Buying Nitrogen Gas? Make Your Own N2 Gas With On Site Gas Systems

Buying Nitrogen Gas? Make Your Own N2 Gas With On Site Gas Systems

If your company purchases nitrogen gas for industrial or manufacturing purposes, then you’re probably already aware of the downsides of buying nitrogen gas. Sometimes, suppliers run out. Other times, deliveries are delayed. It is also expensive. Whether buying your nitrogen gas in bulk or in a cylinder, you’re probably familiar with these problems. You may find yourself wondering where to buy nitrogen gas and what you can do to save time, effort, and money in the process. Luckily, there’s a solution.

The Downsides of Buying Nitrogen Gas

To examine the downsides of buying nitrogen gas, we must consider the different forms nitrogen gas can take.

Bulk Tank

Bull tanks are one method that laboratories and manufacturers purchase nitrogen gas to be delivered to their locations. They are used for bulk gas supply. The gas the bulk tank contains is piped in, which requires a sophisticated and expensive piping infrastructure to be installed.


Cylinders provide pressurized nitrogen gas to facilities that need them. Cylinders are widely used by food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, glass and plastics manufacturers, metal fabrication businesses, aerospace companies, and more. However, cylinders do not provide the safest means of obtaining nitrogen.

We know today that there is a better, more efficient way to obtain nitrogen on-site.

What’s the Alternative?

Nitrogen generators are an on-site solution for companies in need of nitrogen gas. These machines offer many benefits for businesses. For a business seeking a reliable supply of nitrogen, nitrogen generators are the preferred product.

What are the benefits of a gas generator?

Gas generators have many benefits that cylinders and bulk tanks lack. Below are some of the benefits you can expect when you install a nitrogen gas generator on site.


Gas cylinders are inconvenient if your demand for cylinders fluctuates. Ordering and obtaining cylinders quickly can be challenging, and sometimes obtaining cylinders at the last minute isn’t possible. In addition, the administrative work required to keep gas cylinders on hand as needed can be ongoing and challenging. Sometimes, just finding space for your cylinders can be tough.

Consistent Purity

Gas generators provide a consistent gas purity that can be relied upon. If your manufacturing or industrialization process requires a consistent purity of nitrogen gas, then a nitrogen gas generator can produce results without incurring waste. This stands in contrast to nitrogen gas cylinders, where the last 10% plus of nitrogen gas is wasted, as you can only use the amount of nitrogen in a cylinder above your process pressure.

Reduced Cost

Gas cylinders and bulk tanks represent an ongoing cost for the business, unlike a nitrogen gas generator. Costs associated with cylinder and bulk tank usage include transportation, delivery, and rental fees. In addition, the cost of gas can fluctuate based on supply and demand. Gas generators only incur a one-time charge for the purchase and then maintenance costs, which are minimal. This one-time cost of purchase, when spread out over time, is far more affordable than the cylinder cost.


Cylinders and bulk tanks store gas under pressure. In the event of a leak, the environment where the cylinders or bulk tanks are stored could change dramatically, in ways that could potentially be unhealthy. In addition, cylinders can be difficult to move safely. Anyone tasked with moving nitrogen cylinders must be trained to do so properly. Finally, any time gas is stored under pressure, it can be a potential safety issue. Nitrogen generators don’t have any of these concerns, because they only produce nitrogen on demand.


Cylinders and bulk tanks take up a lot of space, depending on the needs of the business. A nitrogen gas generator, on the other hand, may take up less space. Once installed, it only takes up as much space as the footprint of the machine.

Eliminate the Need for Nitrogen Gas Cylinders

Installing a nitrogen generator can improve your business processes and will also result in cost savings over time. On Site Gas manufactures nitrogen gas generators. To learn more about how nitrogen gas generators can impact your business, or to get a price quote, contact On Site Gas for more information.

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