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What Is a Nitrogen Generator?

A nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from standard compressed air, replacing the need for a delivered supply in the form of high pressure cylinders, liquid mini-tanks or bulk storage vessels. The process results in a safe, inert, and consistent flow of stabilized industrial nitrogen gas.

Business owners can choose between pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology to serve their nitrogen generation needs.

What Is the Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generation Process?

On Site Gas Systems PSA technology is frequently sought and purchased by businesses that need high nitrogen purity and a required flow rate while saving about 50 percent per year on annual gas expenses.

Part One: Adsorption
Adsorption is the first part of the PSA process. A PSA system features two adsorption towers or vessels that are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS.) As compressed and dried air flows through one tower, oxygen is adsorbed in the CMS. The remaining nitrogen flows into the buffer tank to ensure a steady downstream supply. On Site Gas Systems is able to provide a range of nitrogen purities.

Part Two: Desorption
As one bed is in the adsorption process the second bed is in the desorption process. This process releases the trapped oxygen molecules from the adsorption process back to the atmosphere. The vessel is now ready to start the adsorption process again.

The total time that the PSA nitrogen generation process takes is a mere 60 seconds.

What Are Additional Benefits of Investing in an On Site PSA Nitrogen Generator?

In addition to the overall savings, you may need some additional information about how having an On Site Gas PSA nitrogen generator can help your business. Consider just a few of the following advantages that our nitrogen generators can offer your business:

  • An average return on investment within the first 15 months of purchase.
  • We provide on-demand systems designed for 24/7 use, which means that the more the system runs, the more money you save.
  • You will not see any losses from your product venting into the atmosphere.
  • There is no boil-off of gas, as there would be with the cryogenic process.
  • Nitrogen generators do not have special safety concerns, so the generator can be located on the shop floor, right where it’s needed most.
  • Having the generator close to the application means you do not need to place large bulk tanks in other areas, which translates into more space for other needs. It also means costs to pipe the plant drop considerably.
  • You will not need to switch out cylinders and dewars, so productivity stays high, and risk of injury stays low.
  • You will use less electricity with On Site Gas’ nitrogen generators than you would with other options, meaning overall costs and carbon footprint remain low.

What Are the Most Common Uses for PSA Nitrogen Generation Processing?

Applications in industries that rely on an environment rich in compressed and stable nitrogen, and without oxidation and potential combustion, use PSA nitrogen processing and include:

  • The preservation of packed or bulk products in the food processing industry.
  • The delay of rancidity in wine that would occur quickly without nitrogen generation, allowing for prolonged freshness.
  • The safe and stabilized storage of paints and solvents.
  • The production of electronic parts, such as integrated circuits and transistors, to prevent moisture and oxidation.

Those are only a few of the possible uses for nitrogen generation to provide safe and high-quality products that can withstand a reasonably long shelf life without the worry of oxidation or combustion.

If you believe your company might benefit from having a nitrogen generator on site, but you need more information, contact us at On Site Gas to discuss your many options.

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