Looking For Nitrogen Gas Cylinders? Here’s A Cost-Effective Alternative

Looking For Nitrogen Gas Cylinders? Here’s A Cost-Effective Alternative

Businesses in need of nitrogen gas have many options for delivery and production. From food and beverage processing to gas and laser cutting, nitrogen is required in many manufacturing and industrial processes. There are many ways to deliver a steady supply of nitrogen to your industrial facility. The most efficient and cost-effective method is to generate nitrogen on-site. Understanding the advantages of on-site nitrogen can help keep your business functioning optimally.

Nitrogen Production Systems

If you’re hoping to produce nitrogen on-site, On Site Gas has two options:

Let’s look at what these options offer and which is best for your business’s needs.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane nitrogen generators use selective permeabilities of different gases applied across a semipermeable membrane. The nitrogen gas is extremely dry, with atmospheric dew points typically below 40°F. The membranes act like a filter with no moving parts and continuously generate nitrogen at selected flow and purity.

PSA Nitrogen Generation Systems

This generator system passes a gaseous mixture through a specialized absorbent material, and then the individual gases are separated based on their molecular characteristics. Adsorption is the physical process of separating molecules. Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems generate nitrogen, by separating it from the oxygen in ordinary air.

Nitrogen System Alternatives

In addition to the nitrogen system alternatives listed above, you may opt to have nitrogen delivered to your facility by external suppliers. While many businesses use gas cylinders or other methods, these are less efficient than generating your own nitrogen.

Nitrogen Cylinders

Nitrogen cylinders can be costly, and often don’t meet every business’ need. Nitrogen gas cylinder sizes and volumes vary, allowing your business to choose the size that meets your business needs.

Unfortunately, nitrogen gas cylinders don’t meet every business’ needs. In addition to the ongoing costs associated with cylinders, cylinders also have associated safety hazards and gas wastage.

The safety hazards of cylinders occur because the transportation, handling, and storage of pressurized gas always carry some risk. Gas wastage occurs because there’s always a certain amount of residual gas in the cylinders, even when they’re determined to be empty.

Finally, supply chain problems can also impact nitrogen cylinders. If your supplier cannot deliver nitrogen as needed, your business may experience production delays on time.

Nitrogen Dewars

A dewar is a large tank that can quickly deliver a large volume of gas. However, dewars have similar problems to nitrogen cylinders: safety hazards, gas wastage, and the potential for supply chain problems.

Nitrogen Bulk Tanks

A nitrogen bulk tank is a structure installed on-site to provide a constant gas supply, but they come with some disadvantages. Maintenance and rental costs can be high, and off-gassing can also lead to losses that add to the cost of the bulk tank.

Benefits of On-site Nitrogen Systems from On Site Gas

Many businesses turn to on-site nitrogen generation for their nitrogen needs. At On Site Gas, we offer PSA nitrogen generation systems and membrane nitrogen generators for companies needing a steady supply of nitrogen gas at their industrial facilities. There are various reasons that On Site Gas nitrogen generators are preferred to cylinders, dewars, and nitrogen bulk tanks.

Easy Installation

On Site Gas offers training to show businesses how to install and maintain their nitrogen generators. All On Site Gas nitrogen generators are easy to install and, once on site, never need to be reinstalled.

Cost Effective

Nitrogen generators involve more upfront costs for the consumer, but in little time, an On Site Gas nitrogen generator will become more cost-effective than cylinders, dewars, or bulk tanks. Provided that your nitrogen generator is well-maintained, it will incur few ongoing costs and save your business money over time.

Reliable Nitrogen Supply

Nitrogen gas cylinders aren’t a reliable way to keep nitrogen on hand. Nitrogen deliveries can be interrupted for any reason, whether because of supply chain problems, vehicle mechanical problems, or staffing issues. Nitrogen generators from On Site Gas aren’t subject to these problems. Once installed on your property, your nitrogen generator will provide a reliable nitrogen supply that you can rely on.


Whereas cylinders and other pressurized nitrogen containers can be dangerous, On Site Gas nitrogen generators are designed for safety. In addition, no nitrogen is stored in the use of a nitrogen generator. This makes nitrogen generators far safer than cylinders.

In Need of Reliable Nitrogen Supply? Contact On Site Gas

At On Site Gas, we happily provide customer service and support to clients who purchase our nitrogen generators for their facility. Contact us for a quote to learn more about obtaining a nitrogen generator for your facility.

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