained worker operating the equipment.
  • Consistent purity levels. Nitrogen generators produce high-purity nitrogen at consistent purity levels.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

When trying to determine whether a nitrogen generator is right for your business, start by assessing your nitrogen needs, including how often your business needs nitrogen, at what flow rate and pressure, and at what purity. Understanding the installation requirements can help as well, although your representative at On Site Gas Systems will help you with this.

Finally, it’s important to conduct an initial investment and a cost-benefit analysis. Speaking to an account specialist at On Site Gas Systems can help you determine the cost of a nitrogen generator system, so you can determine whether the one-time cost of a nitrogen generator will help your business save money over time.

Routine Maintenance for Nitrogen Generators

Maintaining your nitrogen generator may not require a lot from your business, but it’s still important to engage in regular maintenance routines.

  • Shut the generator down when you’re done with it. Always follow the shut down procedure when you’re finished using the nitrogen generator. This encourages a long lifespan for your machine.
  • Clean the equipment regularly. Cleaning the equipment monthly can help keep debris from the parts.
  • Change the system filters as indicated in the manual. Follow the manual instructions to ensure that your nitrogen generator filters are changed as often as required and according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Keep a record of system maintenance. Recording system maintenance helps you track how often your system is being serviced.

Long-Term Care and Management

Keep up with software updates and technological advancements to ensure that your generator is properly maintained. Check the gauges with each use to ensure that your nitrogen generator is producing nitrogen at the desired purity, pressure, and flow. Finally, re-calibrate your generator as often as indicated in the manual.

Costs Associated with Maintenance

Performing ongoing maintenance doesn’t have to be very costly. Train people at your workplace to perform as much in-house maintenance as possible.

Order Your Custom Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas Systems

Nitrogen generator systems are a wise investment for businesses that require a steady, reliable supply of nitrogen. Maintenance and associated costs for these systems are relatively low, and can save your business a lot of money over time. Want to know more about getting a nitrogen generator for your business? Contact On Site Gas Systems to speak with one of our professionals about our membrane and PSA N2 generators.

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