Nitrogen-Infused Coffee and Beer: A Revolutionary Twist on the Gourmet Beverage.

NitroBrewCoffee and beer lovers have another gourmet beverage to enjoy: Nitro Coffee and Nitro Beer. Nitro Coffee and Nitro Beer are infused with tiny Nitrogen bubbles, which give iced coffee a foamy texture, similar to the frothy collar/head on top of a typical glass of beer. Nitrogen bubbles improve the flavor, texture, and frothiness of a beer’s collar. On Site Gas provides nitrogen generators that will froth up your beer and coffee business as well. Our new Nitro-Blast will provide enough nitrogen for up to five tap lines can be wall mounted to save space.

Iced Coffee Vs Cold-Brew, The Difference

Unlike iced coffee, Cold-Brew coffee is created by steeping coffee grounds in cold water. Once Nitrogen is infused into this coffee, the Cold-Brew coffee has a silky texture with a foamy head.

Creating Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee: The Process

Nitro Cold-Brew begins as regular Cold-Brew coffee in your typical coffee shop, whether it’s a small town business or an international powerhouse. Beneath the counter sits a single keg full of their Cold-Brew coffee. Two lines are attached to the keg: one line runs directly to the original Cold-Brew tap; the other line is infused with Nitrogen bubbles from the Nitro-Blast generator as it is poured from the Nitro tap.

Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee – What Coffee Lovers Can Expect

Cold-Brew exits the spout as a deep-brown coffee. As the Nitrogen infused coffee pours from the spout, cascading into the cup, it separates the darker brew from the lighter brew and then tops it off with a thick, foamy collar. This Nitro Cold-Brew coffee resembles a Guinness beer with the cascading reverse waterfall of bubbles, both visually and texturally. It also creates a natural sweetness lessening the need to add milk and sugar.

Nitro Beer: The replacement for Carbon Dioxide.

For years, the frothy collar on beer has been created by carbon dioxide, but some brewers have started creating what is referred to as Nitro Beer. Nitro Beer differs from traditional beer in that it is infused with Nitrogen. As the beer and Nitrogen interact, the beer becomes creamier, smoother and more evenly flavored. Furthermore, the beer has a frothier collar and a less bitter taste. Another benefit of using the Nitro-Blast Nitrogen Generator is safety, as this is a safer alternative to liquid dewars for a brewery or coffee shop.

Brewing Nitro Beer: The Process

For the most part, Nitrogen is insoluble in liquid: this is what gives the beverage its foamy, thick-mouth feel. And a piece of tap equipment specifically designed to enhance the texture of the beer adds to this effect. It’s called a restrictor plate, and it pushes beer through tiny holes directly before the beer enters the glass. This process creates the rising effect that’s typically seen when a carbonated beverage is poured into a glass.
Companies interested in learning more about Nitrogen generators available at On Site Gas should contact us today. Whether you need a PSA Nitrogen generator or a membrane Nitrogen generator, On Site Gas can custom build a Nitrogen generator for your company: We build Nitrogen generators for companies all over the world.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator.

NitroGeneratorCompanies thinking about purchasing a Nitrogen generator should consider what purity of Nitrogen they need. Nitrogen purity is usually expressed in the form of a percent. For example, 99 percent Nitrogen means the gas consists of 1 percent Oxygen, with the remaining 99 percent consisting of Nitrogen and other inert gases.
However, some high purity cases express the Nitrogen’s purity as parts per million by volume (PPMv) of Oxygen that remains in the product gas. Ten PPMv is equal to 99.999 percent Nitrogen and 10,000 PPMv equals 1 percent Oxygen. Determining the minimum purity level required for the applications at your facility is essential to ensure that you benefit the most from your on-site Nitrogen production. Our Nitrogen generators usually pay for themselves in less than 18 months.

On-Site Gas’ Self-Generated Nitrogen Gas Production Options: Pressure Swing Adsorption and Membrane Nitrogen Generators.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generators

Pressure Swing Adsorption, which is commonly referred to as PSA, uses two vessels. These vessels are filled with CMS (carbon molecular sieve). While compressed air flows up through one vessel, the Oxygen is adsorbed, meanwhile the other vessel de-pressurizes some of the Nitrogen, which flows downward to desorb (drive-off) the moisture and Oxygen the first vessel previously collected. This process continues with one vessel performing adsorption and the other performing desorption. A full cycle includes several steps and usually only takes about two minutes.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator System

A membrane Nitrogen generating system uses hollow fibers of various lengths, materials, efficiencies and diameters. These hollow fibers consist of man-made polymers: their variances allow for selective permeation. Selective permeation is used to separate the gases from the stream of compressed air as it moves through the membranes.
Some vessels contain millions of hollow fibers. These vessels may be referred to as membranes or membrane bundles. In order to provide the capacity needed, these membranes are frequently installed parallel to one another. Semi-permeable fibers are designed to let the faster gases permeate the fiber walls and release into the surrounding atmosphere. These gases are carbon dioxide, Oxygen, water vapor and hydrogen. The membrane separation process does not involve the use of moving parts, which is beneficial for individuals who would like to avoid maintenance and keep things simple; however, other parts of a membrane Nitrogen generator do have moving parts and electrical components. Membrane Nitrogen generators are typically quiet and take up less space that their pressure swing adsorption counterparts do.

Nitrogen Generator Energy Costs

Energy costs are determined by the percentage of Nitrogen required: An N2 system that provides 95 percent purity takes approximately 2 standard cubic feet per minute of compressed air to provide 1 standard cubic feet per minute of Nitrogen.
Nitrogen Specs for Comparison Purposes

  • Food Packaging – about 99.5 percent for the majority of applications
  • Blanketing to avert hazardous conditions – anywhere from 95 to 97 percent.
  • Heat treating metals – materials and processes determine whether purity levels can be 97 percent or as high as 99.999 percent (10 parts per million of O2).
  • Blanketing vegetable oils (edible) – approximately 99.9 percent.
  • Printed Circuit Boards – “Lead Free” selective solder in most cases requires 99.999% (10 parts per million of O2). Both wave solder and reflow can require purities between 99.9% and 99.99%.

On Site Gas provides PSA Nitrogen gas generators and membrane Nitrogen gas generators to companies all over the world. Our generators are ideal for any company that uses Nitrogen. Furthermore, our generators can be found in some of the most remote places on Earth, even those with the harshest climates. To learn more, contact us today.

Can I Have Multiple Purity Levels on a Nitrogen Generator?


The Earth’s atmosphere contains approximately 80 percent nitrogen. Industries ranging from electronics to tire companies use nitrogen on a daily basis; for this reason, many industries create their own nitrogen on site with their own nitrogen generating systems. An on-site nitrogen generator is designed to pull nitrogen out of the atmosphere to provide companies with an unlimited supply of nitrogen so that nitrogen delivery is no longer needed.


Categorizing Nitrogen Grades and Purity Levels

While certain grades of nitrogen are common there is no standardization of nitrogen grades across industries or within a single industry in and of itself, which means the nitrogen manufacturer names the grades and categorizes them accordingly. For this reason, two products with identical purity specifications may be listed under different grade categories, but it is possible for two products with an equivalent grade to have purity specifications that don’t match. Selecting a nitrogen generating system should be based not only on its grade, but also on its purity specifications.

All of On Site Gas’ Nitrogen Generators Have Gas Analyzers

All nitrogen systems available at On Site Gas include gas analyzers: These analyzers ensure precise and current measurement of nitrogen that is being produced. Purity levels are measured in either parts per million (PPM) or percentages. The measurement utilized depends on the setup and requirements of the system being used.

Nitrogen Purity Grades

High-Purity Nitrogen

High-purity nitrogen grades consist of greater than 99.998 percent nitrogen. High purity nitrogen contains less than 20 PPM or less of oxygen and total hydrocarbons. Nitrogen also contains other impurities, including carbon dioxide, water and carbon monoxide. High-purity grades of nitrogen contain no more than, 1.0 PPM of carbon monoxide or 1.0 PMM of carbon dioxide.

Low-Purity Nitrogen

Low-purity nitrogen grades consist of 90 to 99.998 percent nitrogen. Contaminate percentages within these nitrogen grades vary substantially. On Site Gas Systems have lab tested many different purity levels so that we can help determine which purity best suites your particular contaminant requirements.

On Site Gas Offers Multiple Purity Levels on a Single Nitrogen Generator Systemnitrogen

Sometimes, a company needs multiple purity levels. Purchasing or renting a nitrogen generator system for each purity is not only expensive, but inefficient as well. On Site Gas offers nitrogen generator systems that have the ability to provide companies with multiple levels of purity.

Controlling Purities via On Site Gas’ Purity Exchange Valve (PFX)

On Site Gas provides companies the ability to generate three purities with just one system. This is possible via On Site’s purity exchange valve, as switching between purity levels is simple via the nitrogen generator’s touch screen control panel.

Reasons On Site Gas Generation is Superior to Liquid and Cylinder Gas

  • No concerns gas prices will increase
  • No waste, as is common with liquid installations
  • No need to move high pressure cylinders; thus, improving worksite safety
  • Lowest cost per m3
  • No contracts
  • No rental, or delivery fees

At On Site Gas Systems, our technicians have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you choose which system will provide the nitrogen purity levels and grade you need. Whether you need a PSA nitrogen generator or a membrane nitrogen generator with multiple purity levels, or just one purity level, On Site Gas has the innovative, reliable and economical nitrogen generating system to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

PSA Nitrogen Generators vs Membrane Nitrogen Generators: The Differences

Nitrogen generators that are based on membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technologies are both capable of generating nitrogen gas and use compressed air as a means to feed their systems and produce nitrogen. But when deciding which technology will best serve your business, several issues need to be considered.

Pressure Swing Adsorption Generators

A PSA nitrogen generator uses a Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) to adsorb oxygen under high pressure while allowing the nitrogen to pass through for collection in a storage unit.

PSA Nitrogen Generator – The Process

With the majority of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators, two vessels are packed with carbon molecular sieves (CMS) to adsorb oxygen as compressed air moves through the vessel. As one vessel is adsorbing the second vessel is depressurized, and a small amount of nitrogen flows downward to release the oxygen collected during the adsorption process. The two vessels alternate between the adsorption and desorption processes. The entire process for a PSA generator takes approximately 60 seconds.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Systems

Purity Levels

PSA nitrogen generators can provide higher gas purities than can be accomplished with a membrane nitrogen generator. PSA generators manufactured by On Site Gas Systems offer the ability to achieve a set purity level between 95% and 99.9995%.


On Site Gas Systems PSA nitrogen generators have only a few moving parts and if properly maintained can last for many years. It is not uncommon for an On Site Gas Systems PSA nitrogen generators to maintain its performance for over twenty years.

Very Little Maintenance

An On Site Gas Systems PSA nitrogen generator requires very little maintenance. With clean, dry feed air most of the annual maintenance is simply changes filter cartages. Pellets that form the hub of the pressure swing adsorption gas filtering process (Zeolite or CMS) have an extensive lifespan and can last for at least for decades.


Pressure swing adsorption generators can provide the same high volume of nitrogen for the life of the generator

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

A membrane nitrogen generator uses a hollow porous fiber to separate the N2 molecules from the others (including O2).

Membrane Nitrogen Generators – The Process

Membrane generators use a porous hollow fibers of various diameters, lengths, efficiencies and materials. Pressure is used to separate the molecules from the stream of compressed air flowing in. This pressure process is referred to as selective permeation.
The fibers are run parallel to one another so as to provide the needed capacity. The semi-permeable fibers allow the faster gases to permeate the walls quickly, releasing back into the atmosphere. For the most part, these faster gases are comprised of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapor and hydrogen.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Simplistic in Design

With a membrane nitrogen generator, the separation process does not require moving parts. Membranes nitrogen generators offer several custom configurations and system mobility that other technologies do not offer.

Purity Levels

Membrane nitrogen generators manufactured by On Site Gas Systems offer the ability to achieve a set purity level between 95% and 99.9%.


On Site Gas Systems Membrane nitrogen generators have only a few if any moving parts and if properly maintained can last for many years. It is not uncommon for an On Site Gas Systems Membrane nitrogen generators to maintain its performance for many years.

Very Little Maintenance

An On Site Gas Systems Membrane nitrogen generator requires very little maintenance. With clean, dry feed air most of the annual maintenance is simply changing filter cartridges.

Compact and Quiet

These systems run quietly and usually take up a small footprint.
At On Site Gas Systems, our team of technicians has the experience and knowledge to help you choose a cost-effective nitrogen generating system. We offer both PSA and Membrane nitrogen generators so Contact us today to learn more about our innovative nitrogen generating systems.



At On Site Gas, the process of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology is an extremely clean operation. The only ‘raw material’ is air. On-site generators allow for an uninterrupted supply of gas with a high purity output. This means that you can produce gas where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need.Any business that uses more than one cylinder of nitrogen or oxygen a week should consider an on-site nitrogen or oxygen generator. On Site Gas Systems provides generators to businesses all over the world. These systems are not only more convenient than bulk delivery; they can pay for themselves in less than 12 to 15 months.

Custom-Designed, On-Site Oxygen Generators

On Site Gas System’s generators are custom-designed to meet the needs of each client. Generator sizes range from 2 SCFH to 75,000+ SCFH depending on the gas and purity requirement.

A Cost-Effective Solution

This ability to generate nitrogen or oxygen on-site offers businesses considerable savings because it eliminates the need to purchase bulk gas and have it delivered.

Convenience With Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology

When one of On Site Gas System’s generators is connected to a business’ air supply (air compressor systems are available), the business has the ability to produce an unlimited supply of nitrogen or oxygen. This is possible through the use of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology. The use of PSA provides businesses with the convenience of on-demand gas production, thus, essentially eliminating the wait times commonly associated with bulk delivery.

How Pressure Swing Adsorption Works

The air that surrounds us contains roughly 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 0.9 percent argon (with the remaining balance consisting of other gases): pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is designed to separate the nitrogen or oxygen from the rest of the air. This process is possible due to Carbon Molecular Sieve (Nitrogen) or Zeolite (Oxygen). Carbon Molecular Sieve at high pressures, attracts (adsorbs) oxygen, while letting the nitrogen flow to the receiving tank. Zeolite performs the same function with oxygen molecules in our oxygen generators This is the key process behind the best nitrogen and oxygen generators.

The Process of Generation Via PSA

On Site Gas System’s nitrogen and oxygen generator systems consist of two beds: Each bed contains an adsorbing sieve material:

  1. As the high pressure air enters the first tank, it moves through the sieve, and the oxygen or nitrogen is adsorbed depending on the generator type and output gas required.
  2. The process gas is then channeled to a buffer or storage tank.
  3. Directly before the first bed is completely saturated, the feed air is redirected to move through to the second bed, where the same process occurs.
  4. Once that process is complete, the first oxygen or nitrogen generator bed is vented out to the atmosphere, allowing the waste gas to release from the sieve.
  5. Completing regeneration of the first bed requires purging it with a small amount of process gas.
  6. This entire process continues in the oxygen or nitrogen generator until the business’s demand for process gas is met.

The Life of the Carbon Molecular or Zeolite Sieve

Under typical operating conditions (i.e., clean, dry feed air supply), a Carbon Molecular or Zeolite sieve lasts indefinitely.

Productivity of a Pressure Swing Adsorption O2 Generator

The purity of the nitrogen or oxygen gas a business needs affects the productivity of a pressure swing adsorption (PSA). With a fairly small increase in the amount of feed air moving through the sieve, a Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator can produce substantially more process at 95 percent purity than it can at 99.9 percent+.

Reasons Businesses Choose On Site Gas Systems

For nearly 30 years, On Site Gas Systems has been providing businesses all over the world with convenient, cost-effective nitrogen and oxygen generators. ON SITE GAS SYSTEM is FDA, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, we also comply with ASME, GOST, CRN and PED (among others) to deliver custom-designed oxygen and nitrogen generators to meet even the most demanding engineering specifications.
Because of their durability, our nitrogen and oxygen generators are frequently utilized in the most remote locations and extreme environments. Whether you are in need of portable oxygen generators, a nitrogen filling station or an oxygen generating system, On Site Gas Systems can assist you in creating a gas system that meets your business’s specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

On-site Nitrogen Generator Benefits

iStock_000013968744_LargeOur investment in continuous innovation ensures that we can provide our clients with the highest quality on-site nitrogen generators and nitrogen filling stations available. We offer our clients convenience in that our on-site generators can provide them with up to three different purity levels, all from the same machine. In addition, PSA systems can easily be integrated with current liquid systems.

On Site Gas Systems -On-Site Nitrogen Generators Offer Convenience

Easy installation and maintenance – our nitrogen generators that we offer our clients are easy to install.
Flow rates – from 10 to 75,000 SCFH.
Purity levels – ranging from 95 percent to 99.9995 percent.
Unlimited supply of nitrogen – our clients no longer have to worry about running out of nitrogen in the middle of a project because our on-site nitrogen generators offer them an unlimited supply of nitrogen. Tanks can easily be refilled via the nitrogen filling station.
An easy to use touch screen control – allows clients to set purity levels, view operation diagrams, trouble shoot diagnostic issues and follow maintenance schedules.
One versatile machine – offering three different purity levels.
A completely automatic system – the On Site Gas Systems on-site nitrogen generator automatically begins to produce nitrogen when it senses a downstream demand.
Reliable – for more than two decades, our systems have been operating in some of the most inaccessible locations around the world.

Our On-Site Nitrogen Generators Are Economical

Producing nitrogen on site provides our clients with substantial savings when compared to the costs associated with purchasing cylinders, bulk or dewars.
The elimination of delivery fees, long term contracts, tank rental costs and price increases allow for a fast return on investment. On average, our systems pay for themselves in less than 18-months.
Operating costs associated with On Site Gas Systems on-site nitrogen generators are minimal due to limited maintenance and a low air-to-nitrogen ratio.

On Site Gas Systems On-Site Nitrogen Generators Are Expandable

When our clients want to expand their systems, they can take advantage of our equipment expansion/return program.

On-Site Nitrogen Generators Are Flexible

Current liquid nitrogen systems can be replaced or augmented with an on-site nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems; furthermore, our on-site nitrogen generators are portable.

Although We Offer Our Clients the Option to Purchase a Generator Outright, We Also Have Lease/Rental Options Available

Instead of using capital to purchase a nitrogen generator outright, some clients choose to lease/rent their on-site nitrogen generators; thus, allowing them to write off the cost of their generator as an operating expense.

Custom Designed Systems

At On Site Gas Systems, we design systems to meet the specific needs of each client. When creating custom designed systems, we know that experience is key: Our customers know they are in good hands at On Site Gas Systems because some of our technicians have been working with us for decades.
At On Site Gas Systems, our philosophy is keep simple processes simple, while making complex processes less complex. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site Nitrogen Generators and nitrogen filling stations.

Nitrogen Gas in Electronics Manufacturing


IPC-APEX-Nitrogen-GasDuring the soldering process, engineers in the electronics manufacturing industry use nitrogen gas. Many times, nitrogen gas is ordered from an outside vendor and delivered to the worksite; however, electronics manufacturing companies should consider using an on-site nitrogen generator. These innovative nitrogen generators are more economical than the traditional purchase and delivery methods; additionally, they frequently increase productivity, all while improving the overall safety of the workplace.

On-Site Nitrogen Gas Creation Offers Electronics Manufacturers Substantial Savings and Convenience

Eliminating the need for gas delivery with on-site nitrogen generation offers electronics manufacturers substantial savings. With the ability to generate nitrogen on site, deliveries of gas in bulk liquid or in cylinder format are no longer necessary. Furthermore, staff no longer needs to be concerned about running out of gas, cylinder reconciliations or the cross checking of delivery dockets.

Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Generation for Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing companies that use nitrogen fed wave soldering or selective soldering techniques can benefit greatly from an on-site nitrogen generator. An on-site generator is cost efficient as well as convenient.

Systems Recommended for Restriction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS) and Surface Mount Technologies (SMT)

Here are three systems that are ideal for use with RoHS and SMT:

  1. Nitrogen PSA Generator

An on-site Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator physically separates molecules. Using ordinary air, the PSA generator separates the nitrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules.

  1. Nitrogen Membrane System

This adaptable system offers ease and reliability. When the Nitrogen Membrane system arrives at its destination, our technicians put it online. The nitrogen membrane system is versatile, which allows us to match N2 membrane generators to meet each clients’ compression equipment specifications.

  1. On-Site Nitrogen Filling Stations Are More Economical Than Purchasing Bottled Gas

No matter which nitrogen generator system you have, we can easily incorporate a nitrogen filling station for cylinders; thus, eliminating the need to purchase bottled-gas and wait for it to be delivered. A nitrogen fill system ensures that you always have the gas you need on hand.

Nitrogen Generation Semi-Conductors

Nitrogen inerting has been used by semi-conductor producers and component level manufacturers for years. N2 membrane generators permit a larger process window while providing the safety of minimal oxygen.

N2 Inert Gas Generation for Selective Soldering

Many solder applications use high purity nitrogen to reduce surface tension and dross on solder pots: This allows for a clean break from the solder site. The purities attained with on-site nitrogen generation usually range from 99.99 percent to 99.9995 percent. This high-purity nitrogen is also ideal for lead-free soldering applications. An N2 filling station conveniently provides engineers with the nitrogen they need, minus delivery fees and concerns about running short.
Engineers benefit from a larger process arena when controlled nitrogen atmospheres are utilized in wave, reflow, rework and selective applications. In addition, while the solder completes surface wetting, nitrogen helps to increase the strength of the bond.

The Electronics Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit Greatly from On-Site Nitrogen Generation

When compared to purchasing cylinder or liquid gas, nitrogen generation offers a variety of benefits, including its:

  • Ease of use – No special skills required – No contracts to sign
  • Increased safety measures – No need to move heavy, high pressure cylinders
  • Lower cost – No concerns related to gas price increases – No delivery or rental fees – lowest cost per m3 is possible
  • Dependability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quickly pays for itself

Learn More by Visiting Us at the IPC APEX EXPO 2016

It is almost time for the IPC APEX EXPO. If you are in the electronics manufacturing industry and you want to learn more about the innovative nitrogen products now available, consider visiting the IPC APEX EXPO at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Expo takes place from March 13th to 17th. At the Expo, On Site Gas System experts are available to answer questions about how nitrogen generators work and the applications that will benefit from an on-site nitrogen generator with an N2 filling station.
If you plan to attend the Expo, please contact Mike Montesi at to make an appointment.
When you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits an on-site nitrogen generator with a nitrogen fill station can provide, contact On Site Gas Systems. Our systems are perfect for use in the electronics manufacturing industry. With On Site Gas Systems you can save money, improve productivity and provide your staff with a safer work environment.

How NAPP Put a Nitrogen Generator to Work to Increase Their Productivity and Profitability


How NAPP Put a Nitrogen Generator to Work to Increase Their Productivity and ProfitabilityOftentimes, you don’t realize the value in something until you experience it for yourself. That is why we created our demo program, which allows companies to test out our nitrogen generators before fully investing in them.
Recently, Natural American Pet Products (which has since been acquired by Dogswell), a premier pet food packager in the United States, embarked on their path to nitrogen gas freedom by giving our nitrogen generator demo program a try.
Here’s their story…

NAPP’s Experience with a Nitrogen Generator

Natural American Pet Products (NAPP) was curious to test the ROI of an On Site Gas nitrogen generator at their pet food plant. Shortly after our first contact, we installed a nitrogen generator on-site at their Missouri facility. The rest is history.

  • Within 30 days of the demo nitrogen generator being delivered, NAPP purchased the unit outright.
  • Within 60 days of installing the nitrogen generator, NAPP sent back all of their nitrogen gas cylinders and LN2 dewars (and they don’t miss all the logistics that go along with them).
  • After five months, they had recouped all of the costs of the nitrogen generator.

Their Missouri facility now produces all of their nitrogen gas on-site using our nitrogen generator.

How a Nitrogen Generator Can Work for You

It’s easy to see why NAPP converted to solely using a nitrogen generator for their nitrogen gas needs. They were able to produce their own nitrogen gas when their production demanded it, and they didn’t have to deal with the deliveries and storage of nitrogen gas cylinders. This had a profound impact on their productivity.
Additionally, an on-site nitrogen generator allowed them to increase their profits drastically. Instead of the ongoing costs associated with nitrogen gas cylinders, they were able to pay for the nitrogen generator outright after five short months. Now, they have minimal overhead expenses for their nitrogen supply, and little-to-no maintenance to worry about.
If you are ready to see how a nitrogen generator can help your company flourish, contact On Site Gas Systems today. We would love to discuss our demo program with you to help your company become more efficient and profitable.

Why On Site’s N2 Generator for Laser Cutting?

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Laser Cutting, Nitrogen GasNitrogen gas is the top choice for the laser cutting industry due to its non-reactive properties, especially when cutting stainless steel and aluminum. It offers a clean cut without any additional heat being conducted, and it gets the job done fast. But as any laser cutter knows, an efficient process is crucial to succeed. With an N2 generator from On Site Gas Systems at your laser cutting job site, you will be able to improve your productivity while reducing your costs. Here’s why:

We Deliver Pure Nitrogen Gas for Optimum Results

As you may know, the purity of the nitrogen gas you use is vital to the quality of your end result. If you want the crispest edge when laser cutting aluminum or stainless steel, even the smallest amount of oxygen contamination will affect the appearance of the cut. It can cause a yellowing of the metal or form dross that needs to be removed. The purity of the nitrogen gas is especially important when you are laser cutting thick pieces of stainless steel. Since the speeds have to be lower, there is more time for the materials to react with the oxygen.
With an N2 generator from On Site Gas Systems, you never have to worry about quality. Our nitrogen gas is produced at a 99% to 99.999% purity without sacrificing the pressure output possibilities.

We Custom Build N2 Generator Systems Specifically for You

We understand that not every laser cutting facility is the same, which is why we ask several questions to determine the ideal N2 generator for your specific needs. Some of the questions we ask are:

  • What type of laser do you use? What model is it, who is the manufacturer, and what is the wattage?
  • What types of metals do you cut in your facility? How thick does the metal get, and what is your preferred pressure output?
  • When cutting the thickest metals, what size is the nozzle you use?

With the answers in tow, we put together a nitrogen gas system that can deliver the results you expect, both in purity and in flow rate.

We Cut Your Nitrogen Gas Costs Dramatically

With an N2 generator at your site, you don’t have to worry about the logistics or expenses associated with using bulk nitrogen gas. Instead, you can save up to 80% by producing your own nitrogen gas on site. Even when accounting for the upfront and maintenance costs of the N2 generator, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. When comparing the figures, most laser cutting companies say that switching to on site nitrogen gas is a no brainer.
For almost 30 years, On Site Gas Systems has been improving the operations at laser cutting facilities across the world. Our American-made N2 generator produces the nitrogen gas right at your job site, improving productivity while increasing your bottom line. Contact us today to see how our nitrogen gas systems can help your business succeed.