Nitrogen Gas Tanks vs. On-Site Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Gas Tanks vs. On-Site Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen is an essential ingredient in a variety of manufacturing processes. Many businesses get their supply of nitrogen from N2 gas tank deliveries, but there are many downsides to getting a steady supply of nitrogen this way. In fact, nitrogen gas tank rentals are inefficient in many ways. Nitrogen gas tanks purchased this way are costly and require a lot of space for storage. They can also be susceptible to supply chain problems.

There is a solution to this problem. If your business relies on N2 gas tanks for your manufacturing process, it’s crucial to learn the benefits of on-site nitrogen generators. Nitrogen generators solve many of the problems made by nitrogen gas tanks. Here’s what you need to know.

On-Site Nitrogen Generation Vs. Bottled Nitrogen

On-site nitrogen is nitrogen created from a generator. Nitrogen generators are a reliable source of nitrogen that can deliver 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Below are some ways that nitrogen generators are better than nitrogen gas tanks.

  • Less waste. Sometimes it’s difficult to get all the nitrogen out of the bottles, but when you create your own nitrogen on site, you produce less waste overall.
  • Control purity. When you have a nitrogen generator, you can set the purity level. Purity control makes manufacturing processes easier.
  • Cost-efficient. Although there’s an up-front cost associated with purchasing a nitrogen generator, there are significant cost savings over time. Once the equipment is purchased, the only associated costs come from maintaining the machine.
  • Any time you’re working with a high-pressure cylinder, there’s a risk. Getting your nitrogen from an on-site generator is safer.
  • Sustainability. Generating your nitrogen on site has a lower environmental impact than receiving nitrogen tank deliveries.

Other Benefits of Generating My Nitrogen On Site

In addition to the benefits named above, there are many other benefits of generating nitrogen on site.

  • No more worries about supply chain problems. Nitrogen cylinders can be challenging to get a hold of, and it only sometimes arrives when you need it. Relying on nitrogen gas deliveries for your manufacturing process can be dangerous– weather, shortages, and other problems can get in the way of your deliveries. Having a nitrogen generator on site ensures that you’ll have a steady supply of nitrogen, where you want it when you want it.
  • You’ll start making money back sooner than you think. Many businesses take less than two years before they cover the initial cost of the nitrogen generator. Over time, they save up to 80% on the cost of nitrogen compared to purchasing bulk or bottled nitrogen.
  • You’ll save space. Nitrogen tanks can take up a lot of space, depending on how much nitrogen you need to make or package your product. Nitrogen generators take up less space and do not need gas bottles in your workshop.
  • You’ll save administrative time. Finding new suppliers of nitrogen can take time. Using a nitrogen generator fixes that by ensuring that you have a consistent supply of nitrogen on hand without ordering new tanks every week, month, or how often you need them.

Buying a Nitrogen Generator System? How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

When you’re looking for a nitrogen generator system, it’s important to find a manufacturer that makes dependable products that they support. Do your research when you’re choosing between multiple manufacturers: how long have they been in business? Do they support their products?

On Site Gas is a well-respected name in the industry. We make nitrogen generators that last, and they’re backed by a warranty that offers full protection. We offer service and system support for customers who buy our generators.

To learn more about nitrogen generators from On Site Gas, contact us for a quote.

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