What Is An Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generator Used For?

What Is An Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generator Used For?

Some industries use nitrogen to achieve their manufacturing objectives. Nitrogen comes in various grades, from low-purity nitrogen and up. Knowing what ultra-high purity nitrogen is used for can help you decide if this type of nitrogen is right for your industrial application.

What is Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Gas?

Ultra-high purity nitrogen generators (UHP) produce ultra-high purity nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas can only be ultra-high purity if it exists in concentrations of 99.999% with negligible impurities. Any variation on these specifications may mean that the nitrogen is no longer ultra-high purity.

Oxygen cannot be present in ultra-high purity nitrogen in quantities greater than ten parts per million. And total hydrocarbons cannot be present in ultra-high purity nitrogen in amounts greater than 0.5 per million by volume.

What Industries Use a UHP Nitrogen Generator?

Nitrogen generators are used in a variety of industries. However, not all of these industries require ultra-high purity nitrogen generators. The industries that use ultra-high purity nitrogen generators include:

Metalworking Grade Nitrogen

Laser cutting processes require 99 – 99.999% nitrogen.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require nitrogen because many drugs require high-grade to ultra-high nitrogen with a purity between 97 – 99.99%. Nitrogen is used for nitrogen receptacles, storage tanks, and other equipment and may be used in drug packaging to help medications retain freshness, thereby preventing the active ingredients from deteriorating.

Electronic & Semiconductor Manufacturing

Nitrogen is used in electronics and semiconductor production. This industry requires at least 99.99 – 99.999% nitrogen. A few processes in this industry use lower concentrations of nitrogen.

Do You Need an Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Generator On-Site?

There are many reasons to get a UHP generator on-site, including:

  • Never run low again. When you rely on nitrogen gas delivery to your facility, there’s always the possibility that your nitrogen gas supply will run low. When you have your own generator, this will never happen.
  • Cost-effective. Delivery charges and other fees associated with nitrogen cylinder delivery can dramatically raise the cost of using nitrogen. Having your own generator keeps costs manageable.
  • Safety. Nitrogen cylinders can be a safety hazard if not properly handled. Using a generator eliminates any risks that may come from using cylinders.
  • Avoid supply issues. Every industry can be affected by supply chain issues – and the nitrogen gas supply chain is no exception. You can avoid these problems when you have a nitrogen gas generator, which keeps your company functioning.
  • Never have a supply delay again. Your supplier of nitrogen gas may experience delays for a variety of reasons. You can avoid this problem with a nitrogen generator.

Want More Information? Contact On Site Gas Systems

On Site Gas systems help businesses like yours get the nitrogen gas they need for their manufacturing processes. We can help you learn more about how a nitrogen generator would benefit you – contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

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