Nitrogen Gas Is Essential for the Electronics Industry

Nitrogen Gas Is Essential for the Electronics Industry

Surface mount technology is now the standard way of manufacturing in the electronics industry. By using surface mount technology, electronics can be created in a safer environment, and since the process is simpler, the electronics can be manufactured faster. However, this method is extremely sensitive to the environment around it. If not performed in an extremely controlled environment, surface mount technology will not be effective.

How Nitrogen Gas Ensures the Proper Environment for the Electronics Industry

When manufacturing electronics using surface mount technology, precision is paramount. Every detail must be perfect for the soldering to work, and nitrogen gas plays a key role in this, and it does so by displacing all of the oxygen. Oxygen is solders enemy. If oxygen interacts with solder, it will break down its particles and compromise its integrity. By literally placing a blanket of nitrogen gas over the circuit board during manufacturing, there is no chance of oxidation, ensuring a strong solder is achieved. In addition to eliminating the oxygen from the air, nitrogen gas also reduces the amount of dross that is created and it cuts back on the surface tension so that the solder can be finished off properly.

Nitrogen Gas in Action

With our onsite nitrogen generator, companies are able to ensure a consistent supply of nitrogen gas. There is no risk of running out, and there is no hassle with nitrogen cylinders. One of our recent customers from the electronics industry, Apollo Seiko, reached out to us to let us know how our onsite nitrogen generator saved the day and continues to improve their operations.
Apollo Seiko is revolutionizing the soldering industry with their creation of soldering machines that are able to perform with precision. They were recently invited to showcase their incredible technology at the IPC APEX EXPO 2018, but they didn’t know if they would be able to source enough nitrogen gas for their F-CAT Fountain Soldering Machine in such a short amount of time. Luckily, they were told about an onsite nitrogen generator by On Site Gas Systems, and they were able to showcase their cutting-edge technology with ease. Since this experience, Apollo Seiko is the proud owner of an N-25-TGN system from On Site Gas, and they recommend the onsite nitrogen generator to anyone who will listen.
With the use of an onsite nitrogen generator, the electronics industry can make sure they have the proper conditions for successful manufacturing. They can create their own nitrogen on demand and eliminate their dependency on nitrogen cylinders. To learn more about how our onsite nitrogen generator can save you time, hassle, and money, contact us now.