Industrial Nitrogen Generators: How To Choose An Industrial N2 Generator

Industrial Nitrogen Generators: How To Choose An Industrial N2 Generator

Several factors are at play when choosing a nitrogen generation system to fit your company’s needs. It is important to consider the possible options for cost savings, portability, and what quantity you will need for the application. To do this, it is best to identify the industrial application that the nitrogen generator will be supplying. It is also good to think about the end result required for the task at hand. Membrane systems and PSA systems are two types of nitrogen generators that produce high quantities of nitrogen. Each one delivers notable volume, and the cost of maintenance and operations is nominal.

Are Nitrogen Generators Cost-Effective?

Producing nitrogen on site provides our clients with substantial savings when compared to the costs associated with purchasing cylinders, bulk, or dewars. The elimination of delivery fees, long-term contracts, tank rental costs, and price increases allow for a fast return on investment. On average, our systems pay for themselves in less than 18-months. Operating costs associated with On Site Gas Systems on-site nitrogen generators are minimal due to limited maintenance and a low air-to-nitrogen ratio.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

That said, the selection of an industrial nitrogen generator comes down to the quantity of gas required, and the portability needed if necessary. With a membrane nitrogen generator, the separation process does not require moving parts. Membrane nitrogen generators offer several custom configurations and system mobility that other technologies don’t offer. Membrane units are particularly helpful in outdoor environments, for example.

What Nitrogen Purity Does My Application Require?

An N2 system that provides 95% purity takes approximately two standard cubic feet per minute of compressed air to provide one standard cubic foot per minute of Nitrogen. Experts recommend that managers work backward from every application that uses nitrogen first, and then tally it together to determine the total need. Both PSA and membrane generator systems are capable of delivering high volumes of nitrogen at comparable costs of operation. It is important to note that some equipment may require higher purity gasses for certain tasks. All applications are unique and On Site Gas Systems can tailor a system to meet your needs. Some common applications and nitrogen purity levels are as follows:

  • Food Packaging – About 99.5% for the majority of applications.
  • Blanketing to Avert Hazardous Conditions – Anywhere from 95% to 97%.
  • Heat Treating Metals – Materials and the processes determine whether purity levels can be 97% or as high as 99.999% (10 parts per million of O2).
  • Blanketing Vegetable Oils (Edible) – Approximately 99.9%.
  • Printed Circuit Boards“Lead-Free” selective solder in most cases requires 99.999% (10 parts per million of O2). Both wave solder and reflow can require purities between 99.9% and 99.99%.

Commercial Nitrogen Generator Maintenance

Fortunately, generator maintenance is a fairly straightforward process and staff can be trained to perform general maintenance. On Site Gas Systems also employs a team of experienced technicians who can assist with on-site maintenance as needed.

An Industrial Nitrogen Generator for Any Situation

Ready to get started? Our On Site experts are ready to talk with you. To learn more about how commercial nitrogen generator options work contact a member of our customer care team today. They will gladly assist you in choosing a nitrogen generator solution that is the best suited for your processing needs.

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