How Much Does an Oxygen Generator Cost?

How Much Does an Oxygen Generator Cost?

Owning your own oxygen generator can save your business money, especially if you need a dependable flow of oxygen regularly. Having a generator on hand can keep production moving and ensure that you won’t experience problems with your oxygen supply that could cause expensive delays. Of course, owning your own oxygen generator only makes sense if the price is right.

Knowing all the essential O2 generator price information can help you decide whether this purchase makes sense for your business. Keep in mind that an O2 generator is an investment so you can pay it off over time.

At first, the cost may seem high compared to the price of getting regular shipments of O2. However, the average return on investment (ROI) for the purchase price is under 18 months and after that, the cost of producing oxygen is no more than running a computer.

O2 Generator Costs

Generator costs can vary substantially. The size of the system and the demand that your company has for O2 can impact the price dramatically. While it’s easy to find information online about O2 generators for home use, the price for commercial use remains much more elusive. Businesses that require oxygen to continue producing their products or services can vary in scope and demand. So, the cost depends on many factors.

Factors that Influence Oxygen Generator Cost

So, what are the factors that can influence O2 generator costs? Here are a few of the variables that can affect the price of the system you need.


The required oxygen purity impacts your system’s functionality. The higher the purity rate, the more this impacts cost. When you contact On Site Gas to learn how much an oxygen generator costs, you’ll need to know your required purity rate.

Flow Rate

How much oxygen does your business require and how quickly must it be produced? Be ready to talk about flow rates when you speak with our experienced sales staff or customer service representatives.

Pressure Requirements

High-pressure oxygen generators can cost more than low-pressure generators. Know your company’s specific pressure requirements before having a conversation about the cost of the oxygen generator you hope to purchase.

How to Find a Good Oxygen Generator Price

To find out how much your oxygen generator will cost, start by contacting On Site Gas Systems. Once you’ve requested a quote, we’ll work with you or representatives from your company to find out more about your oxygen generator needs. We’ll ask you questions about pressure requirements, flow rate, and purity. When this is done, we’ll give you a price for the system you need.

We’ll also calculate your payback time, which is the length of time it would take your business to start saving money after the initial investment of an O2 generator. You may find that your payback time is surprisingly quick. To get started with a quote, get in touch with our team to tell us more about your O2 needs!

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