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Nitrogen Gas On Site In the Mining Industry

Nitrogen plays a critical role in the mining industry, and with a nitrogen gas generator on site, mines can be prepared for any situation that arises. There are two main reasons to use nitrogen gas for mining:

Nitrogen Gas to Extinguish Fires

The main reason to keep a nitrogen gas generator on site at any mining location is to extinguish fires. Fires at a coal mine are a nightmare for both ecological and economical reasons. In fact, some coal mine fires can cost the company as much as two million dollars per day. With nitrogen, a fire can be easily extinguished.

By displacing the oxygen within the mine, the fire can no longer flourish. However, depending on the size of the fire, the process of continuous nitrogen gas injection is required for days, weeks, or even months. This makes having a coal mine nitrogen generator a necessity. Our mine nitrogen generators are extremely portable, produce a consistent supply of nitrogen, and can be used at even the most remote locations.

Nitrogen Gas to Inert Abandoned Areas

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) requires that all sealed areas of the mine are kept inert, or chemically inactive, in order to prevent any explosions in these areas. The other option is to use high pressure seals.  Nitrogen is used to displace the oxygen until there is less than 10% oxygen in the air. As atmospheric conditions change the air in many underground areas will also change resulting in increasing oxygen levels.  This may require continuous nitrogen injection.  With an on-site coal mine nitrogen generator, nitrogen can be produced whenever it is necessary instead of having to wait for it to be delivered.

Why Nitrogen Membrane Generators from On Site Gas Systems

Nitrogen gas for mining is vital, and with an on-site nitrogen gas generator, the mine can save time and money while ensuring their workers stay safe and protected. On Site Gas Systems is renowned for our dependable coal mine nitrogen generators that are available as needed in times of emergency. Our mine nitrogen generators have been used to help extinguish the Pikesville Mine fire in Kentucky, the Buchanan Mine fire in Virginia, and the West Elk Mine fire in Colorado, just to name a few. We were fully operating at each location within 24 hours of learning about the need for a nitrogen generator at these fires.

Whether you need a mine nitrogen generator in an emergency, or you want to have one on hand just in case, you can depend on the nitrogen gas generators by On Site Gas Systems. To learn more about the benefits of our coal mine nitrogen generators, contact us now.

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