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Nitrogen Gas Is Essential for the Electronics Industry

Surface mount technology is now the standard way of manufacturing in the electronics industry. By using surface mount technology, electronics can be created in a safer environment, and since the process is simpler, the electronics can be manufactured faster. However, this method is extremely sensitive to the environment around it. If not performed in an […]

Common Uses of Nitrogen Gas: What is Nitrogen Gas Used For?

The nitrogen gas uses of the product can be  for a lot more things than you may realize. From food packaging to electronics production to mining, nitrogen gas is used in multiple applications every day. And these industries often rely on the nitrogen being delivered in nitrogen gas cylinders, which logistically can be a hassle, […]

On Site Gas Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Newington, C.T., December 30, 2017 – On Site Gas Systems, Inc. began producing nitrogen and oxygen generators 30 years ago in Newington, Connecticut, and today their products are used worldwide. Over the years, they have earned countless awards and paved the way for the industry. They continue to be an innovator and are dedicated to […]

On Site Nitrogen Gas Helps with Precious Metal Mining

Nitrogen Gas and Its Use in Mining Precious Metals Mining for precious metals is a tedious and dangerous task. The job comes with many risks, but with on site nitrogen gas, many of them can be minimized. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used in the precious metals industry. Put Out […]