On Site Gas Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Newington, C.T., December 30, 2017 – On Site Gas Systems, Inc. began producing nitrogen and oxygen generators 30 years ago in Newington, Connecticut, and today their products are used worldwide. Over the years, they have earned countless awards and paved the way for the industry. They continue to be an innovator and are dedicated to manufacturing cost-saving, reliable oxygen and nitrogen generation systems for numerous applications.
Frank Hursey founded On Site Gas Systems, Inc. in 1987. Previously, he worked on NASA’s Apollo Program as a key part of the breathing air teamFollowing that, Hursey helped create one of the first oxygen concentrators that was approved for home-use. After these experiences, Hursey decided to use his expertise of the nitrogen and oxygen generation industry to form On Site Gas Systems, Inc.
Bob Wolff states, “On Site Gas Systems continues to bring Frank’s passion for science into our daily operations. We strive to provide industrial and medical nitrogen and oxygen generation solutions that (improve) the way companies operate.”
In 2008, their Portable Oxygen Generating System (POGS) earned On Site Gas Systems, Inc. the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Platinum Innovation Prize. The FDA-approved system allows medical oxygen generation even in the most remote and harsh locations. It is used to save lives every day by the military, first responders, emergency disaster reliefoperations, hospitals and health clinics. Additionally, the POGS system has been used by the US military in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is relied upon during emergency relief efforts, including Hurricane Katrina.
On Site Gas Systems’ products are proudly made in the USA; however, their propriety products can be found in over 90 countries. In 2011, they were recognized for their worldwide distribution efforts by being named the Connecticut and New England Small Business of the Year Exporter.
Even with their success, On Site Gas Systems, Inc. continues its rigorous research and development efforts to improve the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) process. This innovative process separates nitrogen out of ordinary air, allowing it to be used in various industrial settings. To further these efforts, the company was awarded the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund Grant in 2015. Their advancements in this technology will benefit many industries in both the public and private sector.
On Site Gas Systems has grown tenfold since they opened 30 years ago. They now have two locations in Newington, Connecticut, where they continue to perfect their nitrogen and oxygen generation systems. The company is ISO Certified and is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Their products not only save companies money and increase their efficiency, but they literally save lives. To learn more about On Site Gas Systems, Inc. and their groundbreaking nitrogen and oxygen generation systems, available in both stationary and portable formats, contact them at onsitegas.com or via telephone at 1-860-370-2196.