How N2 Generators Can Improve Your Recycling Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Does your plastics recycling business rely on nitrogen cylinders for production and manufacturing? Demand for nitrogen can be difficult to manage, especially when you’re getting your nitrogen supply from cylinder delivery.

Not only are nitrogen cylinders inefficient, but they’re also expensive. Fortunately, there’s a way to cut finances and make your business more eco-friendly at the same time. By getting your nitrogen supply from nitrogen generators for plastics, your business will use less nitrogen, reduce its carbon footprint, and reduce overall business costs. Here’s how our nitrogen generators can save your business money and make production more efficient.

Nitrogen Generators for Recycled Plastics Help Recycling Plants Operate More Efficiently

Nitrogen is an essential part of recycling plastics. Many businesses that operate plastics recycling plants use nitrogen cylinders to maintain their operations. Unfortunately, using these cylinders can lead to nitrogen waste, with more nitrogen being used than necessary. Using a nitrogen generator for plastics leads to the production of pure nitrogen and a reduction in nitrogen waste, thus allowing recycling plants to operate more efficiently.

Nitrogen Gas Generators Help Businesses Maintain Sustainable Operations

For businesses that require a regular supply of nitrogen, nitrogen cylinders can be a constant demand. Nitrogen cylinder delivery may be required, weekly, daily or even multiple times per day, depending on the number of cylinders needed, where they’re being delivered from, how much the business can purchase at a time and how much the business can store at once.

If trucks show up on a daily or even hourly basis, this makes the business’s carbon footprint much larger than otherwise necessary. More deliveries via trucks mean more emissions required to sustain business and thus a larger carbon footprint overall.

Plastics recycling plants specifically have an investment in maintaining sustainable operations –  after all, they’re involved in the recycling industry and eco-friendly practices are their business.

Nitrogen generators for recycling plastics remain on-site at all times, never requiring a fresh delivery by truck. All the business needs is a source of compressed air to create nitrogen gas. Once the air is fed into the generator, nitrogen is pushed into a storage tank while oxygen and other molecules are vented out.

Nitrogen Gas Generators Help Businesses Reduce Costs

In addition to reducing emissions, on-site nitrogen gas generators can save businesses thousands of dollars in costs. Liquid nitrogen comes at a high cost overall. The longer a business runs on nitrogen cylinders, the more it spends. Meanwhile, a nitrogen gas generator can save the business money over time.

On Site Gas Can Help!

If your plastics recycling plant is running on nitrogen from cylinders, then your business isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be. Nitrogen cylinder delivery contributes to carbon emissions and creates waste, from an environmental standpoint as well as a financial one.

Installation of an onsite nitrogen generator can help. Our nitrogen gas generators operate efficiently and can provide high-purity nitrogen gas on demand. To learn more about the installation and upkeep of a nitrogen gas generator, contact On Site Gas. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information about how a nitrogen gas generator can help your business.

Nitrogen Generator Supplier: Questions to Ask Your N2 Generator Supplier

Nitrogen cylinders incur ongoing costs, while nitrogen from a generator can save your business money in the long run. Generators also provide an eco-friendly solution for businesses that require a consistent nitrogen supply. Once the decision is made to buy a generator, picking the right nitrogen generator supplier can often be challenging.

Finding a nitrogen gas generator supplier that only sells quality products is crucial. Years of experience and references are a couple of factors that make a difference when choosing the right nitrogen gas supplier for your business.

Asking these suppliers the right questions can help make the selection process easier. Let’s see which questions will help you choose the right nitrogen generator dealer and manufacturer for your business.

What Types of Nitrogen Generator Systems Does Your Business Offer?

Nitrogen generators come in various types, including pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane. Your nitrogen generator supplier can recommend the type of generator best for your business. Still, it’s important to work with a supplier that can assess your needs and make an accurate recommendation.

On Site Gas sells a range of nitrogen generator systems, including PSA, membrane, engineered systems, and more. As experts in our field, we can supply you with accurate information about each type of system and recommend the right type accordingly. All we’ll need from you is some information about your use of nitrogen and your business – it’s that simple!

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Working with a business with a good reputation and a long history of offering quality customer service is valuable. This is especially true when buying a system like a nitrogen generator. A supplier that has been around for many years should know how to keep customers happy and deliver on promises.

Long-standing businesses have staying power, so they can be held accountable for their products years after a generator has been purchased. New companies can sell quality products but may not be around in future years to be held responsible for their products.

On Site Gas Systems has been manufacturing oxygen and nitrogen generators for over 35 years.  We are experts on gas generation.

Where Was Your Equipment Manufactured?

Units sold in the United States should meet the North American standards for safety, including electrical safety, pressure vessels, and so on. When buying equipment manufactured in the United States, you can expect that the manufacturer will adhere to the national standards their customers would be expected to follow. This may not be true of units manufactured in China or other countries. All of our products are manufactured in the United States.

Have You Sold Nitrogen Generators to Other Businesses Like Mine?

Every industry is different. If possible, choose a nitrogen generator manufacturer familiar with your industry and needs. This will help ensure that your nitrogen generator will come with the various parts, features, and functions that are required by your particular industry. Some businesses provide a list of previous clients for their clients to browse. Ask for this list if you cannot find it on their website.

What Type of Quality Control Systems are in Place?

Manufacturing standards can vary so it is important to make sure that quality management systems are in place. On Site Gas Systems quality management systems are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certified. This ensures that all products adhere to a strict quality protocol to produce consistent reliable equipment for your business.

Will This Equipment Generate More Nitrogen if my Demand Increases?

Some generators are expandable, while other types of nitrogen generators cannot increase capacity. Unless you’re confident that your business will never increase its nitrogen needs, purchasing a generator that can expand its capacity on demand is important. Ask the manufacturer if the generator you’re considering can produce more nitrogen if needed, and if so, what its maximum capacity is.

Do You Offer System Service and Support?

Nitrogen generators can be complex. It’s best to work with a company that offers system service and support. Work with a company that will service your system if needed, answer questions when you have them, and provide support in case of a breakdown.

Do You Have References?

Knowing whether other clients have had a good experience with the company you’ve selected is critical. Choose a company that offers testimonials and or references that you can contact.

Buy Your Nitrogen Generator from a Supplier You Can Trust

Does your business need a nitrogen generator? Contact On Site Gas to get a quote and learn more about our business. We have been in business for over 35 years and offer a range of products, work with companies from various industries, and can help you choose the right generator for your business.

5 Advantages of a Small, Compact Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen is an important part of many industrial processes. If your business requires a regular supply of nitrogen, then you could benefit from having a small nitrogen generator on-site. Many business owners rely on nitrogen cylinders as their source of nitrogen without knowing the many benefits of using generators instead.

Knowing the benefits of compact nitrogen generators can help you make proper business decisions – and can help your business save money. Below are five advantages of using a nitrogen generator in your commercial operation.

1. Can Be Used for a Variety of Industries

Small nitrogen generators can be used in many industries where high purity nitrogen is required. Generators can be used in the field as well as in industrial settings. So, what exactly are generators used for?

Food packaging, fire suppression, draft beer gas, and corrosion prevention. Other industries that use small nitrogen generators include:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Metal and heat treating
  • Wine making
  • Adhesive purge

2. Convenient Size, Space Efficient

Nitrogen generators take up a minimal amount of space compared to nitrogen cylinders. Many businesses find they must keep more cylinders on hand than they need at any given time to ensure a continuous supply. For this reason, cylinders take up an unnecessary amount of space.

Portable nitrogen generators are far different. Because of their relatively small size, nitrogen generators can be installed in more convenient locations than cylinders.

3. Will Not Run Out

Nitrogen cylinders contain a finite amount of nitrogen. When that nitrogen runs out, the business owner may not have enough nitrogen to continue industrial processes unless they have more cylinders. This is the continuous trouble with nitrogen cylinders: they must be constantly replaced

Nitrogen generators never run out of nitrogen. As long as the generator is operating, it will also continue to supply nitrogen. For many business owners, this is preferable to nitrogen cylinders.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Cylinders must be delivered via transportation that burns fossil fuels, which makes cylinders the less environmentally friendly option for any commercial business that requires nitrogen. Nitrogen generators, on the other hand, are delivered once and then can be used on-site forever after. These eco-friendly products are far better for the environment than cylinders.

5. Cost Efficient

Nitrogen generators have a rapid ROI when compared to nitrogen cylinders. Whereas cylinders represent a continuous cost for any business that uses them, nitrogen generators are available for a one-time cost.

This makes nitrogen generators far more cost-effective. Experts say that businesses can start seeing returns on their investment after 18 months of owning a nitrogen gas generator. Compare this to the nitrogen cylinders, which have no return on investment, and the choice is obvious.

Need a Nitrogen Generator for Your Business? Contact On Site Gas

On Site Gas supplies reliable nitrogen generators to businesses in a variety of industries. If you’re in the business of a nitrogen generator, contact us today to get a quote for your upcoming purchase.

What Is An Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generator Used For?

Some industries use nitrogen to achieve their manufacturing objectives. Nitrogen comes in various grades, from low-purity nitrogen and up. Knowing what ultra-high purity nitrogen is used for can help you decide if this type of nitrogen is right for your industrial application.

What is Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Gas?

Ultra-high purity nitrogen generators (UHP) produce ultra-high purity nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas can only be ultra-high purity if it exists in concentrations of 99.999% with negligible impurities. Any variation on these specifications may mean that the nitrogen is no longer ultra-high purity.

Oxygen cannot be present in ultra-high purity nitrogen in quantities greater than ten parts per million. And total hydrocarbons cannot be present in ultra-high purity nitrogen in amounts greater than 0.5 per million by volume.

What Industries Use a UHP Nitrogen Generator?

Nitrogen generators are used in a variety of industries. However, not all of these industries require ultra-high purity nitrogen generators. The industries that use ultra-high purity nitrogen generators include:

Metalworking Grade Nitrogen

Laser cutting processes require 99 – 99.999% nitrogen.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require nitrogen because many drugs require high-grade to ultra-high nitrogen with a purity between 97 – 99.99%. Nitrogen is used for nitrogen receptacles, storage tanks, and other equipment and may be used in drug packaging to help medications retain freshness, thereby preventing the active ingredients from deteriorating.

Electronic & Semiconductor Manufacturing

Nitrogen is used in electronics and semiconductor production. This industry requires at least 99.99 – 99.999% nitrogen. A few processes in this industry use lower concentrations of nitrogen.

Do You Need an Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Generator On-Site?

There are many reasons to get a UHP generator on-site, including:

  • Never run low again. When you rely on nitrogen gas delivery to your facility, there’s always the possibility that your nitrogen gas supply will run low. When you have your own generator, this will never happen.
  • Cost-effective. Delivery charges and other fees associated with nitrogen cylinder delivery can dramatically raise the cost of using nitrogen. Having your own generator keeps costs manageable.
  • Safety. Nitrogen cylinders can be a safety hazard if not properly handled. Using a generator eliminates any risks that may come from using cylinders.
  • Avoid supply issues. Every industry can be affected by supply chain issues – and the nitrogen gas supply chain is no exception. You can avoid these problems when you have a nitrogen gas generator, which keeps your company functioning.
  • Never have a supply delay again. Your supplier of nitrogen gas may experience delays for a variety of reasons. You can avoid this problem with a nitrogen generator.

Want More Information? Contact On Site Gas Systems

On Site Gas systems help businesses like yours get the nitrogen gas they need for their manufacturing processes. We can help you learn more about how a nitrogen generator would benefit you – contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

How To Choose A Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer For Your Application

Nitrogen generators are a valuable asset to many industries that find nitrogen gas necessary to conduct their daily operations. These industries range from food processors and pharmaceutical companies to aerospace and offshore drilling. Nitrogen generation boasts a variety of benefits that outweigh traditional liquid nitrogen delivery and storage. For example, nitrogen generators have fewer safety hazard precautions, are more cost-effective, and produce less of a carbon footprint on the environment.

But once your business decides to invest in a nitrogen generator, what are your first steps in finding one? What is your business looking for, and what indicates a reliable nitrogen generator manufacturer?

Seeking out Nitrogen Generator Manufacturers

You should look for a nitrogen generation manufacturer that has been in business for over 30 years and has provided thousands of units that are used worldwide. They should also be experts in both pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane nitrogen generation technology. Choosing the correct system is important to ensure the needs of your applications are met.

Be sure to ask your prospects where and how their nitrogen generators are being manufactured. It might sound like a strange question at first, but it is necessary before making this kind of long-term investment. Are they domestic or imported? What country are they coming from? Nitrogen generators from China usually have pressure valves and electrical parts that do not pass North American regulation standards. You should also look for a manufacturer that is ISO certified as this is the only way to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

At On Site Gas, our expert technicians understand these types of environments and much more, including nitrogen applications for beer and winemaking, glass blowing, and even the military. As a leading authority on nitrogen generators, we have been providing quality service since our founding in 1987. All of our products at On Site Gas are proudly made right here in the United States, and our factories are fully ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, so you can rest easy knowing that they meet or exceed industry quality and safety requirements.

Your First-in-Class Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer

Is your company ready to make the switch to a nitrogen generator? On Site Gas has designed mission-critical applications for our clients in many industries. Our knowledgeable staff can help you incorporate the specifications needed for a quality nitrogen generation system that is tailored for your manufacturing operations. All of On Site Gas Systems’ products are precision-engineered, first-rate quality, made in the USA, and ISO certified.

Do you already have specifics in mind? Request a quote now or contact a member of our customer care team to get started.

Nitrogen Generating Machines: The Cost Benefits of an On-Site N2 Generator Machine

First, what are the main benefits of having an N2 generation machine on site at your facility?

  • Guaranteed Supply – When your company is generating nitrogen, you’re guaranteeing your supply and have the means to minimize downtime.
  • High Safety Standard – Relying on nitrogen cylinders brings with it many dangers and risks that are inherent to this system. Switching to on-site nitrogen generation not only eliminates those risk factors but also raises your company to a higher safety standard.
  • Cost-Efficient – Immediate cost efficiencies are realized including eliminating delivery charges, guessing your future needs to re-order enough volume supply, equipment rental fees, contract fees, and more.
  • Helping the Environment – On-site nitrogen generation reduces your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Made to Fit Multiple Applications – By geography, industry need, and purity level.

Guaranteeing Your Gas Supply with On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Once you begin generating nitrogen on site at your company, you will quickly realize a reduction in downtime as well as have considerably fewer supply issues. For starters, you are guaranteeing your own supply based on real-time needs. Avoid having to guess what you may (or may not) need for future orders – just because your deadline is due.

By eliminating the outside vendor as your source of nitrogen gas, you are also no longer subject to the vendor’s own delays, unpredictable supply chain issues, closings, deadlines, or shortages. When you are generating your own nitrogen gas, you know precisely how much gas you have on any given day, and how much gas you can generate in a day. This means, no more wait times for deliveries, delayed orders, and unnecessary production downtime that is connected to deliveries. Is your company located in a remote geographic area outside of the supplier’s main delivery route? Time to switch to an on-site nitrogen generation, it eliminates the headaches and downtime associated with that, too!

On-site N2 generation boosts your operations and efficiencies, which in turn maximizes productivity.

Higher Safety Standards

Certain dangers are inherent to transporting or storing nitrogen gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen pressurization and cylinders are storing nitrogen at 2200 PSI. All of the risks associated with transporting and storing the nitrogen gas supply are eliminated with on-site nitrogen gas generation.

Realizing Immediate Cost Efficiencies

Investing in an on-site nitrogen generator will quickly yield cost savings and begin increasing efficiencies long term as well. Nitrogen gas can cost anywhere from $0.35 to $1.50 per hundred cubic feet while delivering nitrogen in cylinders can double that cost. The installation of an on-site nitrogen generator can potentially decrease that cost to $0.25 per hundred cubic feet. Add to those savings, the removal of add-on fees for delivering cylinders including hazmat fees, tank rentals, delivery charges, and other miscellaneous fees.

With on-site nitrogen generation, you can generate what you need when you need it instead of guessing the amount of gas required for future delivery.

Environmentally Friendly

It takes a large amount of energy to convert air into nitrogen liquid and then back to a gas. This large volume of energy contributes to polluting the environment. Switching over to on-site nitrogen generation eliminates that step and greatly reduces your carbon footprint – along with being a cost-efficient form of energy production.

Made to Fit Multiple Applications

From chemical manufacturing to pharmaceutical technology and offshore drilling, on-site nitrogen is generated for all of their production needs at different levels. Volume production is adjustable at any purity level for any geographic location.

On Site Gas Systems has made and installed nitrogen generation systems for companies around the globe. We can arrange a free consultation to find out what nitrogen generation machine is best suited for your facility’s needs. Contact us today!

Industrial Nitrogen Generators: How To Choose An Industrial N2 Generator

Several factors are at play when choosing a nitrogen generation system to fit your company’s needs. It is important to consider the possible options for cost savings, portability, and what quantity you will need for the application. To do this, it is best to identify the industrial application that the nitrogen generator will be supplying. It is also good to think about the end result required for the task at hand. Membrane systems and PSA systems are two types of nitrogen generators that produce high quantities of nitrogen. Each one delivers notable volume, and the cost of maintenance and operations is nominal.

Are Nitrogen Generators Cost-Effective?

Producing nitrogen on site provides our clients with substantial savings when compared to the costs associated with purchasing cylinders, bulk, or dewars. The elimination of delivery fees, long-term contracts, tank rental costs, and price increases allow for a fast return on investment. On average, our systems pay for themselves in less than 18-months. Operating costs associated with On Site Gas Systems on-site nitrogen generators are minimal due to limited maintenance and a low air-to-nitrogen ratio.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

That said, the selection of an industrial nitrogen generator comes down to the quantity of gas required, and the portability needed if necessary. With a membrane nitrogen generator, the separation process does not require moving parts. Membrane nitrogen generators offer several custom configurations and system mobility that other technologies don’t offer. Membrane units are particularly helpful in outdoor environments, for example.

What Nitrogen Purity Does My Application Require?

An N2 system that provides 95% purity takes approximately two standard cubic feet per minute of compressed air to provide one standard cubic foot per minute of Nitrogen. Experts recommend that managers work backward from every application that uses nitrogen first, and then tally it together to determine the total need. Both PSA and membrane generator systems are capable of delivering high volumes of nitrogen at comparable costs of operation. It is important to note that some equipment may require higher purity gasses for certain tasks. All applications are unique and On Site Gas Systems can tailor a system to meet your needs. Some common applications and nitrogen purity levels are as follows:

  • Food Packaging – About 99.5% for the majority of applications.
  • Blanketing to Avert Hazardous Conditions – Anywhere from 95% to 97%.
  • Heat Treating Metals – Materials and the processes determine whether purity levels can be 97% or as high as 99.999% (10 parts per million of O2).
  • Blanketing Vegetable Oils (Edible) – Approximately 99.9%.
  • Printed Circuit Boards“Lead-Free” selective solder in most cases requires 99.999% (10 parts per million of O2). Both wave solder and reflow can require purities between 99.9% and 99.99%.

Commercial Nitrogen Generator Maintenance

Fortunately, generator maintenance is a fairly straightforward process and staff can be trained to perform general maintenance. On Site Gas Systems also employs a team of experienced technicians who can assist with on-site maintenance as needed.

An Industrial Nitrogen Generator for Any Situation

Ready to get started? Our On Site experts are ready to talk with you. To learn more about how commercial nitrogen generator options work contact a member of our customer care team today. They will gladly assist you in choosing a nitrogen generator solution that is the best suited for your processing needs.

Common Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator for Your Electronics Operation

If you’re purchasing a nitrogen gas generator for your electronics operation, you may have some initial questions. Below, we’re answering two of the most common inquiries we receive about nitrogen generators for the electronic industry.

Can Your Generators Provide High Enough Purity Levels (10 ppm) to Prevent Dross?

Eliminating dross is one of the main benefits of the wave soldering process. Doing so reduces maintenance needs and saves your company money. Plus, by completing soldering work in a nitrogen atmosphere, you can improve joint quality and manufacturing production. This also influences surface tension, solder spread, wetting force, and angle. A determining factor in dross production and cost-effectiveness is whether your operation uses liquid nitrogen or generated nitrogen processes.

The Types Of Nitrogen Generation Systems

There are two types of reliable nitrogen generation systems: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and nitrogen membrane generators and On Site Gas Systems offers both of these options. Generated nitrogen gas offers a lower initial investment than using liquid nitrogen, and your generator will pay for itself rather quickly. Generated N2 gas is an effective and more convenient solution than dependence on nitrogen deliveries from a supplier.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generator, you must evaluate the purity level of the nitrogen it produces to determine whether it meets your needs. In electronics manufacturing, you want the solder to spread at 205 degrees Celsius, which requires a rest oxygen atmosphere of 10 parts per million (ppm). Therefore, it’s essential to have an N2 generator that can produce nitrogen with a purity level of 99.99 percent and above. At On Site Gas, we provide a variety systems that are capable of producing high-purity nitrogen gas.

Can Your Generators Provide Enough Flow for Both Reflow and Wave Applications?

In reflow soldering, a mixture of powdered solder and flux temporarily attaches electrical components to their contact pads on a printed circuit board (PCB). The assembly is then heated in a reflow oven or under an infrared lamp. The solder paste reflows in a molten state, which creates permanent solder joints.
In the wave soldering process, the circuit board passes over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces a swell, or “wave.” The circuit board makes contact with this wave, and the components become soldered to the board. In both processes, nitrogen gas is used to maintain a clean, dry, and inert atmosphere, which is essential in creating strong and lasting solder bonds.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generation system for your electronics operation, you must consider whether it will produce enough flow for the processes you employ. Various types of generators are available to address specific electronics production needs, ranging from small generators for selective soldering to large systems that feed reflow ovens and wave solder applications. Nitrogen generators can also be custom designed in any size to suit your specific requirements.

In Need of a High-Quality Nitrogen Generator? On Site Gas Can Help

Once you have evaluated your company’s production methods and needs, the next step is to select a nitrogen generation system that will accommodate any necessary applications. At On Site Gas, we offer a variety of nitrogen generators that can be customized to fit your business’ unique specifications.
For more information about our nitrogen generators, reflow and wave applications, or dross reduction, reach out to our team today!


It is our priority to provide clients with high-quality, world-class nitrogen generating systems with proper care and maintenance services. Nitrogen generators are a cost-effective solution when compared to other systems, and when cared for, can continue producing nitrogen with accuracy and efficiency for decades.

Regular maintenance and upkeep should always be performed to ensure your generator is working correctly. Our experienced technicians at On Site Gas understand that completing basic upkeep on your nitrogen generating system is necessary. That is why we incorporate several easy procedures into our process that will help enhance the lifespan of your product. Following these six steps will help keep your nitrogen generator system functioning for as long as possible:

1. Keep the Equipment Clean

The first step to maintaining your nitrogen generator is always keeping it clean. Use a damp cloth to clean all parts carefully. While doing so, make sure to avoid contact with the nitrogen generator system’s electrical components.

2. Check Status Gauges and Indicators

There is a control panel visible on the front of nitrogen generators. Check the status of both the gauges and indicators to confirm the nitrogen generating system is functioning as it should. Ensure the system has no leaks and look over the quality of the inlet air, too.

3. Shut the Nitrogen Generator Down After Use

Follow the guidelines in your nitrogen generating system’s maintenance manual to properly shut the unit down after every use. This will help improve your nitrogen generator’s lifespan.

4. Regularly Change the System’s Filters

Many nitrogen generator systems use a combination of carbon and coalescing filtration. Carefully look at the instructions in your nitrogen generator system’s manual to change these filters and discard elements according to the waste disposal procedures utilized by your company.

5. Restart the Nitrogen Generating System

After changing the filters, restart the equipment. Again, check your nitrogen generator system’s manual to ensure you follow the proper start-up procedure.

6. Replace Your Oxygen Sensor and Valve

Typically, your nitrogen generator’s oxygen sensor needs to be replaced every three years. The frequency in which you change it will depend on the number of hours the nitrogen generator is in use. We recommend that an experienced service technician from On Site Gas perform this procedure for you.

Choose On Site Gas For Your System’s Maintenance Needs

Our nitrogen gas generating systems are used all over the world. There are many reasons why companies choose equipment such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators. One being more cost-effective than other systems while allowing you continuous access and a steady supply of your gas without a delivery contract. Systems including nitrogen membrane generators also employ energy-saving tactics, eliminate the need for potentially hazardous cryogenic liquids, and are an overall more versatile option than other delivery systems.

The experts at On Site Gas are always ready to answer any questions about maintaining your nitrogen generating system. Contact us today to learn more about what we do or purchasing refurbished generators.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

Across the wide range of industries today, nitrogen gas is used in many different ways. Companies need a constant supply of high-purity nitrogen to maintain an inert environment or to ensure the quality of their products. No matter the situation, you are sure to find the level of quality you are searching for with On Site Gas nitrogen generators. Buying gas is expensiveinefficient, and can leave you high and dry at times when you run out of nitrogen and can’t receive immediate delivery. So, how does a nitrogen generator work to benefit your business? 

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation systems have emerged as the premier means for businesses to maintain a continuous, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen for industrial applications. The purity level of nitrogen that PSA systems generate is up to 99.9995%. The systems pay for themselves many times over as they generate nitrogen from the atmosphere around you. Additionally, On Site Gas can build a custom system that is specifically suited to your unique needs. 

The PSA nitrogen generation system uses a method called adsorption to extract the nitrogen from the air. The generator contains two vessels that are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). This sieve material allows nitrogen molecules to escape into a containment area in the generator while it traps oxygen molecules. One vessel is filled with compressed air at high pressure and runs its cycle, then the other vessel takes over immediately to ensure a continuous stream of nitrogen. When the pressure is released on the first vessel, the oxygen is released back into the air and the process keeps repeating itself 

The Most Popular Nitrogen Generation Systems and How They Are Used 

Every business is different, and the specific needs of their operations depend on their configurations of nitrogen generation systems. At On Site Gas, we recognized the demand for innovations that would benefit every industry and business, large or small. We stepped up to the plate by developing advancements in nitrogen generation technology that fit many molds, then took it a step further by offering customization for companies with special requirements. As you can see by the variety of nitrogen generation systems and products listed here, we have something for every size business and budget.   

  • Custom engineered nitrogen generation systems. When your applications involve very specific needs, our custom engineered systems are perfect for your company. They are designed to suit your demands and are an ideal fit for your industrial specs.
  • Nitrogen membrane generators. Turnkey nitrogen generation systems are ready to ship to your locationYou simply connect them and get to work. 
  • Nitrogen container systemsThese highly efficient systems are cost-effective and are built right into an ISO container that can be transported to your location by truck. Once they reach you, all you have to do is hook them up and they are ready to be put to use. 
  • Nitrogen cylinder filling systems. These systems are a perfect way to eliminate buying bottled gas. You no longer need to rely on delivery as these systems allow you to fill your bottles with nitrogen. 
  • Used nitrogen generatorsOn Site Gas provides a selection of nitrogen generation systems that have been used before but have been completely refurbished. When we fix up products at On Site Gas, they are as good as new. 

Whether your needs are in food preparation or take place in a lab setting, you can see that On Site Gas has a collection of products that can accommodate applications in a significant number of ways. 

Why Choose Us Over the Competitors?  

When you work with On Site Gas to create a perfect solution for your nitrogen generation needs, you know you are getting a top-quality product from a company that has built a strong reputation for more than 30 years. We are focused on our brand and have developed innovations that you can’t expect from anywhere else. Other companies that try to build other products that are not related to nitrogen generation simply can’t keep up with the technology that On Site Gas develops. 

We are a large company that can also provide creative solutions to your company’s demands. Regardless of your size, location, or specialty, On Site Gas can assure you that investing in our systems will save you money and increase your revenue for years to come. Reach out to us today to learn more.  

Contact On Site Gas today to grow your business with our nitrogen systems.