On Site Gas Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Newington, C.T., December 30, 2017 – On Site Gas Systems, Inc. began producing nitrogen and oxygen generators 30 years ago in Newington, Connecticut, and today their products are used worldwide. Over the years, they have earned countless awards and paved the way for the industry. They continue to be an innovator and are dedicated to manufacturing cost-saving, reliable oxygen and nitrogen generation systems for numerous applications.
Frank Hursey founded On Site Gas Systems, Inc. in 1987. Previously, he worked on NASA’s Apollo Program as a key part of the breathing air teamFollowing that, Hursey helped create one of the first oxygen concentrators that was approved for home-use. After these experiences, Hursey decided to use his expertise of the nitrogen and oxygen generation industry to form On Site Gas Systems, Inc.
Bob Wolff states, “On Site Gas Systems continues to bring Frank’s passion for science into our daily operations. We strive to provide industrial and medical nitrogen and oxygen generation solutions that (improve) the way companies operate.”
In 2008, their Portable Oxygen Generating System (POGS) earned On Site Gas Systems, Inc. the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award (CQIA) Platinum Innovation Prize. The FDA-approved system allows medical oxygen generation even in the most remote and harsh locations. It is used to save lives every day by the military, first responders, emergency disaster reliefoperations, hospitals and health clinics. Additionally, the POGS system has been used by the US military in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is relied upon during emergency relief efforts, including Hurricane Katrina.
On Site Gas Systems’ products are proudly made in the USA; however, their propriety products can be found in over 90 countries. In 2011, they were recognized for their worldwide distribution efforts by being named the Connecticut and New England Small Business of the Year Exporter.
Even with their success, On Site Gas Systems, Inc. continues its rigorous research and development efforts to improve the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) process. This innovative process separates nitrogen out of ordinary air, allowing it to be used in various industrial settings. To further these efforts, the company was awarded the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund Grant in 2015. Their advancements in this technology will benefit many industries in both the public and private sector.
On Site Gas Systems has grown tenfold since they opened 30 years ago. They now have two locations in Newington, Connecticut, where they continue to perfect their nitrogen and oxygen generation systems. The company is ISO Certified and is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Their products not only save companies money and increase their efficiency, but they literally save lives. To learn more about On Site Gas Systems, Inc. and their groundbreaking nitrogen and oxygen generation systems, available in both stationary and portable formats, contact them at onsitegas.com or via telephone at 1-860-370-2196.

What You Need to Know About the Maintenance of Your Nitrogen or Oxygen Generator

Our on site nitrogen and oxygen generators are simple to use and don’t require much upkeep. However, just like most things you use on a regular basis, annual maintenance is strongly recommended. Here is a look at what questions you should ask yourself to see if it is time for maintenance on your oxygen or nitrogen generator, as well as an overview of why this maintenance is so important.

Questions to Ask

If you are unsure if your nitrogen or oxygen generator is in need of maintenance, you simply need to ask yourself these seven questions. If you answer yes to any of them, maintenance is very strongly recommended.

  • Does the HMI show any maintenance messages? This is a clear indicator it is time to have your oxygen or nitrogen generator looked at.
  • Has it been more than 5,000 hours since the last maintenance service was performed? If so, it is a good idea to have it checked again.
  • Can you see any water or oil within the filter housings? This should not be present and should be looked at.
  • Do you hear any abnormal sounds or notice any unusual processes as your nitrogen or oxygen generator is working? It is always better to have them checked and have them be nothing than to ignore them and have them lead to serious damage.
  • Is your purity level the same as it was when you first received the oxygen or nitrogen generator? If it has changed, schedule maintenance ASAP.
  • Have you changed the filters recently? They should be replaced on a regular basis depending on how often you use the generator and the type of filters the system uses. Particle filters usually need to be changed every three months, while coalescing filters should be changed every six months, and carbon filters need to be replaced once per year.
  • Does your system have a T70X-V or an N-1100 sensor? If so, when was the last time it was changed? If it has been more than a year, it should be replaced now.

Why Maintenance Is Crucial

Even though maintenance to your nitrogen or oxygen generator may seem burdensome or unnecessary, trust us; you will be glad you took the time to do it. Regular maintenance will help catch small issues before they become major ones. It will extend the life of your nitrogen or oxygen generator, and it will make sure your equipment is operating at its best.
If you don’t want to have to think about maintenance for your oxygen or nitrogen generator, you can take advantage of our Annual Maintenance Program kits. Each one includes the filters and the elements that need to be replaced on your specific equipment each year. If you have any questions about the maintenance schedule on your nitrogen or oxygen generator, or you would like to purchase an Annual Maintenance Program kit, contact us today.

On Site Nitrogen Gas Helps with Precious Metal Mining

Nitrogen Gas and Its Use in Mining Precious Metals

Mining for precious metals is a tedious and dangerous task. The job comes with many risks, but with on site nitrogen gas, many of them can be minimized. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used in the precious metals industry.

Put Out Fires with Nitrogen Gas

Potential fires are a huge threat to the precious metals industry. Not only can they be dangerous to the miners, they are a threat to the environment. When operations have to be shut down due to a fire, the company can lose millions of dollars per day. Clearly, having a quick, reliable way to extinguish a fire is paramount for the precious metals industry.
With on site nitrogen gas, a fire can be put out quickly. Fires require oxygen to flourish, so the nitrogen is used to displace the oxygen. Once the oxygen has been removed from the atmosphere and replaced with nitrogen, the fire will fail to thrive. After the fire is diminished, a continuous injection of nitrogen gas is often required for days or weeks to ensure the fire does not reignite. With on site nitrogen gas generation, there never has to be a worry of running out of nitrogen. And since they are extremely portable, they can be used in the often-remote locations used to mine for precious metals.

Make Abandoned Areas Chemically Inactive

Once an area has been cleared and all of the precious metals have been mined, it is the job of the miners to leave the area free from any chemicals. This is necessary to prevent explosions and fires. To do this, nitrogen gas is used. It replaces all of the oxygen in the air with nitrogen, and then the area is sealed off to keep the oxygen out. However, the process is not permanent. A top-off of nitrogen gas is required regularly, and having an on site nitrogen generator makes it simple.

Why Nitrogen Gas Generators from On Site Gas Systems

As you can see, having a steady, dependable supply of nitrogen gas is crucial when working with the precious metals industry. With an on site nitrogen generator, companies are able to save time and money while eliminating the need to depend on nitrogen cylinders. The nitrogen generators from On Site Gas Systems are extremely portable and can be delivered quickly in the case of an emergency.
If you are in the precious metals industry, don’t take any chances: Keep a nitrogen generator on site to ensure you have the important gas whenever you need it. To learn more about our mobile nitrogen gas generators, contact us now.

5 Benefits of a Used Oxygen and Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas Systems

When you know the benefits of a nitrogen generator or an oxygen generator, but you want to save yourself some money, looking at used equipment is an obvious next step. However, when purchasing used oxygen and nitrogen generators, you can’t just purchase them from anyone.
While it is common to turn to eBay or Craigslist when looking for used goods, a nitrogen or oxygen generator is something better purchased from the pros. If you buy one from a stranger, you will have no idea the history of the equipment, if it was maintained properly, and how long it was used for. You also have no guarantee if something does go wrong.
At On Site Gas Systems, we sell both used nitrogen generators and used oxygen generators, but with our used equipment, you can have peace of mind. Here are five reasons why you can trust On Site Gas Systems with a used generator purchase:

Same Great Product

We sell both previously used and demo equipment at a fraction of what it cost new. But even though it isn’t brand new, it is still our reliable, trusted equipment that we have been building for nearly 30 years. Each of our oxygen and nitrogen generators includes advanced features, like touchscreens, and operate with extreme efficiency to keep the operating costs low.

Built to Last

At On Site Gas Systems, we have been paving the way for on site oxygen and nitrogen generation for almost 30 years, and we only use top-quality materials that are guaranteed to be durable. In fact, some of the generators we built at the very beginning are still going strong. Just because the equipment is used, it still has a lot of life left to give.

Factory Warranty

When you buy direct from us, your used nitrogen generator or oxygen generator still comes with its original factory warranty (length varies by model). You don’t have to be nervous about getting a faulty machine, because if there are any manufacturer defects, they will still be covered.

Huge Savings

As with anything else, when you purchase used, you can save yourself a hefty sum of money. For example, we currently have an N-25-T nitrogen generator on sale for $5,900, when its list price was nearly $16K. Of course, our prices and availability are subject to change, but that’s just an example of how big your savings can be when you buy used from us.

Available for Immediate Delivery!

All of our used oxygen generators and nitrogen generators are available to be delivered to your site right away, so you can start making your own nitrogen or oxygen and stop wasting money on tank delivery.
If you want to learn more about what used nitrogen generators or used oxygen generators we have available right now, contact us now. But act quickly, because our used inventory is first come, first served.

What Is a Nitrogen Generator Used For and Other Common Questions

At On Site Gas Systems, we get a lot of questions. Whether our customers are asking us, What does a nitrogen generator do? or How do you make nitrogen gas? we understand that our products can be a bit complicated. To make it simple to understand, here are the short answers to our most commonly asked questions in regards to nitrogen generators.

What Is a Nitrogen Generator Used For?

Nitrogen gas is used in a wide variety of industries, including everything from food packaging to mining, and all of these uses require a consistent supply of nitrogen gas. Many companies use nitrogen cylinders to get the gas they need; however, that is a huge hassle, is a never-ending expense, and can halt production if the delivery doesn’t go smoothly. So what is a nitrogen generator used for? It is used to create nitrogen gas on site so the supply is unlimited and on demand.

What Does a Nitrogen Generator Do?

Very similar to the first question, the answer to What does a nitrogen generator do is that it literally produces nitrogen gas on site at a wide array of facilities. We even have nitrogen generators that can be used in remote locations.

How Do You Produce Nitrogen Gas?/How Do You Make Nitrogen Gas?

These two questions are one in the same, so we will keep them together. In short, there are two ways to answer the question, How do you produce nitrogen gas? The first way is with a PSA nitrogen generator. In this method, the adsorption process is used to separate the nitrogen out of the ordinary air. The second way is with a membrane nitrogen generator. With this method of nitrogen production, the air is forced through hollow fibers that act as reverse filters. The oxygen, CO2, and water in the air are all small, so they will permeate through the fibers. However, the nitrogen molecules are larger, so they will be the only thing left behind.

What Is PSA Technology?

The final common question we receive is, What Is PSA Technology? Basically, PSA stands for Pressure Swing Adsorption, and as mentioned above, the adsorption process literally means separating the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules in the air. It works by filling a sieve-lined vessel with compressed air. The lining adsorbs the small oxygen molecules while the nitrogen molecules continue on into the receiver.
If you have any other questions about nitrogen gas generation that are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the experts in nitrogen gas generators and we would love to help.

Nitro Brew, Nitro Beer, Nitro Pour? Just Give Me A Drink!

If you are a brewer or a bar, you know how important the mouth feel is to the beer you are making/serving. It is everything. When a beer has a better mouth feel, it is more enjoyable to drink and provides a more immersive experience. So it’s no surprise that nitro beer is becoming very popular. Here is a closer look at what a nitro beer is, as well as a discussion of the various terms it goes by, including nitro beer, nitro brew, and nitro pour.

What Is a Nitro Beer

As you know, traditional beer uses carbon dioxide to achieve the carbonation effect that beer is famous for. Recently, brewers have started integrating nitrogen into the brewing process instead of just carbon dioxide. Most commonly, a 70-30 ratio is used: 70% nitrogen to 30% carbon dioxide. The seemingly simple change in the gas usage has quite a big impact on the finished product. The reason is because nitrogen does not react as it dissolves in water like carbon dioxide does, which results in:

  • A smoother, fuller mouth feel. Many describe the feel more like a milkshake than a beer.
  • A larger, longer-lasting head. Instead of quickly dissolving after the beer is poured, a nitro brew will retain its impressive head.
  • A different appearance in the bubbles. Instead of the bubbles looking like they are rising, they look like they are falling, which is just fun to look at.

Nitro Brew, Nitro Beer, Nitro Pour?

Chances are, you have heard all three of the above terms used, but are they talking about different things? In short: no. A nitro brew, a nitro beer, and a nitro pour are all the same thing. However, you will need a specific faucet to pour a nitro beer, which is what some people may be referring to when the say nitro pour. Otherwise, all three terms merely mean a beer that was brewed with a majority of nitrogen gas.

Choose On Site Gas for Your Nitro Brew

While you can always get nitrogen gas delivered to your brewery or your bar every time you need it, there is a better way. With our Nitrogen Blast, you can make your own nitrogen whenever you need it. There is no dealing with the hassles of storing cylinders and arranging for deliveries, and there is no worrying about running out and having to stop production. At On Site Gas Systems, we are your partner in on site nitrogen gas. We have been helping brewers and bar owners make their job easier for nearly 30 years, and we would love to help you too. To learn more about what is nitro beer, contact us now.

Nitrogen Gas in Food Packaging

The actual food product you are creating is only half the battle; you also have to package it in an attractive and effective way. The purpose of food packaging goes far beyond making your product look good: It is responsible for keeping it fresh and minimizing damage in shipping and storage. That’s why most food packaging companies turn to n2 gas. Here is a closer look at why brands use nitrogen gas in food packaging, as well as the main reasons to invest in on site nitrogen gas.

Benefits of Nitrogen Gas in Food Packaging

The main purpose of nitrogen gas in food packaging is to displace the oxygen and fill the air space within the package. All industries and all types of packaging can benefit from nitrogen gas. From cans and bottles to bags and boxes, these are the main benefits of filling your food packaging with nitrogen gas:

  • Your Product Will Have a Longer Shelf Life – Bacteria have to have one thing to survive: oxygen. So, by getting rid of the oxygen and filling the packaging with nitrogen, there is no way for mildew, mold, or other harmful substances to form on your product once it leaves your facility.
  • Your Product Will Maintain Its Quality – Another thing that can destroy your product is moisture. However, when all of the vacant space is full of nitrogen gas, there is no room for the moisture to enter, so you don’t have to worry about it destroying the food.
  • Your Product Will Stay Intact – If you have packaging that leaves no buffer between the food and all of the items it comes into contact with during shipping and storage, you can be sure the product will get broken. However, when you fill the entire container with nitrogen gas, it provides a built-in barrier to keep the food safe from harm.

Why Choose On-Site Nitrogen Gas?

As you can see, using n2 gas in food packaging is an obvious choice. The next clear choice is to invest in your own on-site nitrogen gas system. This way, you can create your own nitrogen gas whenever you need it. You won’t have to deal with the delivery and storage of nitrogen cylinders, and you will never run out of your supply.

At On Site Gas Systems, we are the leading manufacturer of on-site nitrogen gas systems. We can work with you to create a customized n2 gas generator that will help you up your production and reduce the amount of waste your company has to face. To learn more about our on-site nitrogen gas and how it can benefit your food’s packaging, contact us today.

The True Nitrogen Generator Cost: It’s Probably Less Than You Think

If your facility uses nitrogen gas, there is a good chance you have at least considered switching to a nitrogen generator. But if you are like most manufacturers, the first question you have may be what are the real nitrogen generator cost savings? They are probably greater than you realize. Here is a breakdown of the nitrogen generator price after the long-term.

Factors That Impact the Nitrogen Generator Price

The true nitrogen generator cost is much more complex than simply the initial upfront cost. You have to factor in how much you will save when you don’t have to deal with nitrogen cylinders, as well as how the nitrogen generator will impact your efficiency, reduce your waste, and cut back on employee accidents. When including all of these nitrogen generator cost savings, many of our clients recoup the upfront cost of a nitrogen generator within a year, or quicker. Heres a more detailed breakdown:

  • No More Nitrogen Cylinders – Just imagine completely eliminating the never-ending overhead expense of nitrogen cylinders, including the charge for the gas itself, as well as delivery charges, fuel surcharges, tank rental fees, etc. When you have your own nitrogen generator, you can say goodbye to them forever. Once your nitrogen generator is paid for, you will have very little overhead as far as your nitrogen supply is concerned.
  • Less Product Waste – Did you realize that as the nitrogen cylinders are being stored at your facility, they are losing volume? On average, 10% of the tank you paid for may be wasted by the time you use it. Plus, you have to deal with the floor space to store them, which is a waste in itself. With an on-site nitrogen generator, you can make the nitrogen as you need it, so none of it is wasted.
  • Reduce Employee Accidents – Liquid nitrogen is harmfully frigid (its -320 degree Fahrenheit), and, unfortunately, there are sometimes storage leaks with cylinders. This puts employees at risk of burns and skin damage. With your own nitrogen generator, these risks are eliminated.
  • Increase Workplace Efficiency – When you don’t have to worry about the logistics of nitrogen cylinders, and you dont have to risk running out of your supply, your entire operation can run smoother.

As you can see, when looking at the true nitrogen generator costs, the decision to purchase one is a no-brainer. While the upfront capital may seem like a lot, when you break it down and realize how much you will be saving, you can clearly see it is the best long-term decision. To learn more about the real nitrogen generator price, contact us today.

4 Reasons to Choose On Site Gas Systems as Your Nitrogen Generator Supplier

thumb_n-1200We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a nitrogen generator supplier, and we are confident that when you choose On Site Gas Systems, you will have no regrets. Here is a look at the top four reasons to choose us to provide on site nitrogen gas.

1. On Site Gas Systems Is Proven in the Industry

We have been helping companies produce on site nitrogen gas for over 30 years. You can find our nitrogen generators in all corners of the world, and within a wide variety of industries. We are fully certified—including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, UL, CE, and CSA certification—and we have unparalleled expertise in manufacturing membrane and PSA nitrogen generators.

2. Our On Site Nitrogen is the Smart Choice Financially

By producing your own on site nitrogen with a nitrogen generator instead of relying on liquid nitrogen or cylinder deliveries, you can save your company a lot of time, hassle, and money. In fact, many of our clients find that they have completely recouped the costs of their nitrogen generator within 12-18 months. Since they are built to last for 20 years or more, that means you will have over 18 years of minimal nitrogen gas expenses because you will be producing it yourself using a machine that is paid for.

3. We Manufacture All of Our Products in the USA

Not only do our products help put money back into the US economy, you can depend on the quality of our nitrogen generators. Each one is made in the United States, and we use only top-quality materials to ensure you can depend on your nitrogen generator to be there when you need it. Our nitrogen generators also tout the lowest feed air requirements around.

4. We Can Customize Your System

We know that not every industry is the same, and that even within the same industry, brands like to do things differently. That’s why, as your nitrogen generator supplier, we offer complete customization. Our in-house engineering department boasts over 50 years of combined experience, and they will ensure that the nitrogen generator you get delivered meets your needs to perfection. With a range of purities available, and pre-filtration included, you can be confident that your on site nitrogen gas will be superior quality and will serve its purpose flawlessly.
To learn more about our nitrogen generators and to discover more reasons why on site nitrogen gas can help your company increase production times, improve efficiency, and cut back on costs, contact us today. We would love to discuss the on site nitrogen gas options available for your application.

How Nitrogen Generators Are Used in Dog Food Packaging

A key element in the success of any dog food is that it has a decent shelf life. Dog owners don’t want to have to throw away excess food because their dog couldn’t consume it before it expired. So when dog food companies, like NAPP Manufacturing, want to increase the shelf life of dog food, they turn to nitrogen gas.

Why Dog Food Companies Need Nitrogen

As mentioned, nitrogen in dog food packaging helps extends the food’s shelf life. It does this by removing the oxygen and filling the space with nitrogen. When there is no oxygen left in the packaging, there is no way for bacteria to survive. And when you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growth, your product will last longer on the shelves. Additionally, nitrogen in dog food packaging will help preserve its quality, so when your consumer feeds it to their dog it will be the same product you put into the bag.

The Problem with Cylinders

Many dog food manufacturers will use cylinders to receive their nitrogen gas, which is exactly what NAPP Manufacturing had been doing. When nitrogen is only received through cylinders, the company has to rely on deliveries, and in the off chance they run out, production is halted until more can be delivered. Not only that, but nitrogen cylinders can be inconsistent. Most nitrogen cylinders do not have purity indicators or volume measurements.
NAPP Manufacturing experienced the trouble of this first hand. Some of their production cycles had an acceptable shelf life, while others couldn’t make it past inspection. And since the cylinders had no controls, they had no way of knowing if the problem was not enough nitrogen and/or an inconsistent purity.

Our Nitrogen Generator to the Rescue

When On Site Gas Systems heard about NAPP’s struggles with their nitrogen, we were there to help. We loaned them one of the nitrogen generators from our rental fleet for 30 days so they could hopefully pinpoint exactly what was causing their shelf life inconsistencies. Since our nitrogen generator had both selectable purity and flow ranges, NAPP Manufacturing was able to quickly pinpoint the ideal setting for their dog food. And, best of all, their results were consistent and cost effective.
At the end of the 30 days, NAPP Manufacturing was not ready to part with the nitrogen generator. Even though they rented one that was more than double the size necessary for their current production needs, they purchased it to ensure they could accommodate future growth. And even though they purchased the larger unit, it paid for itself within 10 months.
As NAPP Manufacturing reports, “Our On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generator was one of our best equipment purchases and with a great ROI.” If you want to experience the benefits of our nitrogen generator first hand, contact us today. Don’t settle for inconsistent nitrogen in dog food: Choose the reliable source of nitrogen gas that will keep your manufacturing facility running smoothly.