7 Everyday Products Made Using Nitrogen Generation Technology

7 Everyday Products Made Using Nitrogen Generation Technology

Nitrogen is one of the most common elements on Earth. It makes up nearly 80% of the air we breathe and is found in a range of everyday items, from pharmaceuticals to tires.

Many companies that rely on nitrogen to make their products use generators to create their own supply. Generators have many advantages over nitrogen cylinders. If you’re starting a company that makes products using nitrogen, a nitrogen generator can save your business money, raise profits, and increase production. Below, you’ll see a list of seven everyday products that are made using nitrogen generators.

1. Packaging for Food and Beverages

Bacteria proliferate in the air, causing food to deteriorate in many ways. The longer food is exposed to air, the more its color, flavor, and scent change. Nitrogen flushing is the process of pushing air from packages containing food and replacing that air with nitrogen. Food in a nitrogen environment deteriorates more slowly.

Some packages, like ones that contain chips, are even filled with extra nitrogen before the bag is sealed. In this case, nitrogen creates a pillow around the chips, preventing them from being crushed.

2. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products

Just as air causes food to spoil, the same goes for medications and medical products. Pharmaceuticals that spoil when exposed to air are packaged in containers flushed with nitrogen. This prolongs the life of the medication and pushes back the expiration date.

Sterilized medical products are packaged in nitrogen environments for the same reasons: bacteria that grow in the air won’t grow as quickly in an all-nitrogen atmosphere. Nitrogen-filled packaging can keep sterilized medical products safe for longer.

3. Electronics

Nitrogen is used in electronics production in a variety of ways. Nitrogen allows the manufacturer to maintain a consistent temperature during production. Nitrogen also prevents oxidation – which can weaken the solder, an essential part of circuit boards.

4. Jewelry

Soldering is a common part of jewelry production. It is used to hold separate pieces of metal together, close metal chains, and more. Soldering that is performed in an oxygen-rich environment doesn’t last. Metals can become corroded and bonds are not as strong when the soldering is performed in an environment with a lot of oxygen. Ultimately, jewelry that is soldered in an environment with a lot of oxygen can fall apart.

To prevent this from happening, soldering is performed in a nitrogen-rich environment. The nitrogen creates a barrier between the solder and the oxygen, which ultimately can help keep the jewelry together.

5. Stainless Steel Production

Stainless steel uses nitrogen in the same way and for the same reasons that jewelry making needs nitrogen: nitrogen increases the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. When nitrogen is added to the steel manufacturing process, the result is stronger stainless steel which contains fewer impurities. Nitrogen’s role in stainless-steel production helps to prevent oxidation which can cause rust. In addition to a stronger product, the resulting surface is more receptive to applying powder paint coatings with proper welding surfaces.

6. Laser Cut Products

A laser can be used to cut materials for industrial or artistic purposes. Everything from signs to furniture can be cut by lasers. During the laser cutting process, nitrogen is used to protect the edge of the cut from discoloration. Discoloration can occur when the edge of the cut oxidizes before cooling. By enveloping the area with nitrogen, the oxidization is stopped.

7. Printed Products

During the printing process, nitrogen is used to dry ink. Nitrogen is used because it is a dry gas that does not retain moisture. This lack of humidity makes nitrogen the perfect product for drying inks and other materials.

Why Buy A Nitrogen Generator?

Whether you’re using nitrogen to produce one of the products listed above or for another reason, your business can benefit from adding a nitrogen generator.

Reliable supply. Unlike nitrogen cylinders, generators produce a steady supply of nitrogen that never needs replenishment from deliveries of new cylinders. Whereas cylinder rental can lead to supply chain problems if a supplier is behind on a shipment, generators are always available.

Lower cost. Nitrogen cylinders can also become expensive over time. Generators require one payment upfront, while nitrogen generators represent an ongoing cost. Given enough time, business owners spend more on cylinder rental than on nitrogen generation.

Eco friendly. Nitrogen generators don’t have the carbon footprint of cylinders, which must be delivered and then returned for replenishment on a regular basis.

Buy Your Nitrogen Generator from a Reputable Manufacturer

If your business manufactures products that require nitrogen, buy your nitrogen generator from a reputable manufacturer. Call On Site Gas Systems today to buy your nitrogen generator from a supplier you can trust.

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