Nitrogen Generating Machines: The Cost Benefits of an On-Site N2 Generator Machine

Nitrogen Generating Machines: The Cost Benefits of an On-Site N2 Generator Machine

First, what are the main benefits of having an N2 generation machine on site at your facility?

  • Guaranteed Supply – When your company is generating nitrogen, you’re guaranteeing your supply and have the means to minimize downtime.
  • High Safety Standard – Relying on nitrogen cylinders brings with it many dangers and risks that are inherent to this system. Switching to on-site nitrogen generation not only eliminates those risk factors but also raises your company to a higher safety standard.
  • Cost-Efficient – Immediate cost efficiencies are realized including eliminating delivery charges, guessing your future needs to re-order enough volume supply, equipment rental fees, contract fees, and more.
  • Helping the Environment – On-site nitrogen generation reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Made to Fit Multiple Applications – By geography, industry need, and purity level.

Guaranteeing Your Gas Supply with On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Once you begin generating nitrogen on site at your company, you will quickly realize a reduction in downtime as well as have considerably fewer supply issues. For starters, you are guaranteeing your own supply based on real-time needs. Avoid having to guess what you may (or may not) need for future orders – just because your deadline is due.

By eliminating the outside vendor as your source of nitrogen gas, you are also no longer subject to the vendor’s own delays, unpredictable supply chain issues, closings, deadlines, or shortages. When you are generating your own nitrogen gas, you know precisely how much gas you have on any given day, and how much gas you can generate in a day. This means, no more wait times for deliveries, delayed orders, and unnecessary production downtime that is connected to deliveries. Is your company located in a remote geographic area outside of the supplier’s main delivery route? Time to switch to an on-site nitrogen generation, it eliminates the headaches and downtime associated with that, too!

On-site N2 generation boosts your operations and efficiencies, which in turn maximizes productivity.

Higher Safety Standards

Certain dangers are inherent to transporting or storing nitrogen gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen pressurization and cylinders are storing nitrogen at 2200 PSI. All of the risks associated with transporting and storing the nitrogen gas supply are eliminated with on-site nitrogen gas generation.

Realizing Immediate Cost Efficiencies

Investing in an on-site nitrogen generator will quickly yield cost savings and begin increasing efficiencies long term as well. Nitrogen gas can cost anywhere from $0.35 to $1.50 per hundred cubic feet while delivering nitrogen in cylinders can double that cost. The installation of an on-site nitrogen generator can potentially decrease that cost to $0.25 per hundred cubic feet. Add to those savings, the removal of add-on fees for delivering cylinders including hazmat fees, tank rentals, delivery charges, and other miscellaneous fees.

With on-site nitrogen generation, you can generate what you need when you need it instead of guessing the amount of gas required for future delivery.

Environmentally Friendly

It takes a large amount of energy to convert air into nitrogen liquid and then back to a gas. This large volume of energy contributes to polluting the environment. Switching over to on-site nitrogen generation eliminates that step and greatly reduces your carbon footprint – along with being a cost-efficient form of energy production.

Made to Fit Multiple Applications

From chemical manufacturing to pharmaceutical technology and offshore drilling, on-site nitrogen is generated for all of their production needs at different levels. Volume production is adjustable at any purity level for any geographic location.

On Site Gas Systems has made and installed nitrogen generation systems for companies around the globe. We can arrange a free consultation to find out what nitrogen generation machine is best suited for your facility’s needs. Contact us today!

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